I hope I never find myself in Buckhorn, SD. 

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ikr?? I’ve been consistently blown away by his performance this season. The eye-acting has been out of this world. Like, in last nights episode he did so much just by moving his face slightly differently!

ye holy fuck last night’s ep when the guy was playing the piano u can see his face just change slightly and see cooper there and it’s so wild like!! HOW HE DO THAT

i really, truly hope kyle maclachlan gets at least an emmy nomination for his work on twin peaks this year. like. his performance has been outstanding i can’t even begin to express how blown away i am. not just w/ evil cooper but with how he so seamlessly goes from “dougie” to cooper in a manner of seconds by doing nothing but changing his body language? i’m so amazed and proud and i hope he gets the recognition he deserves for this.


Angelo Badalamenti - “Heartbreaking” #TwinPeaks 2017 Part 11

So after getting fired, I had such a huge identity crisis. And now I’m a waitress. I think it’ll be good to work a job I don’t love, I feel I was completely tricked into feeling loyal towards an establishment that had no obligation to respect me back, and this is an important lesson. If I work a job I hate, I will be no different to most of the population. But it doesn’t mean my identity should be wiped away like chalk off a blackboard. I’m trying hard to focus all my attention to Shelly Johnson Briggs whatever, and Louise Sawyer. I haven’t lost Alabama. She’s still somewhere inside of me, she’s just very scared and confused right now. (It doesn’t help that my imaginary Slater seems to have sprouted all this wild long hair and is virtually silent except to rub his chest every now and then, it’s v concerning.)