Twin Hearts Wire Wrapped Ring

A few days back I published this ible for a Valentine’s Day Heartbeat necklace and all you amazing people loved it. Thank you so much. Since then the idea of making hearts using wires got stuck in my mind and today I came up with this beautiful wire ring which I call “Twin Hearts Ring”. I think it will be a wonderful companion to the Heartbeat necklace.

Twin Hearts

So I wanted to try and start writing again. I may not be able to post recently but I will do everything I can to update a chapter once a week. So I guess let me know what you think and what not. 

P.s. the chapter is a bit short because I wanted to end it there because if not the chapter would have been extremely long and rushed which I don’t want to happen.

Chapter 1

     Michelle and I have been seeing each other for almost a year now. Although I am accepted by her parents, her twin sister Lauren seems to find everything wrong with me. I could be sitting quietly in the corner of the room and she would be staring at me like I am the devil. Which she so happens to be doing to right now. I snuggle closer into Michelle’s side as she stares wide eyed at some movie that is on. “Babe.” I say as I move a strand of hair behind her ear. She doesn’t even flinch. “Michelle Grace Jauregui!   I demand your attention!” I say as I turn off the TV.

“NOOO! What the fuck Mila! That was the best part of the whole movie!” She screamed as she tried to fight the remote out of my hands. 

“I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this movie a thousand times!” I laughed as her crystal blue eyes were glued on the remote.

“Well it wouldn’t hurt to watch it a thousand and one times!”

“How about we go out tonight?” I asked as I took her delicate hands in mine. “My treat?”

“I don’t really feel like going out Mila. Why can’t we just stay inside and relax? I’ll cook you dinner!” She bargained. 

“We haven’t been out on a real date in over two months. Don’t you think that’s a little odd considering we’ve been dating for almost a year now?” Michelle use to be a very passionate person. Always making the first moves and taking me on dates. Actually, we use to have date nights every Thursday. We would come home from school and she would surprise me by taking me to each of her favorite restaurants. One week it could be Mexican food and the next Japanese! I loved that because it allowed me to get to know her more without her telling me. I knew which foods she loved and which foods made her want to barf. It was the little things that I would notice. Now I’m lucky if we go on a date every two months and even if we do, I wouldn’t officially call them dates. 

“Mila, you know I love you but just not tonight.”

“It’s like you don’t even want me around anymore.” Those words are like knifes to my heart. The thought of us drifting makes my heart explode into a million pieces.

“What are you talking about? You are over almost everyday of the week!” I can tell by her voice that she is getting frustrated but you know what…so am I.

“All we ever do is watch TV shows or movies! And half the time I’m not even watching them! I can’t even think straight! Somedays you are all cuddly and talkative but most of the time you are so fucking zoned into the TV I can’t even get a word to process in your brain!” She tries to cut me off but I stop her. “No. Let me talk. You barley acknowledge me. For fuck sake your sister hates my guts for some reason but she gives me more attention than you do!” I screamed as I pointed to Lauren who was now making her way over towards Michelle and I. Theres a major difference between Lauren and Michelle. When Michelle is mad her eyes get all sensitive and she gets all shy and nervous but she still knows how to get her point across. When Lauren is mad it is as if a steam pit is implanted by her ears because I swear she gets heated. Lauren now approached me closing the space between us. “Fuck she’s intimidating” I thought to myself

“Listen here Karla. Not only can I not stand you being in the same room as me but it’s about time my sister starts realizing you aren’t worth her time. In fact, I think it would be in your best interest to get your ass out of my house.” Her cold green eyes were burning into my soul. I wanted to run but the muscles in my body weren’t working. “No you listen, this conversation is between me and Michelle. So please just go back in the corner and continue to be quiet because I’m tired of you treating me like shit when I’ve done nothing to you.” It took everything in me not to cry. Not because I was sad but because I was so angry. Yes I was angry at Lauren but I was furious at Michelle for not sticking up for me but mostly for not sticking up for herself.

“I, I think Lauren’s right Mila. You should probably head home.” She refused to make eye contact with me. She just stood there behind Lauren. This situation foreshadowed a lion protecting it’s cub. Anything that irritated the lion would end up getting chewed out in the end. I made eye contact with Michelle. I tried to tell her with my eyes that she is being ridiculous but just stood there like a guilty witness who refuses to speak up. My gaze refocused on Lauren who was pointing at the door. I gave one last hopeful glance to Michelle who was looking in any direction but mine.

“You know whats funny?” I asked before exiting the door.

“Enlighten me princess.” Lauren’s voice was colder than those green eyes that were still piercing through me.

“I use to think that Michelle was different from you but these last few months I realized she’s identical to you.” 

“No shit sherlock. We’re twins.” Lauren shot at me.

I laughed to myself. “More like robots.”

“That’s a dumb observation.” Lauren snorted.

“Let me rephrase myself. Michelle is the robot. You are the controller. She is wired into the person you want her to be. Not the person who she wants to be. She has no say so over anything she does. You know why? Because the controller makes the decisions for her. The controller tells her when to eat, sleep, do homework, but it’s all at the time you please. So Michelle, when you decide to disconnect from your sister I’ll be happy to talk to you but until then I we can’t be together because as an episode of spongebob once told me. Robots can’t love.” And with that I closed the door to not only to the house, but the relationship Michelle and I once had. 


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