twin peaks at night

And we’re back.

A lot has happened:

  • (Music) Support for both Ariana Grande (No. 1) and Manchester came pouring in after the attack that took place at her concert. Our hearts go out to everyone who was there that night.
  • (Television) Twin Peaks (No. 14) returns to the Black Lodge after a mere two and a half decades.
  • (K-Pop) Sistar is breaking up, and people are not happy. When they find out they’re at No. 12, will they stay together?
  • (Video Games) Pokémon: Magikarp Jump (No. 6) is a new mobile game where you grow Magikarp and teach them to jump. That’s, uh, that’s about it.
  • (Movies) Dirty Dancing (No. 19) did a remake, but it seems fans are only here for the original.
  • (Web Stuff) Anna Akana’s Answer Time got her a debut at No. 14.
  • (Music) We know Nicki Minaj refuses pickle juice, but how does she feel about coming back at No. 15?

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The Star Wars Effect

Star Wars had a big week, even for Star Wars. Vanity Fair (@vanityfair) celebrated the franchise’s 40th anniversary with a special edition cover and a brand new photo series. This led to a huge influx people and entities relating to the Star Wars franchise:

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