twin gun


Egg flintlock pistols

Manufactured by Joseph Egg c.1820 in London, England - serial number 2476.
.57 caliber over-under twin gold-inlayed damascus steel barrels, flintlock muzzleloaders, single trigger firing each barrel in turn.

Something about pairs of handguns instantly make them immensely cooler, even though chances are they were never used, let alone dual-wielded.

Ch126: wrong carriage, wrong gun

An anon pointed out that the carriage that arrives at the manor looks more like Undertaker’s carriage than the earl’s….

To add to this, here is the earl’s carriage in ch126:

The carriage that arrives at the manor in ch126 (that even looks like Undertaker’s hat on the driver)… and the gun aimed at Soma:

Here’s Undertaker’s carriage in ch82 and the earl’s gun at the Midnight Tea Party

These are obviously different guns…. The one aimed at Soma is labeled as a “BULLPUP” model, but it’s actually a Nagant-style revolver, like the M1895. It was designed in 1886 but not put into production until 1895, hence the name. These were used by the Russian Empire from 1895 throughout the 1950′s….

Whereas the earl’s gun of choice is an early semi-automatic pocket pistol, like this Colt (an American company. Recall that Bardroy special-orders firearms from America….):


Manton coach pistols

Manufactured by Joseph Manton c.1811 in Great Britain - serial number 5499.
16 gauge side-by-side twin damascus steel smoothbore barrels, flintlock muzzle loaders.

If an English lord ever needed to fight his way out of a bar fight, that would be the guns to do it.

whatinbenaddiction  asked:

I hate how John punched a superintendent for calling Sherlock a freak but immediately forgives Mary for putting a freaking bullet in Sherlock's stomach. We all know how devastated John was every time Sherlock was in danger. How can he forgive Mary after knowing she lied to him, put him and Sherlock, his best friend whom he cares about the most in the world, in danger, and almost kills Sherlock? I hope it's all a nightmare in Sherlock's coma after he got shot *sigh*

Hey Lovely!

Well, for one thing, I don’t believe for a second that John forgave Mary, and I don’t believe Sherlock’s in a coma (though the way S4 turned out, is literally a retcon of the events from the past 7 years, so… terrible writing), but yeah, all of S4 is very OOC, especially John’s character, who was not only sidelined in favour of Mary but also was so wildly NOT our BBC John that it was ridiculous. All the actions the characters take contradict everything previously established in this universe, which is why some of us believe that it may be a “mirror” series. I’m a bit skeptical of that myself (because why make an OOC season when they could have just made an amazing one, other than to clue the general audience into the story not making sense without Johnlock), but I can see the merits of it, I suppose. 

I think it’s MORE likely that it’s an unreliable narrator narrative; they hinted at such in T6T (with Sherlock talking to Ella, I believe that THAT is the actual TRUE beginning of the episode, and that it is Sherlock trying to come up with a cover story for John killing Mary – who survived unbeknownst to them), and something went awry in TLD (an overdose of the TD-12 drug from both of them?, and Mary-as-Eurus got close enough to John to shoot him in the face (John’s TAB is TFP, and it’s him putting together all the pieces of not only the puzzle of S4 but of his and Sherlock’s relationship together).

Bleh, anyway, that’s my insane ramblings on the matter; I’m tired and just spewing whatever comes to my head right now. I feel like a lot of the series would be explained with the two biggest “why introduce these things if they’re meaningless” items in S4: John’s Note, and the TD-12 drug. These are the two things bothering me the most about the entire series, next to the OOCness of literally every character, but especially John.

Of course, there is the possibility that a) interference was had and they were forced to do a 180˚ on the narrative in the span of 1 year, or b) they really do think that they wrote something that makes sense and that it was actually the fantastic season they kept saying it was. I guess we’ll find out if-when a secret ep comes out or S5.

Use Your Illusion Asks

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4. Don’t Cry (original) : Do you cry easily?
5. Perfect Crime : What’s the most badass thing you did?
6. You Ain’t The First : Tell us about your first crush.
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11. The Garden : What was the scariest dream you’ve ever had?
12. Garden of Eden : What’s your favorite place?
13. Don’t Damn Me : Do you have any unpopular opinions? If so, name one.
14. Bad Apples : Do you get along with your family?
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16. Coma : Do you ever think about death?
17. Civil War : What do you wanna change about the world?
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20. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door : Do you believe in life after death?
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30. My World : What do you wanna change about your life?


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