twin ion engine

Pew! Pew! Eat that, rebel scum! I mean, eat these! They’re quite tasty. ;)

I’ve seen TIE (Twin Ion Engine) fighter treats zipping around online made from small marshmallows between a pair of Oreo wafers, but aside from the tell-tale hexagonal side solar panels, a unique feature of the TIE/LN (“line”) starfighter is its spherical middle—or ball-cockpit—so I decided to make my own little version to incorporate that.

TIE Fighter Treats

Oreo Thin Crisps
Whopper Candies (sort out & use the smaller ones)
Chocolate Tootsie Roll(s)

Soften the Tootsie Roll with your fingers & then pinch off a small amount (abt. ¼") & roll it into a log (abt. 1"). Pinch the log in half & stick one piece to the center of an Oreo Thin & the other piece to the center of the another Oreo Thin.

Gently press a Whopper onto one of the Tootsie Roll bits—touching a whisper of water to the Tootsie if needed to help the Whopper stick. Then, holding the Whopper, press the other Tootsie piece-with-Oreo onto it (again using a titch of water if needed).

Make any gentle adjustments necessary to parallel the sides of the wafers so the TIE sits nicely on your serving plate. Repeat this process until you have as many TIE as you’d like. A whole squadron even! Ready to blast those troublesome rebels out of the Galaxy!

If you want to get really fancy, after making the treats, you could dip them in a thin coating of grey candy melt, & even use a black food marker to draw on details. Woah.