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Twin Avatars and why this doesn't work

So this was a question from anonymous in my box but because I don’t know how tf tumblr mobile works I deleted it accidentally

BUT imma answer anyway

(Also pls excuse my grammar or spelling for I am not a native speaker)

Q: what’s the deal with twin avatars?

Well my friend, the deal is that there has been a rumor, you see? A rumor about a new Avatar series with twin avatars

Lots of peeps got rrly excited and started sharing all over, and honestly can you blame them?

But the sad part is, twin avatars just doesn’t work, and do you know why?

Because the next avatar is born exactly the same moment as the previous one dies
There is no possible way twins just burst out of the mothers womb at exactly the same time, it’s simple logic really

Then people started making theories about the one twin containing Raava’s spirit, and the other containing vaatu

That is also not possible, because Vaatu doesn’t reincarnate like raava does
Korra literally ripped vaatu outta that evil watertribe fella (forgot the name there someone halp)
So vaatu probably won’t be strong enough to blend with a baby at the time Korra dies
Vaatu won’t even be able to reincarnate if he’s not stronger than Raava is

So there, that’s why twin avatars won’t work, if ya have any questions, feel free to ask or if ya have any theories or other possibilities, feel free to add


He woke up, drenched in sweat. Same old bed, same old room. Same old nightmare that had left nothing but voices, always unwanted companions.
He stared at the ceiling, the remains of the dream lingering in his head.
Why did that “me” felt so out of place?
He could still hear the echo of that ugly mantra.

And then, once more, he asked himself if he really was nothing more than “Just Billy’s Twin”.
Like always, the answer didn’t come.

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SITS headcanon where the guys and MC are caught while doing "it" by their kids? Sorry if it's weird

Omg! I can’t imagine the situation if this is real.

Kyohei Rikudoh
That night, Kyohei has sent the kids to bed early. He is hungry for you. The moment the kids sleep, he drags you to the shower room immediately. Soon, the kissing between the two of you gets more intense. You wrap one of your legs over his waist while he thrusts his member deep inside you. Still kissing passionately, he keeps moving his member back and forth inside.

“Mum, Dad, what are you doing?” Yasuko asked while rubbing her eyes.

Suddenly taken back their voice, Kyohei pulls out from you immediately and grabs the towel to cover both of you.

“We are taking a shower together in order to save water. Why are you two out of the bed?” Kyohei is trying hard to find excuse.

“We forgot to brush our teeth. But why are moving your hips against mum?” Yoshio asked curiously.

“Forget about brushing tonight. Just go to bed and don’t come in.” Kyohei turns bright red on his face as he sends the kids back to the room again.

“They saw everything.” You muttered after they left. You can feel that your face is turning hot as well.

“Well, we will think of something tomorrow. Let’s continue since they went back to their room.” Kyohei whisper and once again thrusts his member inside you.

Iori Enjo
That night, both of you are hungry for each other. After the kids sleep, both of went back to the bedroom immediately. Iori strips both of you naked and get on top of you. Both of you start kissing each other passionately and he keeps thrusting his member back and forth inside you. Just when you feel his hot liquid shot inside you, you heard the voice behind both of you. You quickly grab the blanket to cover both of you.

“Dad, Mum, why are you not wearing clothes?” Yoshio asked still with his eyes half open.

“The weather is kind of hot.” Iori replied nervously while he is still ejaculating inside you.

“But you are on top of mum, aren’t it is going to be more hot?” Yasuko asked curiously.

“Just go to bed.” Iori blushed and the kids reluctantly went back to their bedroom.

“How are we going to explain to them?” You asked nervously and you can feel heat on your face.

“Leave the worry to tomorrow. Should we go another round?” Iori smirks and starts moving his hips again.

Kota Igarashi
It has been awhile that both you and Kota are watching drama series together in the living room. However, the situation suddenly gets steamy and both you start kissing passionately. Kota slowly pushes you down on the sofa and lifts up your night dress to you waist. He then slips down your panties and pulls out his member to position at your entrance. He moves his kisses to the nape of your neck and penetrates deeply inside you. He keeps oscillating his hips roughly on you and that are when both of you suddenly hear voices behind you. Kota lifts his head up and saw the twin peeping behind the sofa. He immediately pulls out from you while you pulls down your night dress. Kota also hides his member into his pants, hopefully the kids did not see it.

“Why aren’t both of you sleeping?” Kota asked nervously with his face turn red.

“We heard noises and saw you on top of Mum.” Yasuko replied sweetly.

“Dad, you must have love Mum a lot to kiss in such way.” Yoshio giggles.

“Just go to bed. It is very late.” Kota tries to avoid the question.

You can feel the heat in your face when both of you sent the kids back to bed. After settling the kids, both of you sigh.

“Let’s just continue where we stop in our bedroom.” Kota whispers and carries you to the bedroom.

Nagito Aoshima
You are supposed to make some tea to enjoy the night with Nagito after the children went to bed. However, thing just get more steamy when both of you start kissing one another. The kisses get deeper and passionate, and Nagito pushes you against the table top. He slips his hands into your night dress to pull down you panties while you pull down his pants together with his boxer. He lifts you up slightly and you wrap your legs around his waist. Still kissing you passionately, Nagito penetrates deeply into you and starts oscillating his hips roughly on you. Suddenly, voices was heard from behind and both of you break away the kiss immediately. Nagito pulls up his pants together with his pants and hide your panties in his pocket.

“Mum, Dad, why are you kissing in the kitchen?” Yoshio asked curiously.

“And both your body are shaking so much.” Yasuko asked as well.

“This is nothing the kids should know. You should go to bed now.” Nagito blushes as he pushes the kids back to their bedroom.

“Did they see what happen?” You asked nervously.

“I am not sure. However, I guess the safer place will still be our bedroom. Let’s continue there.” Nagito giggles and lead you back to the bedroom.

Takashi Ninagawa
You lean your head over to Takashi’s shoulder to enjoy the music that is playing in the room and thinking it has been sometime that both of you had such peaceful moment together. Soon, both of you start kissing and eventually he strips both of you naked. He pushes you down on the bed and penetrates deeply into you. He starts moving his hips and moves his kiss from your mouth, to your neck and finally on your breasts. Suddenly, both of you heard voices at the bedside. Takashi immediately pulls the blanket over to cover both of you.

“Dad, Mum, We heard music in the room. But why are both you not wearing any clothes?” Yasuko asked sleepily.

“Dad, why are you sucking mum breasts? I thought babies drink milk from Mum?” Yoshio asked curiously.

“We will switch off the music now. Just go to bed and don’t ask the rest.” Takashi blushes as he tries to avoid the rest of the question.

After the kids closed the door, Takashi immediately ran over and locks the door.

“We are too careless.” You blushed.

“There is nothing much we can do now but to think of something tomorrow. Now the door is lock, let’s continue where we stop.” Takashi smiles and get on top of you again.