the lovely @ottenebrare tagged me to post 10 facts about m’self so here goes…

  • my wardrobe is predominantly black and muted colors
  • my favorite city i have ever been to has been copenhagen, denmark
  • i was once attacked by leeches in a river in poland
  • i am very particular about bread quality. i could not live without rye bread.
  • i have a copyright!
  • a song i listen to to chill out and be relaxed is the twin peaks theme
  • i read the memoirs “running with scissors” by augusten burroughs and “precious” by sapphire when i was ten or eleven. i recommended my mom read them and afterwards she stopped trying to censor my reading materials because there “was nothing worse i could read” 
  • i love love 80s music 
  • my mother is an interior designer
  • i have pretty much had the same haircut for most of my life (short brown bob)

@shysparrows @vidalia do this if you want!!! 

wHAT UR FAVORITE dDavid Lynch movie says about u.....
  • Eraserhead:u are slimy
  • The Elephant Man:pussy who is too scared to watch his other movies
  • Dune:u are gay for sting
  • Blue Velvet:u do drugs
  • Wild At Heart:Beauty Youtuber who lives for drama
  • Twin Peaks FWWM:u like classic 90s TV show Twin Peaks
  • Lost Highway:ur horny
  • The STraight Story:who??? I can't read suddenly
  • Mulholland Drive:u are Gay and complicated
  • Inland Empire:u love tO SCREAAAAAMM

audrey in twin peaks spying on everyone = me i hate to say it but i spend my life eavesdropping and snooping because i live my life through others 


Zines:  growth, brain_flower,a love letter to you after you’ve experienced rape, roseanne+many more

What is your favorite zine of the moment?

My favorite zine at the moment is called pennyroyal by someone called Zoe b. found at bluestockings bookshop in nyc. It’s an awesome zine about the writers experience as an abortion doula and some pieces about the history of abortion.

What do you like about Olympia, or if you’ve never been, what are you most looking forward to experiencing outside the fest?

I haven’t been to Olympia yet but I’m honestly excited about the local 2am food. I’m a sucker for diners and anything of the like, bring it on. I also hope that it looks a bit like the show twin peaks nearby(I’m an east coast gal).

What makes your zines recognizably yours?

What makes my Zines mine would probably be the theme of plants or pastel colors.

What motivates you to finish a zine?

What motivates me to finish a zine is definitely the deadline of a fest. I’m even trying to crank one out right now last minute here on the road.

What is your weather prediction for this year’s fest?

It will almost certainly snow the day of the fest. Or maybe rain.

What workshop are you the most stoked about? 

The workshop I’m most excited for is the don’t overthink it one. I often need to remind myself of the awesomeness of diy when I’m stuck and just fucking do it.

I was tagged by @meemalee for this:

One song: only one??? At this moment Fascination by Bowie (Young Americans)

Two films: The Big Lebowski and Jackie Brown (and Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and many more ;)

Three tv shows: Twin Peaks, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey

Four people: my precious family (that’s four already) and David Bowie (lingering in my head everyday, so he definitely counts….)

Five foods: sushi, seefood, italian….I like basically everything when it is well prepared with good fresh ingredients

Six tags: There are way too many people I’d like to mention. So I’ll leave this open for everyone who feels like it ;)
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Twin Peaks on Twitter: “These coffee/doughnut & cherry pie #TwinPeaks cupcakes by @titwillo will be available at @PhilaMOCA’s Eraserhood Forever 2016!”

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These coffee/doughnut & cherry pie #TwinPeaks cupcakes by @titwillo will be available at @PhilaMOCA‘s Eraserhood Forever 2016!

— Twin Peaks (@ThatsOurWaldo) September 26, 2016