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Years later, with more time and history between them than they knew what to do with, Dale Cooper and Audrey Horne find themselves at a crossroad…

Rated: M

Part of my existing Tumblr ficlet challenge, except this story blossomed into something much larger than a ficlet, so I ran with it, with @muldertorture’s blessing (they were her prompts). 

Will be five chapters total once it’s finished.

Story title borrowed from an F. Scott Fitzgerald quote, from a letter to his friend Isabelle about Zelda: “I love her, and that’s the beginning and end of everything.” 

Chapter title borrowed from the Benjamin Francis Leftwich song “Tilikum

Good news, fellow Twin Peaks Dorks!  According to the ever fab Twin Peaks Archive via the Red Room Podcast the current owners of the home used as the domicile of Big Ed & Nadine Hurley has been asked by the production if they can shoot there.  Nadine’s back, baby!  I can’t seriously express just how much I need Nadine back in town, and a millionaire from having finally gotten a patent and developing a bestselling line of silent drape runners.