twinkle and gloom


Prompt: Mycroft hid Sherlock’s drug problems from their parents and no one else cared enough to help, until Lestrade came. Although the DI says that he just needs a sober Sherlock for the work, Mycroft knows better. Lestrade cares about his little brother and this is why Mycroft falls in love with him.

The first time Mycroft kissed Lestrade it had come as quite a surprise to both of them.

In the hours following Sherlock’s third overdose, Mycroft lost the track of his younger brother. His surveillance systems failed, and it took several hours of frantic searching before Anthea appeared to inform him that Sherlock had been located, hiding in the home of Detective Inspector Gregory Lestrade.

Mycroft leapt to his feet, pulling on his coat and scarf before sweeping past the woman and out of the office. That pesky DI, Mycroft thought as he strode away from the office towards the waiting car. The man was a bad influence, encouraging Sherlock’s wild behaviour; involving him in dangerous police business, using the man in order to better his own success rate.

He tapped his fingers against his knee for the entire car journey, furious at himself for having let matters creep so far from his control. London flashed by beyond the rain smattered window, lights twinkling in the gloom. 

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anonymous asked:

That strip chess fic is just,.. maker's bloody breath, I'm still giggling. Can we have strip chess with naked Dorian now?

aaaa, i’m glad you like it :) and of course, ‘non, anything for youuuuu. set around a month after this

“When I imagined being naked in your room, I didn’t think it would be like this,” Dorian gripes, rubbing his arms briskly. He is considerably not drunk, and the cold bothers him, settling on his skin. Cullen flushes faintly, red rising on his neck. “Are you sure that you aren’t playing by Tevinter rules?”

Cullen leans back in his chair, smug, stretching his legs out under the table. The greaves of his armor brush along Dorian’s bare legs, and Dorian jumps. “I’m playing by rules.” Scarred lips tug up into a smile, and Dorian ignores the flutter of his heart. “I never specified which.”

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