twin-skeleton  asked:

What are some more uncommon weapons? I see a lot of stuff similar to weapons in the show, like swords or axes or something.

Probably something like guns (lasers, handcannons, etc), pole weapons, or throwable weapons like bombs. -Mod M

I rarely see projectile weapons such as throwing knives, rope darts, or tomahawks, nor do I see very many short range weapons like knives, brass knuckles, butterfly knives, etc. What I see the absolute least of is weapons made from everyday objects, such as sport utilities (hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks, football armor/gear) lanterns, or dishware. The less traditional, the more original it seems. -Mod N

Canada! 🇨🇦

I am beyond excited and nervous for our trip in 4 weeks to go back to Canada to visit all of my friends and family! Our tickets have arrived we have the visas for Richard and the twins, we’re going to buy a 6 piece luggage set since all of our are falling apart after all my flying back and forth 🙈 and the girls need their own as my family have warned me that they had tons of stuff for the girls for us to take back so we will be packing as minimalistic as we can with 8 month old twins.

I’ve been trying to figure out what we need to bring travel wise and how it will be on the plane with 2 babies. We’ve started looking into carriers whether we should get a twingaroo, a twingo, or 2 ergos since the girls are near 20lbs each and we will have so much to take 4 suitcases and 4 carryons and the girls so we are wondering if wearing the girls will be the best option. Any mommas have any advice for travelling with babies or young children? This flight will be approximately 8 hours and they’ve never even been in a vehicle longer than 15 minutes.