30 March

It has been a great day! I’ve re-watches some episodes from the first season of Twin Peaks, and now I’m re-watching for the nth time Pulp Fiction! (Still crazily love this movie!)


I rewrote Linda’s hairbraiding song from Bob’s Burgers to apply to the beloved Sheriff Harry S. Truman from Twin Peaks:

Here goes the hair
There goes the hair
Where is Sheriff Truman?

He’s hot on the case
He’s hot on the case
He’s hot hot hot hot



so like this is not technically a twin peaks fandom tumblr (though by the username and very adorable picture of dale cooper, maybe you couldn’t tell). I’ll post whatever I damn well please but with my current obsession, it might as well be. Like i basically just reblogged the entirety of the audry x cooper and cooper x audrey tag on tumblr. And I was trying to go through old posts and tag them because sometimes I get so excited I just reblog a bunch of stuff and then never tag it and I realized pages of this tumblr are literally just twin peaks. which honestly i’m totally down with. everyone should watch it. (IT HAS A WOMAN WITH A LOG) (AND AN ADORABLE FBI AGENT WHO WHITTLES AND LOVES TIBET) (ahem)

ANYWAY, if you’re not into twin peaks and you have into endure a lot of twin peaks because you follow me, thanks for sticking with me. 

also if anyone wants to rant with me about lara flynn boyle and her MEDDLING in the show’s plot, please let me know. BECAUSE I AM SO ANNOYED ABOUT THIS. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

back to regularly scheduled programming