twin lagoons


Haven’t forgotten Inktober/Drawlloween! But I need take some break from inktober… I have too much school work to do… :( So now I just have to focus on studies.

But here are my week and a half inktober pics :) Oldest on bottom and so on.

#day 5: hauntedhouse, #day 6: costume, #day 7: spider, #day 8: creature from black lagoon, #day 9: bat, #day 10: pumpkin, #day 11: 8-bit zombie, #day 12 owl, #day 13: reaper and #day 14: werewolf.

Banol beach and Barracuda Lake

Always remember to put sunblock cream to protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays and sunburn before you soak up in the water! You don’t want to damage nor burn your skin, don’t you? This is the famous Coppertone sunblock but different from the other one because it is foamy and not in liquid. In all fairness, I do love it this way. It’s easy and fun to apply. Hahaha!

Games: Who held their breath the longest? 1st runner up: My twin; 2nd runner up: Me :D Hahaha!

Snorkeling in Banol beach was fun! There were lots of beautiful fishes underneath the water and one of it was to see up close a couple of corals where clown fishes dwell.

Heading back to the beach to go to our next stop: Barracuda Lake!

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