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Next Gen: Lillie and Lotus Ren

(Was not expecting to be putting these up but it was finally finished this afternoon and I ask that you enjoy. These two we’re more then worth the wait.)

Name/s: Lillie and Lotus Ren *Designs are DONE*

Gender/s: Female

Age/s: Both are 16 (A few months younger then Mai and Yin)

Species: Humans (Though I sometimes wonder with Nora lmao)

Parents: Nora and Lie Ren

Siblings: They’re twins, They have each other and that’s all they need.

Semblance: Telepathy: Lillie and Lotus have a shared Semblance not really something that was known to happen but for Lillie and Lotus it did. Due to them being born together they had a rare case of being able to share the same semblance. They are capable of communicating without saying a word to one another. It can be helpful in a fight but can also be irritating in other situations.

Personalities: These two are polar opposites. Lillie inheriting a lot of her mother’s bright and overly excited attitude. While Lotus is more composed and put together. The two of them might not seem like it but they get along best together much like how Ren did with Nora the two of there personalities complete one another.

Aura color/s: Both are light turquoise

Weapon/s: Unknown (open to ideas.)

Character Description:

Lillie: Lillie looks a lot like her father, has an orange/reddish streak through her black hair, has bright blue eyes and a few freckles.

Lotus: Takes more after her mother, has bright orange/reddish hair with a light black streak through it. Lotus has magenta colored eyes and also a few freckles covering her face as well.

Both are 5'6 in height.

Crushes/Love Interests: No one really interest them.

Relationship/s with Nora: Lillie and Lotus we’re always mommies little girls. Sure sometimes Lotus is a tad overwhelmed by her mother and sister Lillie but all in all they share similar feelings towards both parents. Lillie is more inept with her mother then Lotus is but that doesn’t mean she loves her any less or vice versa.

Relationship/s with Ren: Seeing as Ren knows how to handle Nora for the most part he gets along well with both children. So they are both to some extent daddies little girls. Lotus spends the most time with Ren of course.

History: TBA

Fun Facts: Ren’s often calls his daughters his little water flowers. (S4 Reference)

Art and designs we’re done by xZom-Zom

Next Up: Cinnamon Adel (Cinna for short and yes she will be up tomorrow.)

ok so Ron says he doesn’t like spiders because when he was 3 the twins turned his teddy bear into a spider right? the twins are only 2 years older than Ron, which means they were FIVE YEARS OLD when they did this and I’m just??????? like they were five and they didn’t even have WANDS and they managed to deliberately turn a bear into a spider???? even if they managed to steal a wand from their siblings or parents that’s a really tricky bit of transfiguration and at age five most kids are just doing uncontrolled magic….. like TBH in my opinion Fred and George had more innate talent than the trio combined but they just wanted to chill and do pranks and I respect tf out of that

Chloe is so vain, she would adore fanart being drawn of her.

I think we all know that Nath feel of not wanting people hovering.


Character Creator in Mass Effect: Andromeda

I go into Mass Effect: Andromeda’s character creator! Facial profiles, makeup, hair, choosing Commander Shepard, and more.

SPOILER LEVEL: Super low. No story spoilers. Only three short cutscenes, one from the first minute of the game and another seen in a Bioware-released trailer.