it is very messy and sloppy because i made it very very quickly and also this is my first time doing something like this

it was strongly influenced by porpentine’s incredible work in the same medium. THANK YOU PORPENTINE

please be aware it touches on abuse, suicide, and misgendering

i am very proud of it

okay that’s all

October |

Every month I find it helpful to intentionally pursue what God would have for that month. In July, it was rest. In August, it was wisdom. In September, it was trust. 

In October, I am seeing His heart as my perfect First Love, which casts out fear. This month I feel Him drawing me into deeper intimacy with Him in order to still the deep fears of my heart I saw rise to the surface in September. 

“No need to be frightened by intimacy; just throw off your fear and come running to Me" Steffany Frizzell-Gretzinger, ‘Out of Hiding,’ from The Undoing.

instagram: @athenagracee / fujifilm XT1 / vsco film

Merde is a text-based decision game created with Twine I’ve been working on recently and have decided it’s ready to be open to the public. 

You play as a nameless, genderless, faceless character who is sent to go grocery shopping for Master. Each choice brings you closer to a different ending where you can discover more about your own past and the relationship between you and Master, who definitely isn’t what he seems. There are three other characters in the story that you can meet, each bringing you a step closer to the truth. Or death.

A lot of aspects of the game are left up to your imagination, most regarding character’s looks and parts of their personality. The game more focuses on you, the protagonist, and how you react to learning the truth about Master and yourself. The rest is for you to decide.

There are nine endings: 1 good, 7 bad, and 1 true end. It is best to try to get all the endings (there isn’t really an order) because they all tie into each other and give insight to the overall story. You can play here!


i finished my big twine, BATWORLD! u can download it on dropbox here

create a bat of your very own, selecting from such options as ear length, overall size and diet, and explore the enchanting batworld, a planet much like our own in the sense that there are bats in both of ‘em

will your bat stockpile food for winter? make friends with other bats? master the art of flying? or will they search for secrets, and confront the mysterious white storm? only you can decide!


  • 8 endings, including one secret ending!
  • at least 6 bat stats to train and/or select
  • 13 nights of exhilarating text-based gameplay
  • at least 10,000 words of original, bat-based story
  • 3 story routes; will your bat befriend the weird widow nanny veldkamp, the lonely researcher sam oensis, or the troublesome nycter kids? how about all of them?
  • the patented new bat plus mode
  • more bats than u can shake a stick (with a bat on it) at!
the uncle who works for nintendo

hi, it’s me, the guy who made “my father’s long long legs.” since tumblr liked that so much i thought i would let you all know:

i have made a new twine game called “the uncle who works for nintendo.” it is also a horror game! it has five endings. i hope you enjoy it.

the original background art (glimpsed in the thumbnail) is by the very talented kimberly parker, who has a website and also a sketchblog here on tumblr.  the abstract backgrounds were made in andi mcclure’s awesome program Icosa.

there’s more about it on my blog, if you like.  anyway, enjoy the game!

Nature and crystals 😌
So very happy with our new creations! I can’t wait to find the time to make a whole bunch more with my love, also, have a look at this beautiful Quartz I was lucky enough to be gifted to me for my birthday this year. It’s so lovely, and the soul who gave it to me is even sweeter, it radiates good energy.

Cult Generator

Need a cult? 

I can think of numerous applications for a procedural cult generator. Maybe you need a group to summon a procedurally generated demon, or maybe your Trail of Cthulhu campaign could use help with plot inspiration. 

While it’s not the only source of generated cults, what’s unique about this one is that it’s implemented in Twine. It’s a good reminder that you don’t need fancy technology or elite coding skills to make interesting procedural generation projects. Start with the tools you know how to use. Learn new things as you need them. Make stuff.


what a terrible curse
Part 1
Part 2

What a Terrible Curse is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style Twine game. The game will be a humorous, dark fantasy with a limited palette and an aesthetic reminiscent of NES-era Castlevania games.

The player would be taking the role of Jiin, who has the ability to take curses from other people and give them to herself.  The game follows her travels through a bedeviled land, full of witches, thieves, and cemeteries. Along the way she meets strange people and gets saddled with their problems.  She is heading to the Fallen Tower to look for a means to escape her horrible fate.

The game is still in development and being independently made by myself. Stay tuned for more art and information!


You can download and play Monstr now!!

You can also find it on the iPhone store by searching: Monstr Rosstin

“MONSTR: Tinder For Monsters” is out for iPhone! It was developed for Ludum Dare by Plus Ultra.

Monstr is a dating game, but for monsters. Read dating profiles for monsters! Find the monster of your dreams!

One day you’re at the bus stop, running late for work, when you lay eyes on the HOTTEST HOTTIE YOU’VE EVER SEEN.

You gotta track that monster down and ask them on a date!! However: like everyone else in this world, you are hideous, fearsome MONSTER, so you’ve gotta use MONSTR, the dating site specifically for monsters seeking other monsters.

Browse MONSTR for the monster of your dreams. Avoid scambots and meanies. Persuade someone to go on a date with you!

With gorgeous music and over 38 adorable drawings of hot monsters, you are sure to find Monstr a MAXIMALLY SATISFYING FANTASY DATE EXPERIENCE! Enjoy!