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  • Dad: Can't you just name the dog something normal?
  • Me: Like what?
  • Dad: I don't know. Like Cooper.
  • Me: Only if his first name can be Special Agent Alice.
  • Mom: What does that even mean?
  • Me: It means he's a federal agent disguised as a rock star disguised as a dog, Diane.
  • Dad: ...what?

To celebrate the release of the Twin Peaks book, “The Secret History of Twin Peaks” by Mark Frost, here are the character designs I did for my portfolio project “Twin Peaks Animated”! I started this May 2016 but I never got to take this project to full completion like I wanted but I am still happy with these designs!

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i bought this book yesterday

In 1991, Laura Palmer, a pretty high-school girl known and loved by all, is found wrapped in a plastic bag on the side of a river. The special agent of the FBI Dale Cooper is designated to investigate. Dale discovers that Laura Palmer was not the one everybody believed she was and that many people in this town have something to hide… Nevertheless the Laura Palmer case is still not solved. Twenty-five years later, in 2016, the FBI lays hands on a trunk of which it does not reveal the source. In this trunk, an enormous file… A femal agent is charged to analyze the sum of documents which it contains, and which all relate to the strange town of Twin Peaks. It must also determine the identity of that which constituted it. She discovers secrecies there on the life of the inhabitants, but also the reports of investigation of Dale Cooper who since volitilized, of the extracts of newspapers, a report of autopsy, letters and other information classified… What did it occur since disappearance from the young woman and why an anonymous “archivist” did it compile such a file on the city and its origins

“The Secret History of Twin Peaks” by Mark Frost

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