I watched 30 minutes of twin peaks & started to dissociate/depersonalize so idk what that’s all about david lynch I’m not mad I just ???????

look twin peaks is a great show and we’ve all been through a twin peaks phase but those people who watched it when they were teenagers and are still obsessed with years later and seem to only post twin peaks related content on social media freak me out

So my show schedule is getting busy! 

I had dropped Supergirl, and was down to just Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. 

This is the new Line Up: 

Legends: Finale on 4th of April at 7

iZombie: 2 Hour premiere on 4th April at 8

Prison Break: Premiere on 4th April at 8 (oops, that’s not good is it?) (I’ll probably end up watching Prison Break and not iZombie tbh)Flash - Returns the 25th of April

American Gods: Premiere on April 30

Twin Peaks: Premiere on May 21st.