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A-Z Pregnancy for Julian Albert

A= Aftercare After Birth 

Julian was very careful with you after your nearly five hour labor (of your first child) and was very gentle with you when you woke up. He helped you walk the five feet in the hospital room to the bathroom and he’d get you anything he could.

B= Baby

The twins had his big blue eyes and you loved it. Your little girls, yes they were both girls, had his dirty blond hair and Julian became a huge softie. They had your nose though. They looked exactly like the two of you, it just depends who you ask though. But your sons had their mothers eyes…

C= Care Taking

Julian was a sucker when it came to his daughters. He loved anytime he could get her, he was even happy to change the diapers (for the first few weeks) and always volunteered to take her during night time. He loved laying in between them on the floor during playtime and nap time

D= Delivery

You new baby girls had been born earlier than expected (only by two weeks). So it was kind of funny. Julian had been at the precinct when he had a call that you were on your way to the hospital. He got a police escort to the hospital and was nearly crushed by elevator doors trying to reach you as they wheeled you into an elevator. You thought it was funny afterwards. He didn’t though…

E= Emergencies

When you were in delivery they told you that it was too late for an epidural and you thought it was a four alarm emergency. You had your birth plan ready and were very emotional so the fact it wasn’t going according to plan at all made you hysterical. Julian, however, just held your hand and encouraged you the whole time.

F= Falling

Believe it or not Julian fell more in love with you as the pregnancy progressed. He believed you were glowing, even during the early trimester morning sickness. He loved you to the moon and back before, and now he loves you across the galaxy and back. 

G= Gender (s)

Your first born was obviously two girls, your second was a little boy and your third and final child was another little boy.  

H= Hair Color

Your twins had his hair while your other little girl and boy had your colored hair. 

I= Illness

You caught the flu bug while pregnant with each child and while it scared Julian half to death the first time, he was more prepared the second and an expert by the third. 

J= Jumping

Julian was bouncing around while the two of you painted and decorated the nursery. You may have the footage….

K= Keeping the Baby?


L= Love

Like aforementioned, Julian loved you and the babies so much. He did everything he could to protect you and would do anything for his family to protect them and let them know he loves them

M= Movement

Julian was there 98% of the time when the baby’s moved or kicked and cherished every time they did. He even kept a log of all the times they kicked or moved, each child has a book in their nursery. 

N= Normal Cravings

Each child had a different craving. Your twins craved pineapples and peanut butter. Your middle son craved ice chips. And your littlest boy craved mashed potatoes. 

O= On Time

Your twins weren’t on time but both your sons were exactly on time. 

P= Pain

You knew better by the second child that you had to have an epidural or you probably wouldn’t have been able to do it. 

Q= Questions

“You mean there are two babies in there right now?!” 

“Do you need anymore ice chips?”

“You mean you’re in labor right now?! At this very second?!”

R= Resting

Having four kids was exhausting and while you both loved all four of your angels dearly sometimes all you needed was a little rest. So you both made shifts.

S= Singing to the Baby

Julian heard that at one point the baby could hear anything so you and him would sing nursery rhymes. Sometimes you’d sing soft songs you’ve loved since you were a kid to the age you were now. 

T= Talking to the Baby

“Hello my beautiful baby(ies)! Dad is so excited for you to be born so I can hold you and give you everything I can. I promise you the best and nothing is ever going to hurt you. I promise to give you the world and nothing less. Now mom says you’ve been kicking her bladder a lot lately? I would kindly appreciated it if you stopped baby! Love you much little one(s).” 

U= Underneath the Man/Womans Heart

Julian’s hand is always on your belly and sometimes if he’s had a long day he’ll rest his head on your bump. Although with your middle son, he kicked his father right in the temple. You knew he’d be a momma’s boy.

V= Vision as in Supervision

Your kids can’t even sneeze without their father swooping in and asking if they’re alright. He had baby proofed every object in the vicinity and went a little overboard you have to admit. 

W= When the Baby is Born

Panic. Even when your first son was born he was a nervous wreck. You weren’t by your son, you just wanted an easy labor after your minor mishap with your twin girl’s birth. You may never recover from that honestly. 

X= Xray or Ultrasound

He went to every ultrasound for every child. He always took the day off and drove you to and from and spent the day with you. He was like a little kid, it was hard to believe he was as serious as he was all the time.

Y= Yawning

There is something innocent about a baby’s yawn. The way their tiny mouths stretched open and you could get the slightest glimpse of the colors of their eye. Julian and you loved it. 


Sleep was often a gift you never got having four kids but damn did the two of you take every chance you could 


The cutest and most badass couple in the world. I love them for their chemistry and all the smiles they put on my face, but the most important reason for loving them is that without them, I wouldn’t have met my twin peanut, @onekisstotakewithme. In 1 year, we’ve fangirled over the show and the couples; we’ve screamed at the most intense, angsty and fluffy moments; we’ve imagined lots of cute little scenes; we even invented a ship! You’ve been there for me when I needed you, and I don’t have enough words to express how lucky I am to have met you. Just *hugs you tightly* I love you, gurl ♥♥  

  • *Thomas and Lafayette standing in Alex's room as he writes. They are waiting for him to get done with his paper so they can go out to the bar.*
  • Lafayette: Mon petit lion, come on let's go.
  • Alex: *Not looking up from his laptop.* Look, I'm not gonna half ass this paper.
  • Thomas: *Walks over to Alex and puts his hands on Alex's shoulder.* Think about crunchy peanut better, someone half ass did that and look how great it turned out to be.

anonymous asked:

What are your top ten onekisstotakewithme fics? I'm looking for which ones I should read first and saw that she has 70 fanfictions, Jesus!

Alright, I love both her series and one shots, so I’ll put them all together in one list (with the links), in no particular order. But beware, if you start a series, you won’t be able to stop reading, so I’d recommend you start with the one shots ^-^ 

Here we go: Haunt, The Devil You Know, Seen You Before, Fair Winds, Hell Of A Conversationalist, With You Every Day Is A Holiday, The COB Knows All, The Coffee Series, Forget Me Not, Grey. Also I’m adding Like You Mean It cause technically it’s not a fic. Just go read it if you’re a fan of Kibbs kisses.

I know most of them are Kibbs, they’re the ones that give me the most feels, but she writes Mclilah too, and I think she has a couple Tiva works. Honestly, read all her fics, it’s gonna be worth it. Oh and tell me what you think afterwards! ;)

P.S.: I totally lied, I put Haunt first cause it’s probably my favourite onekisstotakewithme fic.

The Signs at the Movies
  • Aries: *Taking their caramel popcorn and putting it in the good twins hair*
  • Taurus: *Actually watching the movie w/ Cancer& Virgo*
  • Gem Twins: Good Twin// ARIES WHAT THE FUCK DUDE!
  • Bad Twin// *Tipping the soda in the other twins lap*
  • Cancer: *Trying to not be so annoyed w/ Aries & the Bad Twin, overall enjoying the movie until Leo throws popcorn all around*
  • Leo: *Throwing popcorn around the movie theater & singing w/ the movie-REALLY FREAKING LOUDLY*
  • Virgo: *Successfully avoiding all the messes until Pisces shoves M&M's down Virgo's pants*
  • Libra: *Pushing peanuts up Capricorn's nose*
  • Scorpio: *Setting off the fire alarm*
  • Sagittarius: *Messing w/ the workers by pulling their pants down*
  • Capricorn: *Trying to avoid Libra's peanuts but ends up with 8 in their nose*
  • Aquarius: *Sitting and watching the movie*
  • Pisces: *Shoves M&M's down Virgo's pants*

Jones Twins- Peanut Butter Jelly

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Nicknames: minikate is the most common one, but I actually love making up nicknames with my friends so depending on who you ask I can also be twin peanut, sestra, pato, pollito, cuca, sensei, frrndo or twisted sister. I call them all those things too. It’s complicated.

Star Sign: taurus


Height: 175cm

Birth date: May 17th

Favorite Bands: of all time? La Oreja de Van Gogh, Amaral, Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, Papa Roach, Sick Puppies, OneRepublic, and I don’t know if that counts but Jeff Williams and her daughter Casey Lee are responsible for RWBY’s soundtrack and they are amazing.

Song Stuck in my Head: Falling Apart - Papa Roach

Last Show I Watched: just now, Friends.

Other Blogs: me? taking care of more than one blog at a time? I don’t think so.

When I Created This Blog: this blog was created bc Tumblr did something weird to my last one, minikate-24-05, and I wasn’t able to log in anymore. It’s abandoned now, and I created minikate–24-05 on June/July 2016 I think.

What I Post About: man. lots of different things. my forever fandoms, like ncis, star wars, avatar, harry potter lotr and similars, and then the ones I like/I’m following the show too, and the ones I’m currently having feels for. there’s also humor sometimes, and mental illness stuff. oh and ace posts.

Following: 537. is it too much? who knows.

Followers: 185

Favorite Color: green, black and purple.

Average Hours of Sleep: during uni, 5-6. if I’m home alone and have nothing to do the next day, ???.

Lucky Number: 15 used to be my basketball number (I’ve had to change it for this new season) and I think, in general, our team did pretty good. then there’s 24. it’s bittersweet.

Instruments: I used to want to learn how to play the drums. never did. instead, I learnt the basics of sweet flute and guitar at school. I don’t play anymore.

How Many Blankets I Sleep With: 1 in winter, 0 in summer cause UGH the heat.

Dream Job: something simple and relaxing, like librarian or something.

Dream Trip: [I’m gonna pretend it was plural] USA, to watch the walk of fame and the TV sets, the Grand Canyon, and Washington DC. Canada, to see lots of snow and someone. Go back to the UK to see all the Harry Potter stuff my parents didn’t wanna see the first time we went there, and someone. Iceland and Australia, because I’ve always wanted to go there. Norway, to see the fjords. Málaga, to go see a match of one of my favourite basketball teams on their own court.

Favorite Food: pasta and pizza, and I rarely never refuse a cake.

Nationality: catalan & spanish. currently a delicate issue.

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Ellie and Delilah

@minikate–24-05 my twin peanut reminded me that Ellie and Delilah is one of the most underrated friendships on this show??

Let’s discuss

• Ellie is really excited to meet Delilah and basically calls her a rock star in the cyber terrorism world (those aren’t exact words) and she was super star struck to meet her

• Ellie was super worried when she found out what had happened in the Conrad Gala and helped take Parsa down, as well as expressing the idea that they should go to the hospital (she’s new to this team and got attached to mclilah pretty quickly)

• Bulletproof!! She’s excited to see Delilah again and they have a nice, teasing relationship (Delilah calls Ellie babe, and jokes that Ellie needs her wheelchair more than Delilah)

• Page Not Found- they still have a good relationship though I don’t remember if the episode focused as much on it

• Status Update- “that’s boss… boss” again they’re just cute and shouldn’t be this cute??

• Viral- the “dream team” of Ellie, Abby and Delilah, Ellie being mad that McGee lied to Delilah, Delilah supporting Ellie and offering help and contacts in Dubai… the list goes on

• Delilah helping with their case in After Hours

• in Scope, Ellie pretty much tells McGee that his relationship with Delilah must be the real deal

• Love Boat- we find out that Ellie and Delilah apparently get lunch a lot, which is just cute and perfect

• Ellie has to balance her friendship with mclilah in “what lies above” bc McGee is a lying liar and she doesn’t like it

• The Support in Something Blue!!

• her wanting to help plan the baby shower in Rendezvous!