twin jet

But medics didn’t necessarily equal safety.  At his interrogation, at Tyger Pax, the scout had caught flashes of the twin black jets watching from the background as Megatron’s tarnished silver claws dug for Bumblebee’s spark or balled into pummeling fists.  To this day the Autobot did not know if the jets had been male or female, what their faces looked like, or how big they had been;  Bumblebee had been on a rapid slide towards spark extinction any time Megatron had called the aerials over.

So anyway, those were the non-SG versions of Jumpstart and Ampule.

Remember when I said I wasn’t going to draw any sketch until the end of June / my animation project? 

Well, I just couldn’t resist drawing a sketch of Blitzwing and the Jet Twins, seeing how they share a lot of similarities (they are subjected to experiments involving the modification of the body beyond what is possible, like triple-changers / flying autobots. Not to mention the fire and ice/wind powers).

Anyway, Blitzwing sees two flying Autobots and want to give a hug. Jet twins Do Not Want.

Hubble Sees the Wings of a Butterfly: The Twin Jet Nebula

The shimmering colors visible in this NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image show off the remarkable complexity of the Twin Jet Nebula. The new image highlights the nebula’s shells and its knots of expanding gas in striking detail. Two iridescent lobes of material stretch outwards from a central star system. Within these lobes two huge jets of gas are streaming from the star system at speeds in excess of one million kilometers (621,400 miles) per hour.

Credit: NASA / ESA & Hubble


Hello lovelies! Here’s a list of my imagines and little blurbs thus far in case y’all are interested.

I’m hoping to post more often, but pleeease be patient with me considering I am a full time, double majoring college student. (lord HELP ME) :)

** = collaborations

~ = my personal favorites

bold = my favorite writing to date


You Should Know Me By Now - Ashton Irwin~

Flannel - Calum Hood

I’m With the Bassist - Calum Hood~

Jet Black Heart - Luke Hemmings

Comfortable Silence - Michael Clifford

The Voicemail - Michael Clifford


Love You Goodbye - Harry Styles


Take Me There - Grayson Dolan~

Content - Grayson Dolan

Waiting on the Right Words - Grayson Dolan

But Then It All Turned Around - Grayson Dolan~

The Bronco - Grayson Dolan

Heavy Distractions - Grayson Dolan (COMING SOON!)


Selfish - Ethan Dolan~

Drunk on the Mic (part one) - Ethan Dolan~

Drunk on the Mic (part two) - Ethan Dolan** 

Morning Views - Ethan Dolan 

Sorriso - Ethan Dolan (COMING SOON!)

(please let me know if the links don’t work!)

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you guys are doing well. Lots and lots of love!!!

-Eliza xxx