twin harbours
Fishermen discover the world's first conjoined twin harbour porpoises
While the fishermen who caught the porpoises released them back into the wild, they first shared photos of the animals with researchers from Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Interesting Find!


Big spoilers ahead for Stranger Things and Twin Peaks.

Stranger Things is rife with nostalgic pop-culture references, but here’s one that struck me immediately that I haven’t seen commented on anywhere else: the discovery of Will Byers’ “body” in Stranger Things’ third episode, “Holly, Jolly”, is shot almost identically to the discovery of Maddy Ferguson’s body in Twin Peaks, “Drive With a Dead Girl”. The central law enforcement figures of both series exit their cars, sirens blazing, and are shot in a tracking closeup facing the camera as they approach a lakeside, where a body is being brought to the surface. It’s that final slice of context (discovery of a body by a lakeside) that makes me think this is more than coincidence.

It Doesn't Matter (Pietro Maximoff Imagine)

Being the daughter of the famous Tony Stark, a.k.a Iron Man, was pretty stressing on its own. But add the fact that: A) you were also a superhero that constantly had to help save the world from utter destruction almost once every couple months, and B) the boy you had a HUGE crush on (and his twin sister) harboured a huge hatred for your father, you got the perfect recipe for disaster. All of your emotions, which lay hidden deep down, were slowly boiling closer and closer to the surface with every passing instant, and at any moment, you felt like you were going to either implode on yourself and collapse, or explode and hurt someone else. But being the kind person you were, you chose that, should it happen, you’d implode rather than explode.

You had been sitting at the dinner table with the rest of the Avengers, as well as the twins, and the newly created Vision, sitting in depressing silence, just staring at your plate. “Seeing as tomorrow we suit up and head of to Sokovia, this’ll be our “Last Supper”,“ your dad said, raising a toast, to which all the others but the Twins raised their glasses. A chuckle went around the table, before conversations started up between the others. Dr. Banner and your father were discussing bio-organics, Steve and Thor were talking with Vision about everything that had been happening and discussing strategies, Clint and Natasha were pouring over baby pictures of Clint’s kids, and the Twins…….they sat there looking almost mutinous as they spoke to one another in harsh Sokovian. You just sat there, not making a sound, your heart dying bit by bit.

”(Y/N)? (Y/N), are you alright?“ You heard a voice say faintly, and only then did you snap out of your daze, looking up to realize that the whole table had fallen silent, and was looking at you. Your eyes scanned the table for the owner of the voice, and surprisingly, it was Vision. You gave a weak smile and just nodded, refusing to make eye contact with anyone out of fear of them seeing the tears that were, for some reason, building up in your eyes. “No…..she is not alright,” you heard a soft voice, again one you did not expect; Wanda. She had read your mind. You cleared your throat, and simply pushed your chair back, stood up, and bowed your head, “If you don’t mind, I’m just going to excuse myself. I’m just tired.”

You saw Wanda frown and mumble something to Pietro in Sokovian, and he frowned in turn. You looked at your dad, who knew exactly what was happening. He gave you a sympathetic smile, and nodded his head in allowance. Without further delay, you practically sprinted out of the room as your tears started to fall down your cheeks. Like you had promised; you imploded instead of exploded. The moment you got back to your room, you slammed the door shut a bit harder than intended, locked it, and burst into tears. You leaned against the door and slid down it, hugging your knees to your chest as you wept. You wept and wept until you could no longer breathe and had no more tears to shed. But even then, you still felt overwhelmed by everything. You just wanted to bury yourself six feet underground and never come back out. Suddenly, you heard a gentle knock at the door, and then the same soft voice that had surprised you at the dinner table; Wanda.

“(Y/N)? I know that you are not okay. And I know what is troubling you,” she said gently. You were surprised, seeing as the only time you had ever spoken to her was when she yelled at you to tell your dad to shut down the integration of Jarvis into the body that eventually became Vision. You hesitated, as you stood up slowly, your hand hovering over the door handle. “(Y/N), I know that this is strange for you, coming from me, but I only want to help you. And Pietro does too, but he is too shy to,” Wanda coaxed you gently, and your heart gave a lurch at the mention of her older-by-12-minutes brother. But, you decided to let her in. She was much prettier when she wasn’t scowling or yelling, you noticed, and beckoned her into your room.

As you sat on your bed, Wanda waved her hand towards the door, and a scarlet light closed it. She sat next to you, and nudged your shoulder gently. “You are afraid, and sad. You are overwhelmed. You aren’t handling it very well, and the fact that you have a crush on my brother doesn’t help,” she listed, looking to you for confirmation of each statement. You gave a sigh after her last statement, “Yes, I like your brother, but the problem is that both you and he harbour a huge hatred towards my dad, and I know it’s because one of his shells collapsed your building, and caused your parents to die. And if I could undo that, I would. Every single fibre of my being wishes I could. I’m just sad that your brother’s hatred has been passed on to me.” Wanda simply sat there in a stunned silence, and put her hand to your temple.

You suddenly felt lightheaded,and your mind spun a bit. “W-What did you do?” You stuttered worriedly, pressing your hand to your forehead. Wanda just gave a gentle smile, “You know, neither Pietro nor I dislike you. In fact, we like you quite a lot, though my brother likes you in a much more-than-friends way. Trust me, I can read his mind.” You couldn’t resist but giggle at that last phrase, and your heart fluttered. “But still; what did you do to my head?” You inquired, but again, Wanda simply smiled, “Do not worry about that. Let me handle that. But, if I were you, I’d be in the kitchen tonight at 1:27 am, understood?” You gave her a confused look, but her smile only grew, “Trust me. I can read minds, remember?” She gave a wink, before she walked out, leaving a rather confused you behind.


Pietro sat on his bed, his forearms resting on his thighs as his leg bounced up and down nervously as he waited for Wanda to return from (Y/N)’s room. His feelings for (Y/N) had grown quite a bit since he and Wanda had arrived at Stark tower. And now, he was waiting to hear whether the girl he had an enormous crush on had had an absolute emotional breakdown. Just as his trail of thought had begun to take a turn for the worse, Wanda walked into the room. "Well, how is she? What did she say? Is everything alright? Did she-” Pietro was cut off by Wanda shushing him, “Pietro, relax would you? Sit down, and I’ll tell you exactly what’s happened. Actually…..I’ll let (Y/N) herself explain it.” Pietro fell silent, and his expression became extremely confused, but he trusted his twin.

Wanda placed her hand on his temple, and suddenly, Pietro saw (Y/N)’s face, and could hear her voice as clear as if she had been speaking right next to him. “Yes, I like your brother, but the problem is that both you and he harbour a huge hatred towards my dad, and I know it’s because one of his shells collapsed your building, and caused your parents to die. And if I could undo that, I would. Every single fibre of my being wishes I could. I’m just sad that your brother’s hatred has been passed on to me.” Then, as suddenly as her voice had started, it faded out, and Wanda removed her hand from Pietro’s temple. “She…..she thinks I hate her? Because of what her dad did to us?” He said disbelievingly. Wanda nodded, before she got up to leave, “By the way, you should go through with your plan tonight. It will end well.” Pietro chuckled, and tousled his hair, “You should learn to give people privacy, you know.”


Wanda’s advice from that afternoon still rang in your head, and at 1:25, you headed out to the kitchen. The room was dark and empty. 1:26, but still nothing. You stood by the counter, as the seconds ticked by. 1:27. Almost on the dot, there was a whoosh, and a tall young man with bright white hair was standing against the counter next to you. You stumbled backwards and almost screamed, but managed to contain yourself. ”(Y/N), are you alright now?“ Pietro asked you gently, approaching you slowly. You nodded lightly, but you knew that he knew you were lying. ”(Y/N), I do not hate you, you know,“ he whispered gently, getting even closer. You gave a gentle whimper, "But my dad-” and then suddenly, Pietro was hugging you tightly. “It does not matter. I do not hate you, and I do not even hate your father. It was not of his doing,” he whispered soothingly, rubbing your back gently.

You went to wipe your eyes, and Pietro pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead. “And for the record, I like you too,” he chuckled quietly, his nose brushing yours gently, “I’m sorry I haven’t said it earlier. I was too shy.” You gave a chuckle, that being the last thing you expected him to say. You could feel his light breaths as you leaned in for a kiss, and you gently whispered, “Well, I did not see that coming,” just as his lips connected with yours.