twin peaks book

Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me is officially going to be a part of the @criterioncollection . I am so excited you wouldn’t even believe! I was, however, a little disappointed to see that the cover they paired with the announcement is essentially the poster from the movie. Usually, Criterion will do their own special cover to celebrate the movies they include with their collection. I am hoping this was just temporary and that movie will be getting the full Criterion treatment it deserves, but just in case I have taken my own stab at redesigning the cover. How you guy’s liking that gum btw? Pretty tasty so far! 

David Foster Wallace really did sum up the eternal point of David Lynch once: He’s letting you into his imagination.  And if you like it, so be it. If you don’t? He doesn’t really care. He is self-indulgent.

What if you had technical/film directing skills and you let someone into your dreams and people gave you money to make it happen?

What would happen?