twin harries gifs

Imagine being one of the beaters of your house and your best friends Fred and George cheering on you during your quidditch match.
They’d be totally excited every time your house plays and wouldn’t shut up one single second while you’re on the field.
“Good one, Y/n! Also your jersey is pretty”
“Great colour! Brings out your eyes!”

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Imagine: Fred and George falling in love with you at the same time

“Oh, Merlin, she’s pretty,” Fred whispered to George, both their eyes on you as you were escorted down the aisle between the tables. You were still dressed in your dress from the Yule Ball and were explaining to Madama Pomfrey why you were left outside in the freezing cold all night.

“She is, but she looks a bit cold,” George said, nudging Fred’s shoulder playfully.

Fred shoved him. “Shut it and look at her, she’s got the eyes of a fairy.”

George nodded. “Yeah…”

You gave an embarrassed smile to Dumbledore and turned to see the twins staring at you, eyes widening when you realized they were talking about you. You fixed your dress quickly, clearing your throat, and hurried out of the Great Hall, they’re smiles still burned into your eyes like the sun when you stare at it too long. 

“Think she fancies us?” Fred asked George.

George smirked and stood. “Only one way to find out.”