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always-a-fairycat  asked:

Whose kids are whose of the pirate crew? I lost track. Ari is one of Harry's, right?

I’m glad you asked tbh! The only list I posted parent wise was with the biological moms. Note: Just because *I* know who the biological dads are doesn’t mean the crew knows. This is poly pirate crew, so they’re all playing parental roles anyways so it doesn’t really matter. Going from oldest to youngest.

Uma - Marianne (called Mari among other things), Jesse, Duncan

Harry - Charlotte (called Charley), Marianne, David, Rachel, Duncan

Gil - Raveneau (called Riven)

Desiree - Flora, Hanabi, Sarangerel (called Saranna) and Jian (twins), Rachel, Henry (called Hwan). 

Gonzo - Jael, Elise, Jesse, Daniel

Jonas - Robert, Malika

Gabe - Gunther

Morwenna - Robert, Ari, Sadie and Catherine (called Shufen) (twins), Raveneau (called Riven), David, Daniel

Yamato - Hanabi

Bonny - Jael, Luka and Sela (twins), Jacob, Gunther

Drey - Charlotte (called Charley), Xiulan

Zhao - Sadie and Catherine (called Shufen) (twins), Sarangerel (called Saranna) and Jian (twins), Xiulan

Micah - Jacob

Lex - Henry (called Hwan), 

Malachi - Sharai

Raphael - Luka and Sela (twins) 

Zeke - Ari

Vince - Flora

Rosita - Sharai, Elise, Malika

Tl;dr - No, Ari’s not biologically Harry’s, but it doesn’t really matter because Harry’s still his parent. 

For those curious about the crew’s ages kids ages, in order of birth: 

Year 1 - Charlotte (called Charley), Flora, Robert

Year 2 - Ari, Jael, Hanabi, Marianne (called ‘Mari’ by most)

Year 3 - Luka and Sela (twins), Jacob

Year 4 - Sadie and Catherine (called ‘Shufen’) (twins), Sharai

Year 5 - Raveneau (called ‘Riven’)

Year 6 - David, Sarangerel (called ‘Saranna’) and Jian (twins)

Year 7 - Rachel, Elise, Jesse

Year 9 - Daniel, Gunther, Malika, Henry (called ‘Hwan’), Xiulan, Duncan

So, it’s probably going to take a while to get the relevant post done, so here, have the list of children for the poly pirate crew. It’s done by biological mother. Tagging @queendohertyplayfair because, again, relevant to interests.

Uma - Marianne (called ‘Mari’ among other things), Jesse, and Duncan.

Bonny - Jael, Luka and Sela (twins), Jacob, and Gunther.

Drey - Charlotte (called ‘Charley’) and Xiulan.

Rosita - Sharai, Elise, and Malika

Desiree - Flora, Hanabi, Sarangerel (called ‘Saranna’) and Jian (twins), Rachel, and Henry (called ‘Hwan’).

Morwenna - Wade (pre-crew, deceased), Robert, Ari, Sadie and Shufen (twins), Raveneau (called ‘Riven’), David, and Daniel.