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Idlers 12 hours of Motegi with RWB - Part 1

Last July I attended the Idlers 12 hours of Motegi with team RWB. We traveled through the night before the event from the RWB HQ in Chiba to the Twin Ring Motegi circuit in Tochigi. I took these shots at a gas station on the way. The seven noisy RWB race cars showing up in the dead of night along with an army of RWB race drivers, crew members and photographers from around the world certainly brought the sleepy service area to life.

As you can see, the cars are all road registered and were driven to the event on public roads; no flatbeds, no trucks. It was a good chance to check the cars were all running smoothly. I actually traveled with RWB regular Alex Kyo in one of Nakai-San’s 993s. It was a real thrill to be a part of that journey, travelling in convoy, in the dead of night, on a Japanese highway with so many incredible cars.

I have a huge collection of photos from this event. It was an amazing experience and definitely a highlight since I started Rapid Japan. Part 2 coming soon.


At Twin Ring Motegi for the 2017 Idlers 12hr endurance race

I attended the 2017 12hr of Motegi with Team RWB last weekend. Here are a few quick snaps from the day. More shots coming soon. 

It was great to see the reborn RWB Adriana in her new ‘Heavenly Wide’ form. This is the car that crashed at last years event, and was left in bits and pieces. Nakai-San and his team have done a fantastic job putting her back together for this years event. Nakai-San himself did a few laps in the car, setting some super quick times which was great to see.

It was fun to take some time out in the Gran Turismo cafe and enjoy some of Motegi’s own ramen noodles for lunch. They have a few Gran Turismo simulators set up in the cafe as well, so we set about trying to break some lap records (tried). 

Also managed to pay a visit to the Honda Collection Hall, which I always like to do when I visit Motegi. It sits in the grounds of the circuit and hosts a fantastic collection of old, new, race and stock Honda cars and bikes. Said ‘waddup’ to Asimo while I was there too.


The candy = the ring

I have an idea about the whole candy/ring think… I know that the full (and translated) chapter still has to be out, but it is almost sure that we are talking about the ring that Ciel (real!Ciel)  had swallowed during the month in the Cult. Now, I think that the use of the word “candy” for “ring” is a powerful hint, something unmistakable, in fact ,our!Ciel was beyond shock. I believe that in order to swallow the ring (which we know, it is not a little solitaire but a big ring), Ciel had to pretend it was something else (you know, something like “Ok, I can’t swallow this enormous thing” *because after all he was a ten-year-old child and his throat wasn’t the throat of an adult*) so perhaps he pretended that the ring was a candy (something like: “Look *insert-our!Ciel’s-name*, I eat this like it is a candy!”), and also, considering how much our!Ciel (and perhaps his twin) likes sweets, the choice of the candy is plausible. That is why the word “candy” was so shocking, because for our!Ciel it is the unbelievable but also unmistakable evidence that his brother is back… hence Sebastian’s reaction “I do not tell lies”… what if he asked him “You lied because he should be dead, according to the words you said at the time of our contract”. Because I think that Sebastian really ate real!Ciel’s soul (and that would open a scenario like real!Ciel wanting his soul back, being a BD) but considering that they still don’t know the truth behind real!Ciel’s “recovery” (John Brown? UT?), it is very natural for our!Ciel to accuse Sebastian (also, this could lead our!Ciel to temporarily act alone, perhaps because he is enraged at Sebastian, and going to confront his brother alone). Also, the word “tummy”… I am not English native speaker, so I am using Word Reference to read the shades of meaning and tummy is an endearment for “stomach”, and it sounds so much like a word used by children (same thing as candy, perhaps when the twins were children, they used or heard the word). I think the choice is very specific because saying “Who stole the ring from my stomach” would have been more predictable, but saying “Who stole the candy from my tummy” is more personal. Also, I don’t think that Sebastian was so tactful in taking the ring… 

@abybweisse  Could it work?

Chapter 135 Thoughts

Since I was already warned of the spoilers this morning I avoided Tumblr today until I’ve read the official translation tonight. I want to share some of my first thoughts about this chapter.

Of course the big topic right now is what was seen in the last few pages. I already suspected that this had happened to Ciel (or the twins) in the cult but seeing it being confirmed is still horrible.

There were, however, some other aspects in this chapter that I want to mention here.

The Kidnappers

After being taken by the attacker in the manor…

…our Ciel wakes up being in that trunk. But the kidnappers seem to be different people from the attackers. From what they’re saying it seems like they found Ciel…

And from the way they look and talk I don’t think they are professional killers like the ones in the manor.

Also, they don’t even seem to know about the twins being Phantomhives (the guy who buys them corrects himself as if not wanting to reveal their true identity, probably fearing they might be more expensive then).

So the kidnappers are surely other people than the attackers but since one of the attackers grabbed our Ciel it seems like he must have given the twin to the kidnappers or at least put him somewhere so the kidnappers would find him (and the twin, I guess). So did the attackers give the twins to the kidnappers intentionally…?

The Twin

I don’t know if it’s just me but somehow the twin looks a bit suspicious in some scenes…

…as if he had a plan but something went wrong…

…and now he’s feeling guilty…

I’m really not a big fan of the ‘Real Ciel is the mastermind behind the attack’ theory. But if he was being used and had a part in the attack… Maybe that could explain some things.

There’s also the thing about the ring. He said he took it from Vincent…

…which means he must have been there after Vincent was killed but before our Ciel got there. But since the dog was killed right before our Ciel got there the attacker must have still been there, leaving not much time for the twin to take the ring without being taken by the attacker and then disappear before our Ciel could find him. Unless maybe the attacker took the twin after he had taken the ring and disappeared with him before our Ciel could reach them. In that case, did the attacker leave real Ciel with the ring intentionally…?

The Cult

Again, there are images of stars and such, strongly reminding me of the Blue Sect…

(not helping that this guy refers to the twins as the “stars” of the party (though I’m not sure if that’s the same term in the original Japanese version))

The cultist is speaking French and apparently this is the motto of a ‘religion’ that really existed:

The founder, Aleister Crowley, also was part of a sect called Golden Dawn or in Latin Aurora Aurea (*cough* Aurora Society *cough*). (see also this post for more parallels) And both sects, Aurora Aurea and the Thelema religion, draw parallels to ancient Egyptian beliefs and god (*cough* Osiris Company *cough*).

Of course these parallels could just be a coincidence but it’s still a bit suspicious…

I know the official translation hasn’t come out yet, but from the Chinese version it looks like we finally have confirmation that Vincent gave Ciel the Phantomhive ring sometime (it looks like a little over a year?) before the attack on the mansion.   In this chapter, Ciel throws a little tantrum over wanting to move to London and open a toy shop too, just like his brother.  I guess that really does make him the more dependent one, not that there was much doubt before.

But here we have Rachel comforting him and at the end of it, Vincent also reassures him by giving him his ring.  We then have a nice little montage of the following year in the next panels.

Note the transition into autumn, winter, spring, summer, then autumn and winter again.  So we can assume that Ciel was allowed to safe keep the ring this whole time, though he doesn’t appear to be wearing it in most of the following shots.  I’m guessing that he stores it and we’ll see him retrieve it as the twins figure out that their mansion is under attack.  But at least that clears up how Ciel would have had the ring with him in the first place.


Marginal#4: Kiss kara Tsukuru Big Bang

Fanclub special Vol.03

> L - R 「 パスタソース CM version」 

> L - R 「 Melty♥Love♥Cooking version -ed-」 

> Special:  Eru’s marimo + CM’s ring

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Important twins AU question to distract from negativity: do they have any catlike instincts, and if so, does one try to stop the other before they make a complete fool of theirselves?

try is the operative word

felix is more into grooming himself unnecessarily and sleeping in weird places. adrien chases anything that moves, which is a problem since he’s very allergic to pigeons and in a place like paris those are usually the moving things