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Twin Peaks S03E01

Book titles

[On the bookcase, next to the duck] Engines of Change: A History of the American Dream in Fifteen Cars (2012) by Paul Ingrassia; American Image (1989) by Martin W. Sandler; America’s Fascinating Indian Heritage (1990), edited by Reader’s Digest; The Farmhouse: New Inspiration for the Classic American Home (2004) by Jean Rehkamp Larson              

[On the top shelf, left] The Mercenary (1963) by Charles Durbin; Personal Injuries (1999) by Scott Turow; Dreamland (1999) by Kevin Baker       

[Second shelf, left] Lord of Misrule (2010) by Jaimy Gordon                                             

  • Dad: Can't you just name the dog something normal?
  • Me: Like what?
  • Dad: I don't know. Like Cooper.
  • Me: Only if his first name can be Special Agent Alice.
  • Mom: What does that even mean?
  • Me: It means he's a federal agent disguised as a rock star disguised as a dog, Diane.
  • Dad: ...what?

To celebrate the release of the Twin Peaks book, “The Secret History of Twin Peaks” by Mark Frost, here are the character designs I did for my portfolio project “Twin Peaks Animated”! I started this May 2016 but I never got to take this project to full completion like I wanted but I am still happy with these designs!


i bought this book yesterday

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WONDERFULXSTRANGE - final masterpost!

@kamil-a​ for @doesnt-own-a-sportscoat​: Hawk failing to mind his own business (art, Hawk, Lucy, Dale, Harry)

@herspecialagent​ for @mindblownie​: Love is Real (fic, Gordon, Shelly)

@haroldwrens​ for @skeleton-justice-warrior: Use a Uniform Like a Shield and Nobody Can Harm You (fic, Dale/Albert)

stdianeofcooper laughingpinecone: Welcome to the 21st century (fic, Dale, Albert)To You (poetry, Dale/Albert)

@zizzinator​ for @renmorris​: teen Bookhouse Boys adventures (art, Hawk, Ed, Harry, Norma, Hank)

skeleton-justice-warrior for @trainsforbrains​ : Talking about bad movies (art, Dale, Albert, Francis York Morgan from Deadly Premonition)

@mindblownie for @haroldwrens: Carl Said It (fic, Carl, Margaret)

@creativepup for @kamil-a: Game show AU (art, Doppelcoop)

@amatara for @stdianeofcooper: We Drink From the Fountain (fic, Diane, Dale, Albert)

@trainsforbrains for @amatara: First kiss (fic, Dale/Albert)

@doesnt-own-a-sportscoat​ for @herspecialagent​: Who took these pictures? (fic, Donna/Laura)

@renmorris for @creativepup: Great mountains remember me (edit)

@laughingpinecone​ for @zizzinator​: 4AM diner breakfast (art, Dale, Gordon)

Things to Watch and Read if you Like Twin Peaks - The Return *SPOILER FREE*


Normally here I plan on writing about games and shit, but today I want to write about the new Twin Peaks Return. First, this will be totally and 100 percent spoiler free. 

I’m not going to talk about the show at all.

But I’ve seen a couple lists of people saying some Twin Peaks like material and I don’t like what they include. 

Or at least, I would include different things.

Here they are:

Gaspar Noe’s Film - Enter the Void

Grace Krilanovich’s novel - The Orange Eats Creeps

Haruki Murakami’s novel - The Wind Up Bird Chronicle

Steve Erickson’s novel - Shadowbahn

Samantha Hunt’s novel - Mr. Splitfoot

These are all super important works in their own right, and while you’re waiting for more of the new Twin Peaks, these are all great companions.