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Final PLL Predictions.

-Melissa knows that Spencer is adopted
- She doesn’t know who her biological parents are
- Bethany Youngs father is spencers father
- Kenneth Dilaurentis is Charlottes father
- Alison is carrying Emilys baby
- Haleb and Ezria will end up together by the end. Spoby and Emison may end up together AFTER the one year time jump we’re meant to be getting, but they have alot to sort out before they can be together realistically.
- Alison will have twin girls
- Holden won’t play a major part in anything
- Wren knows EVERYTHING, however he isn’t A.D. He may be a helper, however he is inherently good
- Wren is in some way related to Archer and/or A.D
- Wren knew Mary from when he visited his father in Radley
- Charlotte lied A LOT
-Aria is hiding something big
- The girls have a larger involvement with A.Ds motive than they did with Charlottes
- Wren killed Charlotte
- Someone very important will die. Either Alison, one of the girls, Mona or Jenna
- I also think it’s a big possibility that Jason will die, but he’s not a huge character, so his won’t be the only/main death
- Toby and Spencer will survive, Yvonne will die
- Pastor Ted will have some involvement (he may be Bethany/Spencers father
- Once again, there is SO MANY gaps about what happened that night, and we won’t know everything until the very last episode. It’s possible A.D is revealed at the beginning of 7x20, and the majority of the 2 hours will be a flashback/story, of everything leading up to the reveal, in the same way Charlotte told her story. (Only this time it will be the final, complete truth)
-it’s possible that some things will be left open ended intentionally, but not in a way that will make us mad, or feeling unsatisfied.
- Showers motives will be really lame


Have a day dedicated to farting around all day….I have been successful in doing such. Found some good CC so spent the morning organizing and sorting and the remainder decorating and playing. It all looks great in game, no complaints and happily time not wasted. It always suck when you find something that looks great and when you get it in your game it looks less than great… Well it does sometimes for what ever reason for me-I just save the stuff for a rainy day and in case it actually might work later.  Doesn’t hurt, you never know when it might be useful.  Gotta turn in early tonight since I’m covering for my coworker. Her little girl started her first year of school this year and is having her first fall break. I don’t want her to miss out on any time with her little girl, she will only be this small/young once and I can’t imagine her missing it. If I had ever had children, I would have taken every opportunity to do the same. Time really is fleeting for us and things change so quickly when we don’t pay attention!.

Texts from Kylo #16

A/N: ok… so I reacted in a way I felt neutral and tried to keep my own emotions out of the texts. it’s safe to say I'm on board for the possibility of having twin girls… I played with the idea a bit and sat on it… and I love it! nothing is set in stone really but I'm leaving it up to the reader(s) to decided the fate! anything can still happen! (though I only want good things!)

Summary: Kylie, Kayla, Kamila, OH MY!

Warnings: none

Requests are ALWAYS open.

(this is strictly kylo and reader pairing. you are in a relationship with him. occasionally there can/will be conversations with Hux but those are strictly platonic!)


K, so over a month ago I was on two meetings with John Flanagan and here are some interesting things he said:

  1. Ranger’s Apprentice movie will probably start shooting this summer
  2. Paul Haggis is the director (he was the screenwriter of The Flag Of Our Fathers, Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale and he won 2 Emmys, 2 Oscars and 1 BAFTA Award, he’s also personally involved, bc he discovered the book, when he was reading it to his son )
  3. Paul was in May in Ireland in search of shooting locations
  4. There will be at least one more Ranger’s Apprentice book about Maddie - the first woman - ranger
  5. The Ranger’s Apprentice’s prequel might develop into a new series
  6. John is now writing the sixth Brotherband book and already has idea for the seventh one
  7. In next Brotherband book Ulf and Wolf will meet twin girls who will play tricks on them
  8. *SPOILER ALERT* John knew he would kill Alys from Oakleaf Bearers (BTW, in Poland this book is called Battle For Scandia and I’ve nearly written this title)
  9. *SPOILER ALERT NO.2* Alys is definitely dead, she didn’t survive the fire and she’s not hiding somewhere in the woods
  10. John’s favourite character is Tug
  11. Halt’s favourtite pastime is frowning

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Fur Feather or Fur Worse [Chapter 15 - FINAL CHAPTER]

Summary: Ray doesn’t want to go to work, not today.

Rating: Teen

[First Chapter] [Previous Chapter]

Notes: I know, I don’t want it to end either, but all good things must!! I love everyone who read this, and you will definitely see more work in the future <3 And what better note to end on then Bunny Ray?

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If you are a major KLAMILLE/ Camille O’Connel fan like I am, the mid-season finale of #TheOriginals broke your heart and devastated your soul. We finally got Klamille to admit their feelings and kiss, our Klaus was finally ready to be happy, with Cami. Only for that B!tch Aurora to be all crazy jealous and kill cami.  Ever since that episode we’ve been on holiday break. It’s been a long month with still 13 days to go. Die hard fans (like myself) have been frantically looking for ANY hope, any PROOF that it was not the end for our beloved OTP. That the writers would not be so cruel to take Klaus’ happiness from him moments within giving it to him….forever. And us fans as well, who’ve loved Cami since we met her on the TVD backdoor pilot for The Originals. 

SO without further ado here is my findings through countless INstagram, and Twitter searches, of Cast and crews Photos from Behind the scenes. From some of the early pics to the most recent posts that clearly show that our beloved Cami is not truly gone. 

PHOTO 1: Just a Photo Leah Pipes Posted of her and Joseph BTS on the midseason finale. Just looking at it makes me flash back to watching, sitting in HORROR and tears of pain right along with Klaus as he whimpers “no. no no no NOOOOOOOOO” That quiver of his as he pulls her into him is just heartbreaking. 

PHOTO 2: TvLine recently released this along with the official synopsis of 3x10, The room Klaus is standing in bares a striking resembalance to the other photo, which is of a empty blood bag sitting next to a glass of blood. We all know the Originals prefer to drink their blood from the vein of their staff, usually blood bags are used when vampires first turned. At least from past history. especially from vampires who do not wish to kill people. Which we could all safely assume that Cami would be such a vampire. SHe wouldn’t want to hurt people. And i thought it peculiar that in 3x09 they focused on Cami watching as the staff girl was draining blood from her wrist into a glass for Klaus. Cami was asking about it. one could say that was a subtle clue of the change that was about to happen in Cami’s life. 

PHOTO 3: This photo was uploaded before the Mid-season finale aired. SO we fans had no reason to suspect anything out of the ordinary. It was simply just another cast photo BTS of Charles, JoMo, Leah, Daniel and Phoebe. BUT once we saw the mid-season finale & saw Cami’s fate at the end of the episode. I took another look at this photo. after watching the promo for 3x10. I noticed the similarities of the background location in this photo bared a striking resembalance to a clip from the promo. (Scene where Klaus and Elijah look like their about to have a stand-off with what we can assume is The Strix.) It’s the same wharehouse. That orange dumpster thing is in there as well. THIS was my first indication that Cami was not DEAD DEAD. because if Cami was truly dead, Leah would not be on the set standing there with the others. I mean sure she’d be in the beginning of it even if she was dead because obviously her body. BUT she’s in different clothes, and in the scene where they are about to fight the strix people and assumingly Tristan and Aurora are present as well. SO that was Clue # 1 for me.

PHOTO 4, 5 & 6: Now these photo’s were also posted, and also were deleted (minus from Leah Pipes’ pages) soon after being posted. which to anyone would suggest SPOILER ALERT! Upon looking closely i noticed on leah’s finger what appeared to look eerily similar to every vampire’s DAYLIGHT RING. Also, much later i was watching a season 1 episode and noticed the jacket Leah’s character Cami is wearing in these 3 photo’s on set, is the exact same Jacket that Rebekah wore in an episode in S1. It’s obviously a daylight ring but some people were still not so convinced……. which brings me to PHOTO 7! 

PHOTO 7: Declan De Barra, a writer for the originals. posted this picture on his instagram.(along with a bunch of others) it’s clearly from the set of 3x10 because in every pic of a cast member they are wearing the same clothes as in PHOTO # 3. you can see Charles (marcel) is wearing the same hoodie. As well as the pics he posted of JoMo, Daniel Gillies, and Phoebe Tonkin. Same oufits. This photo is just further proof Leah Pipes is on set, and Cami is in the episode because if you look behind Charles there’s a chair a couple over on his right….it’s LEAH PIPES’ Chair. Evidence that made it into the photo. 

and lastly PHOTO 8: It’s no secret the cast & crew are back to filming from their holiday break. I believe they are in the process of filming 3x14 or 3x15. A young girl posted a bunch of photo’s that she took January 15th, 2016 on set of #TheOriginals. She was actually at the location they were filming at. She saw and took pictures with the actors that play Klaus, Freya, and Elijah. She also saw the actors who play Vinncent, and Hayley and the twin girls who play Hope. She was told she couldn’t take pictures with Hayley or the twins. BUT….she revealed she also saw LEAH PIPES on set. She went on in her comments to other fans to reveal that, Leah actually came over to talk to her but when she asked if she could take a photo with her, leah said she couldn’t because of her DAYLIGHT RING. because her character is supposed to be dead, well that’s where they left us in the christmas episode…so she couldn’t have it leaked all over social media’s that her character is alive, and is a vampire. because fans had only seen to 3x09… so it’d be a major spoiler. Luckily this young girl snapped this photo of Leah Pipes on set…it’s a side far away pic but you can tell it’s Cami. Obviously like i previously mentioned i’m fairly certain the episode they are filming, the one this girl witnessed is 3x14 or around there. SO obviously Cami is not dead.. but more UNdead. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! It took a lot of searching…and a lot of days with the worry that we had lost our beautiful Camille forever. but the endless searching paid off….and i finally feel content knowing that Cami will still be with us…and Klaus! I knew it could’t be the end of Klamille just when they began. HOW CRUEL would that be?!  but rest assured, she’s still with us. Let’s hope that this will only make them stronger. Let’s hope the writers don’t torture us, and let this tear her and Klaus apart. or keep them from being together for awhile. we’ve only waited 3 season’s….they better not rip it from us. 

Hang in there, fellow The Originals & Klamille fans! only 13 MORE DAYS! 

Cannot wait to see how this second half of the season plays out. especially with this BIG game changer. #VAMPCAMI

Ryan Murphy Discusses 'Freak Show' with Entertainment Weekly
  • EW: "So what can you say about the gist of the plot for this season?"
  • RM: "It sort of dovetails with a time in our culture where different people of all different kinds of life start to stand up for their civil rights. The performers have put up with centuries of abuse which is all true and are getting to the point where we’re not going to take it anymore. We’re not going to take it from the town, from the law. The carnies historically were always thought of as lower than thieves, lower than vermin. They were not allowed to sit in certain parts of diners. They were not allowed in movie theaters. They were really ostracized from society. They were thought of as the dregs. So that’s going on as Elsa is trying to keep the sideshow going and it’s not working until she stumbles across two girls, conjoined twins played by Sarah Paulson, who may or may not be responsible for heinous activities that have gone on in the town. Then suddenly become her new headliners and of course that begins to attract people far and wide to see this incredibly odd and special girls.
  • We’re doing conjoined twins in a very interesting way that I’ve never seen done before. What we’re doing with Sarah is one body, one actor, two heads. It’s really a technological and acting marvel for Ms. Paulson. I think people will really be blown away by. We kinda have created this technology to make it work so it’s something that’s never been done and I was really interested in the challenge of that."