i feel the gravity of it all…

ind. priv. highly sel. multimuse
feat. muses from twd, riverdale, mcu and more.
penned by steph.


Finished the second season of Twin Peaks (why did it have so many more episodes than the first season?) I liked it, a lot actually but I can’t help but feel that season 1 is better I absolutely loved season 1.

So much so that I’m actually already feeling like rewatching the whole thing sometime, to maybe pick up on things that I missed watching the first time, also it’s just got such a great atmosphere that just completely immerses you into it. 

I’m so excited to start watching the third season, the return, even if Tumblr has already provided some spoilers ( one of them being that I already know who Diane is). 

The only thing I’m wondering about now is if I should watch Fire Walk With Me before I watch the third season or after. 

But I’m really glad I gave in to the curiosity that I had about this show for a long time because I’m now absolutely a fan. And I’m thinking of reviewing all the seasons once I’m finished with the whole show. 


Twin Peaks Season 1 (1990) episode 8: The Last Evening dir. Mark Frost

“You know there’s a saying in the joint. It’s not Oriental philosophy, but it has a similar kind of logic that appeals to my spiritual nature. Once you’re in business with somebody… you’re in business with them for life. Like a marriage. Til death do you part.”