This is Keith, he is tall and dorky and funny and probably an alien. I don’t think he even knows what star wars is. 

2.5x3.5″ ACEO copics and microns on cardstock, done for AAC16

eyyy mullet boyyyyy

I’m not a model the camera just turned on by itself.

Got back from Pacific Rim to discover that TWO packages had arrived for me. One was TwinEnigma/Daddywarbats’ Hot Mess shirt, stylishly pictured above. The other was Green Lantern TAS OST Vol. 2. Signed, of course, because that’s how I roll they just happened to still be available when I ordered it.

Which, strangely, meant I ended up with two booklets: the one in the case, and the signed one slipped into the package with it. And I have no idea what to do with the spare.

You can’t really tell, but the silver highlights really suit Hal. There’s also a silver signature on the back that I couldn’t figure out at first, but it’s actually the ink from the one signed before it rubbing off. I am trying not to imagine Frederik Wiedmann’s hand cramp right now.

Did a series of Batgirls for Boston Comic Con instead of sleeping.

Like the Robins, they link up.


  1. Bette Kane
  2. Barbara Gordon
  3. Helena Bertinelli
  4. Cassandra Cain
  5. Stephanie Brown
  6. Nissa

The wildest thing about having done these (at a breakneck pace, no less) is the realization that I’m literally tabled less than fifteen feet away from Annie Wu, who designed Nissa.

Narusaku Fic Recs
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This was inspired by this couple’s cool cosplay at Another Anime Con this year - featuring some royal fashion upgrade for Jack - but with my own twist on it.  Sadly, I didn’t see them again, so I just scanned the drawings I did and did a fresh version.

The royal look suits him.  Also I love playing around with this kind of uniform top, even if I hate actually wearing them.

I could make a few jokes about Elsa, Jack Frost, and the line of ancient Norwegian kings but no one would get it unless they were familiar with the Orkneyinga Saga, the Gesta Danorum or Hversu Noregr byggðist.

Always you - Big Uzumaki Family by TwinEnigma

NaruSakuExchange gift for planknojutsu on tumblr! A little late, I know, but I unexpectedly had an urgent medical issue to take care of which delayed me in getting back (perfect way to spend New Year’s, amirite?)

Anyway, I read plank’s Big Uzumaki Family fanfic back and forth and in order and there was a lot of inspiring stuff in there, so I’ve actually got this sheet of sketches of various scenes (like “Hello, hungry, I’m dad”) cause it’s literally a fic of a thousand images that stick with your brain and that’s awesome (but it also makes picking a scene horrendously difficult). In the end, I read the latest update and decided to incorporate the key phrase from the chapter into a banner-style picture with the [older] children (+ one “uzusagi” gag plushie).