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Obama desperately wanted sensible gun control after Aurora, Sandy Hook and Orlando.

The GOP said no.

Now the GOP says: “But this is Obama’s fault for not passing gun control laws!”

Look, guys, If I wanted constant confusion, wackiness and nonsensical motives that needed hours to exam, I’d watch Twin Peaks The Return again. 

Ch126: wrong carriage, wrong gun

An anon pointed out that the carriage that arrives at the manor looks more like Undertaker’s carriage than the earl’s….

To add to this, here is the earl’s carriage in ch126:

The carriage that arrives at the manor in ch126 (that even looks like Undertaker’s hat on the driver)… and the gun aimed at Soma:

Here’s Undertaker’s carriage in ch82 and the earl’s gun at the Midnight Tea Party

These are obviously different guns…. The one aimed at Soma is labeled as a “BULLPUP” model, but it’s actually a Nagant-style revolver, like the M1895. It was designed in 1886 but not put into production until 1895, hence the name. These were used by the Russian Empire from 1895 throughout the 1950′s….

Whereas the earl’s gun of choice is an early semi-automatic pocket pistol, like this Colt (an American company. Recall that Bardroy special-orders firearms from America….):


Egg flintlock pistols

Manufactured by Joseph Egg c.1820 in London, England - serial number 2476.
.57 caliber over-under twin gold-inlayed damascus steel barrels, flintlock muzzleloaders, single trigger firing each barrel in turn.

Something about pairs of handguns instantly make them immensely cooler, even though chances are they were never used, let alone dual-wielded.


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My friends and I were talking about Grave’s Swap!AU on Discord when we started talking about the Septics and how they’d be swapped. So, with some idea from my friends, we came up with Swaped!Chase. He’s…basically Anti with a gun?  IDK if this has been done yet, but it was fun!
There’s some fun stuff about him under the Read More if you’d like~

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