• Aaron and Katelyn have twins because genetics
  • Their twins are girls and Andrew and Neil aren’t exactly a big part of their lives
  • They live in a different area and Katelyn’s still kind of wary of Andrew and Neil both
  • But they do see each other when they get together with Nicky for holidays and stuff and it’s usually the only chance Nicky has to see both sets of twins
  • You would think Nicky who is so excited and ready to bribe the youngest twins with candy would outshine Andrew
  • Except Andrew looks exactly like their dad and they keep not remembering Nicky and Erik and Andrew and Neil by the time they see them again until they get old enough to remember a year later
  • Andrew pretends he doesn’t find them interesting at all
  • And it’s kind of painful for Andrew and Aaron both watching these twins because they didn’t even know they had a twin at this age and they will never have what these twins have
  • And so Andrew likes to avoid the scenario and Aaron likes to avoid Andrew around them
  • But then one time when Aaron and Katelyn’s twins are like five, everybody’s at Nicky and Erik’s house
  • And Andrew naturally reaches his socialization limit and goes to go get some ice cream if he has to keep being around this many people
  • And he doesn’t realize until he’s halfway to the kitchen that one of the twins is following him
  • Andrew hasn’t been alone with them before because Aaron and Katelyn are very careful to always have at least one of them there with Andrew or Neil
  • And listen up, little kids love holding hands with adults

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#James talk (x): Just a place to discuss James Potter. Thoughts, headcanons, fangirling, you name it.

#Remus talk (x)Just a place to discuss Remus John Lupin. Thoughts, headcanons, fangirling, you name it.

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#Dirty talk (NSFW) (x): Discussions about the HP boys (Mainly the marauders and Draco) where things get a bit naughty. 😈

M a r a u d e r s   E r a 

A muggle?: (Unrequested) Y/N is introduced to the marauders through a childhood friend.

It’s Me (Part 2 to ‘A Muggle?’): (Requested) Y/N’s first ever Movie night with the marauders.

I Think We’re In Trouble (Part 3 to ‘A Muggle?’/’It’s Me’): (Requested) Y/N has a Pillow war with the marauders.

All I Need (Part 4 to ‘A Muggle?’/’It’s Me’/’I Think We’re In Trouble’): (Requested) Y/N gets asked on a date and the marauders are not having it.

It Meant Something (Part 5 to ‘A Muggle?’/’It’s Me’/’I Think We’re In Trouble’/All I Need’): (Requested) The marauders apparently didn’t learn their lesson, and decide to meddle with Y/N’s love life a little more.

-  R e m u s   L u p i n

Saturday: (Unrequested) Realization hits Remus in the best way.

La Vie En Rose: (Requested) Remus changes Y/N’s life for the better.

I’d Like That: (Requested) Remus is given the task of giving a tour to a feisty new student.

Flustered (Blurb): (Requested) Remus and his secret girlfriend are caught in a compromising position. 

Vulnerable: (Requested) Sirius’s twin sister seeks advice after another unsatisfying one-night stand, but there might be something more to her problem.

How Would You Feel?: (Requested) Part 2 of “Vulnerable.” Loosely based off of “How Would You Feel? (Paean)” by Ed Sheeran.

-  S i r i u s   B l a c k

Lil Sirius Blurb: (Unrequested) Prompt: “I’ll protect you.” “From What?” “I don’t know. Anything.”

Today’s The Day: (Requested) Sirius tries once again to work up the courage to ask out his crush.

12 Years (Post Azkaban): (Requested) Y/N spent the last 12 years trying to accept the fact that Sirius was never coming back. Right when she begins to give up hope, he shows up.

Let’s Have One: (Requested) Sirius and Y/N are asked to babysit Y/N’s baby cousin.

This Whole Time: (Unrequested) Sirius is in love with his best friend, who doesn’t seem to know that.

Perfect: (Unrequested) Based on Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect.”

Clueless: (Requested) Sirius makes a mistake, hurting his best friend, and realizing he feels a little something more in the process.

I’m With You: (Requested) Sirius saves Y/N from an unhealthy relationship and new feelings are brought about in the process.

50+ Reasons: (Requested) Sirius knows what he wants, whether he is drunk or sober.

-  J a m e s  P o t t e r

‘S Your Name Isn’t It?: (Unrequested) James and Y/N are left alone together for the first time.

Right Here: (Unrequested) James gets back from a rough quidditch practice. Fluff ensues.

G o l d e n   T r i o   E r a

-  H a r r y   P o t t e r

I’m Tough: (Requested) Harry’s girlfriend get’s into a little scuffle with Pansy.

-  D r a c o   M a l f o y

Then Let’s Dance: (Unrequested) Draco and Y/N spend the holidays together.

Expectations: (Unrequested) An insight as to what it’s really like bing best friends with Draco Lucius Malfoy.

Something to Fuss Over: (Requested) Draco falls in love with a muggleborn and tries to push his feelings away.

That Tosser: (Requested) Draco becomes jealous when he reads his best friend’s journal.

I Know: (Requested) Draco’s best friend shows him something wonderful, leading Draco to an important realization. (Told from Draco’s P.O.V.)

-  F r e d   W e a s l e y

It Will All Be Okay: (Requested) Fred grows tired of having to sneak around with his Slytherin girlfriend.

-  C e d r i c   D i g g o r y

Birthday Blurb: (Unrequested) Ced surprises the reader for their birthday.

Imagine Draco falling for you so he decides to go to your best friends, the twins, for advice as to how to woo you, which ends up with him flirting with you using bad pick up lines.

Draco took a deep breath before making his way towards the red-headed duo.

“Oi, Weasleys,” he shouted.

“What do you want, Ferret?”

“Want to make the transition permanent? It would be quite the improvement.” Draco huffed and ducked his head.

“No, I actually came to ask you for your help.” After a few seconds without a response, Draco looked up to see the twins gaping at him.

“Wait, what?”

“I need your help to woo y/n.” The twins shared a impish smile before turning back to Draco.

“Ok. Here’s what you need to do.”


A small smile was permanently etched on your face after today’s events. All today you had found small little notes in your classes, the Great Hall, even in the library. Each one addressed to you in the same handwriting, and each one had an awful pick-up line.

‘I know we’re not in Professor Flitwick’s class, but you are still charming.’

‘Interested in making some magic together? My wand is at the ready.’

‘I’m not sure what quid ditch position you play, but I bet you’re a keeper.’

‘Wow, when I said “Accio Hottie”, I didn’t expect it to work!’

‘I may not be the boy who lived, but I can still be your chosen one.’

‘Save a broom; ride a quidditch player.’

You were studying in the library when Malfoy came up and sat at your table. A few minutes went by until you looked down at your watch and realized how late it was. You gathered your things into your bag and were about to leave when Malfoy asked, “Going to bed?” You raise an eyebrow at his question, but answered that you were. 

“Mind if I Slytherin?” You broke out in laughter as Draco turned bright red.

“So you were the one that left all those notes,” you said once you were able to control yourself. Draco muttered something. You could only make out  “The Weasley Twins”.

“What about Fred and George?”

“They told me that the notes would make you laugh and fall for me.” You chuckled again as you cupped Malfoy’s face.

“Never listen to Fred and George,” you told him before kissing his lips. 

Tim and Damian Dating Twins Headcanons

A/N: The boys are older in this, probably young adults. I’m assuming they’re identical twins so here goes.

Tim and Damian dating twins would include:

> They tried double dating this one time, both couples vowed never again. It was the twins idea and the batboys had reluctantly agreed to it. The twins ended up dragging their respective partner off in opposite directions with low-key insults being thrown whenever the boys were left unattended.
Never again.

> Damian knows the difference, Damian just knows. Even from a mile away he can tell which one is his s/o, it baffles everyone in the family. It’s been this way from the very beginning.

> Tim also knows to the extent of Damian now. It took him a while to figure it out and still when he’s sleep deprived he gets confused.

> At 3am, Tim lazily makes his way into the room, takes the first twin he sees into a hug leaving them confused but they comply anyway.
“Leave my beloved alone Drake.” Damian is clearly unimpressed whilst Tims s/o walks in quite bemused with the situation. Tim then realised his mistake and sheepishly lets go of the other twin to complain into his s/o’s shoulder.

> Dick try’s to tell the difference between them but still mixes up the names occasionally, Jason on the other hand has completely given up.

> Jason resorted to post it notes on each of them labelled ‘Twin 1’ and 'Twin 2’. Stephanie is silently thanking him in the background whilst Damian was less than pleased and almost killed his brother for it. Tim on the other hand grabbed the pen and wrote “the best twin” on his s/o.
Again, Damian = unimpressed and muttered a string of curse words under his breath.

> At the start of the blossoming friendship, the twins indirectly terrorised Batman. The first time they both came to the Manor, Bruce walked past the study where Damian and his s/o were only to bump into Damian’s s/o down the hallway??? He went back to the study, Damian’s s/o is still in there but also walking up the stairs. Alfred took note of Bruce’s confused expression.
“Clearly your nightly activities are interfering with your senses Master Bruce.”
“No, thats not it - you can see it right? Two of them…”
“Sir… I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“What? But Alfred -”
“Ahem. They’re twins sir, it seems Masters Tim and Damian have taken a liking to them.”
“Right. That’s wonderful news.” Sarcasm.

> The twins probably attempted to switch places at least once and it had predictable outcomes.
“What are you doing here (twin 2 name)”
“Aw, Damian you’re no fun! You could’ve at least pretended for a bit.”
“What’d be the fun in that?”
Meanwhile with Tim, he’s going on about this random complicated theory and stops to hear his s/o’s point of view only to be met with severe confusion and no snarky remark.
“You’re not my twin are you?”
“I can happily say that I’m not.”
“This is why I like your twin better!”

> If either of the boys need to get something for their respective s/o then they ask their twin for advice since they know them best.

> The twins having secret competitions concerning their batboys, like who gets home from patrol first for example.
Text: Hah! I win, Damian just slipped through the window. ;)
Text: Yeah well… idek where Tim is tbh.
Text: Tim probably got more work done anyway.

> The boys get on with each twin but are liable to favouritism when it comes to their partner. As a result they take their side on most things which gets them all into trouble.

> Tim and Damian may not be so fond of each other on the outside, but they’d do anything to save their brother’s s/o because they know how much they mean to them.

will our stars ever align?

A/N: Listening to I Prevail + writing is the result of the title. Whoops! Okay, so this had started out as a really fluffy piece with Zack Ryder and turned into Karl Anderson smut with daddy kink? I’m still not sure how. I want to thank my wonder twin, @oreillyskyle​ for her advice, ideas and support. Also, I guess I have a tag list now! Which is super cool, and I hope I got everyone who wanted to be tagged. 

warnings: nsfw, language, smut, daddy kink, light spanking, uh I don’t think I missed anything. 

pairing: Karl Anderson / Reader

tags: @hardcorewwetrash, @artemisapalla316 @wxrldwrestlin@vixxyvampire @thephenomenonalkingofthebrogues @nlunarexlipse  “Mmm,” the low voice drew her attention away from her thoughts. She hadn’t really realized that she was off daydreaming, her mind completely focused on the night before, leaving her zoned out as she sat on his marble countertop, her legs dangling down and resting against the wooden cabinets. She had woken early, careful to sneak out of bed without waking him. Her plan was to enjoy some coffee, waking up some. She was never much of a morning person, at least until she had her fill of caffeine. Looking up, she caught sight of him standing there in his black boxers and shirtless as he had his arms crossed over his chest, leaning against the doorframe of the kitchen. “You look so damn good in my shirt while being in my kitchen.”

“I didn’t hear you getting up.” She admitted, though she had been in her own little world. Maybe he had made plenty of noise, but she was just too lost in thought to really hear it. She raised the white mug to her lips, gulping down the coffee as she enjoyed the savory mix of the bitterness of the coffee mixed in with the sweetness of the heavy amounts of sugar that she always would add in. Being friends with him for years, she had become familiar with his apartment, now knowing where Karl tended to hide his good coffee, instead of the cheap stuff he hid in a tin in some attempt to fool her and Luke. Maybe it worked on Luke, but she knew better.

She wasn’t just familiar with the apartment, but the years of friendship and traveling together meant that she was also pretty familiar with him. She actually prided herself on how well that she did know him; having been extremely close with him for years. Sometimes it felt like she was glued at the hip with him and Luke, as they were always together and never apart. She loved and cared for them both, making sure to take care of them in whatever ways that she could. She was there for when they needed advice, she was a sidekick in various adventures and she would always be the first to knock them upside the head if ever needed. They had her back too—Karl always offering her a place to crash if needed, and she spent a lot of nights over the years, taking a spot on the pull-out bed that was tucked away in the black couch.

Things were different now, but Y/N realized that different didn’t always mean it was a bad thing. She had disliked change in her life, but Karl Anderson had been the proof that change was a good thing sometimes. Somethings didn’t change though, and she still spent a large number of nights at his apartment, but instead of being on the pull-out mattress, she was in his bedroom, her wrists bound to his headboard and pinned under the sharp and rough thrusts of his hips. Things in her life had shifted, but she was unable to really pinpoint when exactly it happened, but before she really knew what was going on she realized that she was completely and utterly head over heels in love with her best friend.

That had scared her, honestly. She prided herself on having little to no fear, but the idea of losing Karl was something that scared the shit out of her. They had a routine, their lives perfectly blending in a friendship that she valued. She didn’t mean to fuck things up by falling for him. Luckily though, nothing was ruined—it was better than ever. Karl loved her—and she knew that it meant she was a lucky girl. She got the best of both worlds; she got the wonderful best friend that he had always been, and the loving and great boyfriend she discovered him to be.  

“I hope you saved me some of that.” He spoke, nodding towards the cup in her hand. He’d bitch that she found the good stuff again, because he always did. It had almost become their morning tradition at this stage in their relationship. He’d always grumble about how he had coffee in the container by the coffee pot, but she wasn’t going to be fooled. Besides, Y/N knew that this wasn’t her fault; he was the one who tried to trick her by stocking that container with decaf coffee.

“Of course, you are about as grumpy as I am without your morning coffee.” She teased as he took steps towards the counter. He just sent her a look before reaching for her mug, taking a huge gulp of it, the disgust written over his face as soon as the liquid touched his tongue.

“Babe,” he grumbled slightly as he placed the mug down on the counter next to her. She couldn’t stop the giggle that left her at the look on his face. She wasn’t sure why he had been so surprised. It wasn’t like this was the first time she had made a cup of coffee in his apartment, he knew how she liked it.

“Karl, you know I like my coffee sweet.” She defended as he reached up to brush a strand of her wild hair behind her ear, letting his hand fall slightly as rest against the side of her neck. He leaned forward, resting his forehead against hers.

“Cavities, Baby.” She just laughed as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him in closer to her. Despite having the same conversation almost every morning that she stayed over, she absolutely loved their moments together in the morning. Being on the road all the time was stressful to them both, and she looked forward to the time that they got to spend at home. She hardly spent any time at her own apartment—because when they weren’t traveling, Karl liked having her here with him On very rare occasions they would stay at her apartment, but she knew Karl wasn’t really a fan of that. Her apartment was small, especially compared to his. Not to mention that she had some weird neighbors that were either snooping around, or always making noise in the middle of the night. His apartment was spacious and quiet, and both of them preferred to spend their nights together there.

“How about I promise to brush my teeth twice.” She joked, quickly thinking of the pink toothbrush he had surprised her with a few months ago. It was a simple gesture, but it meant a lot to her. While they were traveling, he had informed her that he had been making some light changes around his apartment. She didn’t think much of it until she had gone over to his place to realize that he had cleared a drawer for her belongings, bought her a tooth brush and cleared her a section in the bathroom to keep the makeup he insisted that she never needed.

“You better,” He grinned slightly, pressing his lips against hers. The moment that their mouths connected, she had closed her eyes. Like he usually did, Karl took complete control of the kiss, his tongue darting over her lips before entering her mouth. She could taste the lingering minty taste from his favorite mouthwash. The hand on her neck slipped to the back of her head, holding in as he wanted as his mouth explored hers. His other hand started exploring, roaming her arms before deciding to slip under the tee-shirt that she was wearing, which was one of his black tees.

 “Karl–” She was already breathless, all from one kiss. She knew that it barely took more than a look from him before her body would hum to life, aching for him. Everyone had a past, and hers was her own share of men in her bed once, but none of them had ever had her worked up in the same ways Karl did. He always seemed to be so in tune with her, knowing what buttons to push and all of the ways that she enjoyed him pushing them. Sometimes it was like she was a guitar, and he could pluck at her strings to play melodies, leaving her body to hum along under his touch.

“Baby girl,” he spoke in a low voice, a whimper leaving her at the name. She closed her eyes as the mood shifted slightly. It was a pet name for her, but also served as a warning as to what he was expecting from her in that moment. She shifted on the counter, pressing her thighs together.

“Baby girl,” he growled in a low voice, a whimper leaving her at the name he used. She closed her eyes, knowing that the mood would shift slightly from here. It was a pet name he used for her, but also a warning in a lot of ways. The use of the name dictated the mood that he was in, and what would be expected of her from this moment on out. “You look so good this morning, but this is my shirt.” He grabbed a fistful of the fabric, using it to pull her slightly closer to him, causing her to whimper once again.

Someone ripped the zipper on my dress last night,” She stated as her tongue ran over her bottom lip. She watched his face light up some as he grinned slightly, his shoulders shrugging as if this wasn’t that big of a deal. Last night she had been almost irritated by his actions, meaning that her black dress was now ruined. She had loved that dress actually, knowing that she looked really good in it too. Plus, the dress was new and she had been saving it for weeks, just waiting for the right time to wear it for him.

“About that,” he started as he moved the hand off the back of her head, his thumb stroking her cheek lightly for a moment before the hand rested on her thigh. His fingers moving in a slow pattern on her skin. “That thing was absolutely ridiculous.” He spoke with a laugh, like a zipper was the same as rocket science.

“It’s a zipper, Karl.” She said, pushing his shoulder back slightly, still being careful. She knew that she was starting to walk a dangerous path. He had already indicated the mood he was in, and she knew that all of her actions would and could be used against her. “It just goes up and down.” She stated slowly, watching his face for a moment. It wouldn’t be the first time her mouth got her in trouble. Her ass had been red and sore countless times due to her mouth. 

 “Well, if I remember correctly” he started as he bent down slightly, his mouth right against her ear. “Your zipper was not the only one going down.” She had almost no time to react to his comment as his lips captured hers once again, taking total control over the kiss. His hands roughly gripped her thighs, pulling them apart so his fingers could dance along the sensitive skin of her inner thighs.

Daddy.” She whimpered, biting down on her lip as he broke the kiss. He grinned at the name, rewarding her by pressing his fingers into the skin of her thigh, a gasp leaving her at the sensation. His hand reached up, grabbing a fist full of her hair before pulling back slightly, giving him full access to her throat. No time was wasted as his lips were pressed against her neck, his teeth finding that spot on her collarbone, and he bit down hard enough to let her feel it, but not to leave a mark. A low whine left her, shifting on the countertop slightly.

“You like that, baby girl?” She wasn’t entirely sure why he needed to ask a question like that. Karl absolutely already knew she liked it. There was no way that he didn’t know, but that didn’t stop her from quickly nodding her head. She knew better than not respond to him when he asked questions, even ones he already had the answer to. He moved his hands from her thighs, grabbing roughly at her waist

He moved his hands up her thighs, gripping firmly on her waist. With almost no effort he eased her off of her seat on the counter, making sure that she didn’t lose her balance as her feet touched down on the tiled flooring. His mouth was against hers again, roughly this time as he pushed her back against the counter, a loud groan leaving her. He grabbed the hem of the shirt, ripping it off over her head, tossing it on the ground beside them.

Damn.” He mumbled, cupping her breasts. Her breath hitched as she closed her eyes, head rolling back slightly as she enjoyed the delicious sensation of his hands on her like that, his fingers now tugging on her nipples. “My Baby Girl is so pretty.” It wasn’t the first time he said things like that to her, but she still felt heat rush to her cheeks, knowing that they were probably a light shade of pink. If that was the case, Karl never said anything. His hands remained on her breasts, fingers rolling her nipples and causing her to moan. His mouth was back to her collarbone, a mix of nips and kisses causing the room to spin. All she could do was hang onto his shoulders, panting and wanting more.

Daddy,” it sounded a lot more like a whine then what she had intended. His actions stilled for a moment, giving her a chance to finally catch her breath. That damn grin on his face wasn’t helping her though, and she couldn’t believe just how cocky he was sometimes. Actually, she could. It was something that always drove her wild.

“You got to be patient, baby girl.” She whimpered at those words. She was an extremely impatient person, and Karl knew that and often used it against her. He’d draw his actions out, just to drive her crazy and remind her that “good girls waited like they were told to.” She tried, but that didn’t always seem to matter. He kissed her, his mouth claiming her mouth as his fingers went back to playing with her nipples, heat pooling between her legs again.

She knew she was supposed to be patient, but it was easier said than done. Clenching her thighs together, she tried to get some friction to release the ache that was pooling there. Karl broke the kiss instantly, his hands on her thighs, spreading them.

“I don’t think so, Baby Girl.” He growled. He let go of her thighs, looking at her for a moment. His tongue ran over his bottom lip as he reached up to stroke her cheek. “I thought I told you to be patient, and yet you aren’t listening.” He shook his head slightly. “Get on your knees, Baby Girl.” He commanded, causing her to shiver slightly. “Show me just how good you can be, hmm?” Damn. She closed her eyes at his words, nodding her head quickly as she sunk to her knees.

Her fingers gripped the elastic of his boxers, pulling them down his thighs as he assisted in kicking them off, leaving them discarded on the title floor. She eagerly licked her lips at the sight, and what a sight it was. She fucking loved seeing him like this: naked and hard for her. His hands reached down, grabbing a fist full of her hair, a gasp leaving her as he pulled her head closer to him. He was pressed against her lips, and her tongue darted out and ran over the tip of him, enjoying the groan that left his mouth.

She took him in her mouth, making a humming sound because she knew just how much he loved that. She heard him groaning again as his grip tightened, his hips thrusting forward some. She ran her tongue over her length, humming once again as his hips started to rock against her. She closed her eyes, whimpering and without thinking, rubbing her thighs together once again, still trying to find some any kind of friction.

“Baby girl,” He growled, her eyes snapping open. Using the grip that he had on her hair, he pulled her to her feet despite the little yelp that she made. “You aren’t being very good this morning.” His voice low, causing her to whimper. She knew that she was in for some kind of punishment, the gleam in his eyes told her that much already. She gulped, linking her hands behind her back, standing with her legs open wide and her eyes on him.

“I’m sorry, Daddy.” She whimpered. His hand reached between her legs, a firm spanking directly on her clit. “Fuck!” She hissed, her hips rocking slightly. He followed the first swat with a second one, this time a whimper leaving her as his hand connected with her again. Running his hand over his head, he looked at her for a moment, before pointing behind him.

“Bend over the table, Baby Girl.” He ordered and she didn’t need to be told a second time as she grabbed the sides of the table, bending over so her ass was in the air. She felt his hands on her ass, kneading the skin slightly before his fingers danced across her wetness, his thumb finding her clit quickly. Just as quick as the touch came, he moved his hand, causing a loud whimper to leave her.

Oh.” She whispered as she felt the tip of his cock against her flesh, circling her clit. She moaned, wiggling her hips as a hard slap came down on her ass.

Stay still, Baby girl. If you can’t be patient on your own, I am just going to make sure you are patient.” He warned, and she absolutely did not like the sound of that. “Do not let go of the table either.” He said, still sliding his tip along her.

It was absolutely maddening to have what she wanted so close, but taunting her with a slow circular pattern. She held as still as she possibly could, just a whimpering mess with each circle.  

Daddy.” She whined after a few minutes, knowing she was supposed to be patient. It was too hard though. All she wanted was him to thrust inside of her. “Please. Please. Please.” She felt another slap to her ass, this time not nearly as rough. She could hear him groaning, and knew this had to be almost as torturous for him as it was for her.

“Are you sorry Baby Girl?” He asked quietly and she quickly nodded her head. She’d apologize for just about anything at this point, he was driving her that mad with his actions.

Yes.” She mumbled over her shoulder, careful not to lose her grip on the table. This was a new form of punishment, and she didn’t really want to see what else he had up his sleeves for her not listening to him again.

“Hmm, I’m not sure if I buy that.” He taunted, slipping his tip down to tease her entrance, a loud cry leaving her lips.

“Please! I’m sorry Daddy. I’m sorry.” She whimpered, her hips rocking slightly despite all her efforts to remain as still as possible. She was rewarded with a grunt as he entered her with a single thrust. She moaned out, enjoying the sensation of finally having him inside of her after all of his teasing.

“Fuck, Baby.” He groaned as he placed his hands on his hips, starting a rough rhythm that she was more than okay with. She could hear his heavy breathing and the sound of their skin slapping, and it just fueled her on even more. Each thrust stroked the inferno raging inside of her, bringing her closer and closer to the release she so desperately wanted.

“I am so close, Daddy. Please.” She whimpered, rocking her hips back to meet his thrusts.

“Come for me, Baby Girl.” He groaned, his fingers digging deeper into her hips. It wouldn’t be the first time she walked away with light bruises from his fingers. Not that she was complaining, she loved it. He always was the one that worried, concerned that he was hurting her. He wasn’t.

His words and another thrust were all she needed as she spilled over the edge, coming with a loud cry and her hips wildly rocking against his. She felt his thrusts pick up speed before he grunted loudly, riding his own orgasm.

Letting go of the table she rolled on her side right as he collapsed on the table next to her. His hand reached up to push a strand of sweating hair off her forehead, his fingers lingering on her cheek for a moment in a soft gesture. She loved the rougher side of him, but there was something nice about these sweeter moments. They happened in passing, just briefly, but she cherished them. Just like she cherished him.

Once her breathing was normal again, she snuggled against him and rested her head on his bare chest to listen to the sound of his heartbeat. He ran his hands up and down her arms, holding her close to him. She was the one that liked to cuddle after sex, but part of her was convinced that he enjoyed it too. He never complained, at least. She needed the moments to just be held by him, letting herself relax into his body in a comforting way.

“Damn.” She mumbled, causing him to chuckle lightly. “That’s quite a way to start the morning.”

“We are going to have to clean this table twice.” He spoke, now causing her to laugh. She leaned up slightly, pressing her lips against his in a brief moment.

“How about we get it dirty one more time and then clean it three times?” She joked as he groaned, nodding his head.

“I could totally devour that pretty pussy.” He remarked, his hands trailing down to her hips. “Think of it like breakfast.” He said, causing her to laugh again as the sounds of her laughter turned to a moan as his fingers found her wetness.

Fuck.”  It took just a moment for him to have her on her back with her thighs open. He moved so he was between her thighs, his mouth pressing light kisses to her skin. He wasted no time as his tongue found her clit with one long stoke.

“Baby girl you taste way better than frosted flakes.”

as-if-unreal  asked:

An upd8 from a few months ago: twin Nidoran Lulu and Lili are nearing their evolutions into Nidorinas! I've checked in with my Pokemon Center and I think I have everything prepared, but I'm anxious that if one evolves before the other, one or both might be frightened/jealous. Are there any grounds for concern or am I just being a worried mom? (P.S. adjusting Riskyt's routine & setting up playdates with my friend's Quilava has really improved his behavior with the twins. Thanks for your advice!)

Thanks for the update. As for the upcoming evolution, you could always use an Everstone on both of them until you are sure they’re ready at the same time. Group dynamics tend to change with every evolution, though (a bunch of new hormones, needs, and physical features will do that), so expect some conflicts and resolutions whenever they do evolve.

I’m glad Riskyt and buddy are doing well, too.

Rap Daddy (Part 6)

Episode 6: Rap Rap Rap

It was a foggy early morning as Yongguk and the twins arrived to the studio.They were surprised to see they were there first. “Good morning” Yongguk greeted followed by the twins own greeting.

They were stopped from going to the center area by yellow police tape.

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anonymous asked:

I think Ford is sort-of projecting on Dipper. He sees himself in Dipper, which is part of the reason why he bonds so fast with him. It's my theory that because he sees so much of himself in Dipper that he tells Dipper his secret. Except his comment about neither of them having any friends is wrong. Even if you don't count Mabel or Stan cause they're "family", he still has Wendy and Soos. I also think he's going to drive Mabel and Dipper apart, not intentionally, but he'll be a major factor.

(Continued) If Dipper goes to him for advice on what to about his relationship with Mabel, do you think he’ll give good advice? He might give well-meaning advice, but that’s probably going to end up backfiring on Dipper. I’m not saying he doesn’t like Mabel, he probably does, judging by how friendly he was with her. But people tend draw on their own experience, and his relationship with Stan ended with him being trapped in another dimension. Probably not the best guy to go for sibling advice.

Because Stan is notorious for projecting himself and his twin experiences onto pretty much everything, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ford does the same, even if unintentionally. While he doesn’t project near as much as Stan does (Stan does it because he is terrible with his emotions and doesn’t know how to process them, therefore projection), I’m sure he sees himself in Dipper and connects better with him that way. I don’t think his reaction is unhealthy; I myself have had similar nerdy freak outs with people without projecting myself onto them. Literally grabbed my best friends in the fandom via nerdy freakouts, haha.

I also think Ford just meant that Dipper was feeling isolated from his peers and that was getting to him, not that he literally didn’t have friends. Dipper just didn’t really have anyone to connect with on a deeper level, and when that happens, you feel down about it. I mean, he had resorted to playing DDAMD with the freaking goat, who was more likely to eat the pieces than actually play. But both Dipper and Ford connected on that mutual basis of ‘we love this nerdy game but can never find someone to play with LETS PLAY RIGHT NOW’ sort of thing. It’s a powerful emotion and I can see why they got super caught up in it.

I also highly doubt that Dipper will go to Ford for advice on Mabel, because Ford is 1) clearly TERRIBLE with relationships and 2) is clearly TERRIBLE at giving out sensible advice if it doesn’t include them getting out of the way so he can kill something dangerous and 3) is clearly TERRIBLE at understanding and perceiving what his twin actually wants from him. So Dipper going to Ford about twin advice would probably result in one of two outcomes;

  • Ford would give hilariously bad advice and Dipper would get into a slew of trouble from it or
  • Ford would give reasonably sound advice and tell Dipper he’s absolute shit  when it comes to the topic of fixing relationships leading Dipper to bonding time with Stan/Soos/Wendy/better suited character for the job OR
  • both will happen; Ford will tell Dipper he’s shit at that kind of advice, Dipper will insist because he adores Ford, and Ford will give him shitty advice that Dipper acts upon and it ends up being painful and hilarious all at the same time.

Honestly I agree though; Ford is terrible with any kind of relationship advice and honestly he’s probably better going to Soos or Wendy or literally any other character than the Stans because both of the Stans are emotionally stunted people who are absolute SHIT when it comes to connecting with others and literally probably will be absolute shit with connecting with others or giving advice about relationships until they repair their own.

I’m sure we’ll see it on screen eventually but seriously, if either of the twins go to one of the Stans for relationship support, only pain and hilarity will ensue.

The Real Villain of Gravity Falls

Another Gravity Falls theory. I just need to get this out there so I can go on record of saying this first. Alex really threw us for a loop in his post Not What He Seems interview when he told us one of the questions we need to be asking is who is the real villain of the show. This has led to all kind of theories that perhaps the Author is the villain, or Dipper or even the Time Baby. I’m not saying that isn’t a possibility and I would be down with seeing any of those theories turning canon, but I think the villain in questions is something less tangible. 

The true villain of the show, I believe, is not a single person, or entity or organization. 

The real enemy of the protagonists is fear and doubt. 

Right from episode one, this phrase was introduced into the story. Trust no one. Dipper takes it to heart and almost ruins his already fragile relationship with his twin to follow the advice. But he then learns the author was completely wrong about trusting no one because trusting Mabel is what saved them.

Trust is a big theme of Gravity Falls and I could give countless examples of how trust has shown up as a theme in other episodes, but it’s the most poignant in the iconic final scene of Not What He Seems. Who do they trust? The words of the journal or their scamming great uncle? In the end Mabel trusts Grunkle Stan, once again disproving the advice of the author to “trust no one”. 

This was a phrase written in the depths of paranoia and I’m sure Author Stan has not gotten any better over the thirty years he’s been away. I predict the final arch of the show will reveal their own worst enemy is distrust and Dipper will have to relearn what he learned the first episode–you CAN trust people and when you do amazing things happen. I think he’s going to learn it the hard way and when he does, he may teach his idol, the Author, a lesson for once.