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Sky Ferreira performing “Falling” (Twin Peaks theme) during David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption


The Twin Peaks sign, by day and by night. Twin Peaks opened in 1935 and has been operating as a gay bar since 1972. I believe it is SF’s oldest continually operating gay bar, and it’s said to be the first gay bar in the country to have a windowed façade, allowing patrons to see out and be seen in a time when homosexuality was criminalized and heavily policed. It’s still a great place to hang out in the Castro! 🌈


So back in 1990, SNL was pretty great. Kyle Emperor of Dune hosted and did some really good stuff - for example, there’s this Twin Peaks sketch. He also appeared on Sprockets.

I know I saw the Sprockets sketch before but I actually don’t remember the Twin Peaks one.   Notable in the sketch, then-writer Conan O’Brien is Andy.