Okay, I’m glad Kokona is here to stay. I’ve always liked her, mainly because she’s a pretty interesting character. However, the solutions YanDev had for making Kizana and Kokona differ were…not the greatest.

I still strongly believe that Kizana should have a different hairstyle, mainly because I think twin-drills aren’t fancy or himedere-like. They seem too tacky and too unoriginal for someone like Kizana who wants to stand out and be original. I also think that her color palette should change. Though I do find the albino design quite pleasing to the eye, I feel that Kizana should have a palette that has a mix of the albino design and her current design. Perhaps give her ombré hair, where it starts of a darkish purple and blends into a silvery whitish-purple? Or simply give her light purple hair? Maybe make her eyes a soft shade of lavender or lilac? Just any of those would still keep her purple color palette while also making her look less like Kokona’s sister or cousin.

Also, I’m strongly against having club members look similar to each other. Unpopular opinion, but I never really liked the designs for the Occult Club members. The only ones that I think should look similar are Oka and Shin, mainly due to the fact that I headcanon them to be cousins or half-siblings. Each of the club members should look unique, but have certain visual qualities that make it obvious they’re in the same club. Like, perhaps for the Drama Club, the girls could have roses in their hair and/or wear some kind of jewelry that incorporates the masks of comedy and tragedy, while the boys could wear some kind of jewelry too that incorporates roses and/or the masks of comedy and tragedy.

Lastly, I didn’t like how YanDev made it look like Kizana was some sort of shallow bitch. I don’t think she’s the type of person who forces someone to change their appearance because it clashes with hers. Yeah, Kizana is arrogant and egotistical, but stuff like that is beneath her. I would’ve been fine if YanDev just said that Kizana is the type of person to constantly change their hairstyle. But, nope! He just HAD to throw that one in their!

TL:DR - Kokona is here to stay, Kizana should have a new hairstyle and color palette, club members should have different visuals qualities that make it obvious they’re in the same club while not making them look like they’re related/clones of each other, and YanDev shouldn’t make Kizana a shallow bitch because that trope has been done to death.

LWA Drabble

There’s a taste in the back of Chariot’s mouth when she sees Croix for the first time in ten years. It’s bitter and acrid, but not unknown.

Failure was something she was intimately familiar with.

Akko’s smile is nothing short of blinding as she introduces them to each other, and Chariot can barely manage a smile back as aqua eyes bore into her like twin drills. A bead of sweat trickles down the side of her face, hastily wiped away when Akko’s gaze turns back to Croix, whose eyes are taunting.

Her stomach is churning, the urge to throw up growing ever stronger.

“Professor Ursula? Are you alright?” Akko’s voice is laced with concern. “You look rather pale.”

“I’m fine, Akko.”

She really isn’t.

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yandev: I can’t believe my two purple haired twin drill characters are carbon copies of eachother

me: you wouldn’t have this problem if you had varying skin tones and body types ✿o◡o)

anonymous asked:

How did you get good at 3d modeling? I've tried sometimes and it always came out wrong or I just couldn't do it.. Do you have any good tutorials you recommend?

All you need is practice, friend! I’m even struggling with certain parts to model, that’s why I usually do model practices, where I look at clothes, shoes and accessories and try to replicate them. I also practice making heads and other body parts before (or during) making a full model.

As for tutorials, I’ll link you to all the ones I’ve used or kept with me. I’ve made a few tutorials and am currently making a hair tutorial, so I’ll link you to that too!

* = Channels and users I highly suggest you follow or go through their other stuff for tips and tricks

                            //under cut//

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Which two people would you swap the hair of in yansim? (like if Kokona and Saki swapped hair, Kokona would have cyan twin tails and saki would have purple twin drills)