twin project


as some of you know @dolanwithlife is making a video consisting of messages from the fans to the boys, about how much they mean to us and what we would like to tell them
There are also included selfies of the fans holding a note card with a positive message, or a thanks message for E and Gray
If you haven’t yet and want to participate in the DOLAN TWINS PROJECT please conact @dolanwithlife or send your video and selfie at the following email address

We want to show our gratitude for the boys , to show them our support and to show them the lovely unique family they’ve created by bringing us all together.

please spread the word and don’t be afraid to participate in this project, it’s all based on love, and i personally want to give something back to the boys that have saved my life.

we would be so so happy to see many of you participating and together, maybe we can bring the sun in ethan and grayson’s world once again


Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me is officially going to be a part of the @criterioncollection . I am so excited you wouldn’t even believe! I was, however, a little disappointed to see that the cover they paired with the announcement is essentially the poster from the movie. Usually, Criterion will do their own special cover to celebrate the movies they include with their collection. I am hoping this was just temporary and that movie will be getting the full Criterion treatment it deserves, but just in case I have taken my own stab at redesigning the cover. How you guy’s liking that gum btw? Pretty tasty so far! 

Guys, let’s #SaveBOYFRIEND!

Hey, so. I know it’s been a while since i last showed up but i came back with a good reason! From Brazil, we’re with a Project for BOYFRIEND Birthday!!

As you all know, on May 26th, 2011 BOYFRIEND has debuted, and they’re currently being 100% ignored by their own company, Starship Ent. Let’s show the boys how much we love them, with a birthday video

The idea is: send a video to the email: or through whatsapp +55 27 995168559 dubbing the song “i miss you”* (we really miss boyfriend) or photos, fanarts, anything until 24/05 and we’ll edit all the videos into a single one and post on our I will join All videos received in a single video and post on our channel. Please bestfriends, win against the shyness and show all your love to Boyfriend! How many times did they make us smile? Let’s make them smile at least once!

Check the lyric ROM/ENG video here:
Reblogs are highly appreciated!

One of my absolute favourite Pines twins photos! ;u;

Mabel - @partychickencosplay

Dipper - @anyapanda-official

Photo - @lemonaid-cosplay

More photos

Our behind-the-scenes video from this shoot