twin peaks the movie

David Lynch’s work – not just Twin Peaks but in a lot of his movies too – usually has this… Like… You know that feel when you go over to a friend’s house for dinner the first time and meet their family, who’d always seemed normal enough to you from a distance, but the more you spend time up close in their company, the more you realize that they’re actually pretty fucking weird and kind of assholes, but your friend is used to it and just goes with it and you’re like “oh god this is so awkward what the fuck do I do” because their parents are arguing over something you don’t have enough context to even begin to understand and meanwhile their little sister is chasing their aunt around with a stuffed lobster and the aunt is screaming because she has a crustacean phobia and you know this because their grandma who’d been silently knitting a three-armed sweater in her rocking chair while quoting train schedules from the 40s under her breath this whole time finally spoke up and you’re so perplexed it takes you a moment to realize that the parents had finally stopped arguing but you can’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet because suddenly the dad is asking your opinion on traffic lights and you can’t tell if it’s a casual question you can answer with humor or if it’s something extremely serious that you ought to give deep consideration and then your friend finally comes out of the kitchen with the roasted quails and you can cut them up just like regular chickens? Something like that.