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anonymous asked:

What is you favorite food, color, movie, tv show, song, etc? I want to know more about you!

food: pizza!!

color: purple, lime green, daisy yellow…

movie: I think it is Mulholland Drive

tv show: Twin Peaks, Friday Night Lights, The Killing, The Wire, Six Feet Under…

song: I don’t have one!! At the moment I have SHINee’s Juliette stuck in my head!!!

my current top 10 songs

thanks @forgotten-footsteps for getting me aware of this activity lmao

1. Honeyblood - Babes Never Die. oh man oh man oh man this is in my Spotify playlist called Post-Fuckboy Tunes. seriously don’t let a bad date get you down! not for long at least. BABES NEVER DIE

2. Magneta Lane - Medusa. another girl power song tbh never let a man mess with you bc you are far more powerful than patriarchy makes you out to be

just heard a gora guy in my class describe a gora guy as a gora guy. didn’t know that goras do that. anyways…

3. Twin Peaks - Making Breakfast, in light of all the Clay anons I’ve been getting aha

4. Wavves - You’re Welcome, in light of him liking my tweet and having a conversation with me after liking it the other day

5. Best Coast - Who Have I Become. sounds like a mid-life crisis anthem but it’s such a banger too!

6. Bully - Bully. I think I’m just really up in this bitch/my Spotify playlist. yes, another kinda girl power song

7. The Tuts - Do I Have to Look For Love. be your own independent woman who breaks the pining trope

8. Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love. I’ve been practising it on guitar for a while now

9. DIIV - this one audio clip I reblogged from tumblr the other day but forgot the name of. I remember listening to it a bunch of times the night I reblogged it and I went to bed after. so I forgot the name of it and tried to look for it on the recent album (which I have yet to check out). after starting some songs and then skipping them all, I thought maybe it’s a b-side. I’ll edit this post to put the title in when I find the song again

10. The Cure - The Holy Hour just bc it’s in my head right now

ok now I tag @studyinrain who I’m chatting with right now