twin farms

samwell high school hockey

ie. the one where lardo (the art teacher) convinces jack (the history teacher) to help her and bittle (the home ec teacher) coach the junior girls hockey team at the school they all teach at, and then watches the two of them fall in love, while she deals with her feelings for shitty (the law teacher, who coaches the senior girls hockey team)

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Part of the reason why the staff at Samwell High School got along so well, was because everybody knew when to keep their mouth shut.

Nobody asked Ransom and Holster if they were dating yet, and nobody asked Shitty about his family, and nobody said anything when Dex got particularly touchy near the end of the month, when rent was due and they hadn’t been paid in a while, and nobody asked Jack Zimmermann about hockey either.

It was an unspoken rule, and it was one that Larissa Duan had spent her first few years as an art teacher aggressively enforcing, so she was more than a little bit surprised to find that, after all of that, she was the one who was breaking it.

Still, desperate times called for desperate measures, so she squared her shoulders, waited for a group of freshmen to pass her in the hall, and then she knocked on Jack’s classroom door.

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collage of some of the stuff me and chloe saw and did!! what a crazy week, i’m amazed we survived it. some highlights include:

- dive bar hopping with carly, and me getting insanely drunk off of the two bottles of cheap white wine we ordered
- visiting a ton of mausoleums and walking through cemeteries
- meeting her brother who is super eccentric (in a good way) and hangs out in his garage. offered us beer he bottled himself and a ton of weed. he went to see metallica and guns n roses in 92!
- going on a road trip through rural ontario driving to dark lotus and going to twin farm, where chloe had to unlock and push open the gate so we didn’t have to hike down the giant driveway.
- having a ton of food including at a diner and fancy places too. and so much mcdonalds breakfast…
- eating weed cookies and watching the parent trap
- driving to niagara with carly and keeping an eye on her and chloe because they were drinking four loko! walking through niagara when the falls were lit up and the motel strip was deserted at 1am
- thrifting. she got a maroon fish sweater which i am jealous of
- going to the zoo with marissa and maisie and taking selfies with maisie in her raincoat

overall it was super fun! we did so much and shot a lot of film. i truly can’t wait to see all of her film and all of mine too. hopefully we can hang out again someday soon!

The Babysitter

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Warnings: Mentions of smut. Other than that just childish Pietro and cute Barton children

Summary: You’re Clint’s favorite babysitter for his kids. One day he calls you and tells you that Laura is out visiting her sister and he needs someone to watch the kids for a week while he’s out on a mission for that same amount of time. Little do you know that not only will you be babysitting the kids but also Pietro! He’s instantly attracted to you and starts flirting with you but you ignore him and focus on the kids. Cooper also has a big crush on you and he and Pietro fight for your affections.

A/N: What’s this? Two fics in one day! Here’s another early Easter Egg for you guys! I got this idea last night while watching a show and thought it would be cute to write this. This is probably going to be a series, I just don’t know how many parts there will be yet. I think this is going to be an awesome fic! I hope you all like it!

b/s= body shape

When Clint texted you and asked you to babysit you were excited. You loved his kids! They were absolutely adorable and they adored you. That and you liked his house. When you got enough money from your job to live on your own you wanted to live on a nice farm house and have a family like him and his wife. You would get to stay in it all week! You drove up his driveway and noticed a strange looking plain sitting in a field across from the house. That must be what’s called a quinjet that the Avengers use. You parked your car near the barn and walked up onto his porch. You could hear people talking inside. “I don’t need a babysitter.” A man with an accent whines. “I’m in my twenties!” Now you were confused. 

“You just got out of the hospital from being shot twelve times!” Clint exclaims. “You can’t come on this mission and we need someone to look after you in a non-stressful environment so you’re staying here with Y/N and the kids.” 

“You’re going to love Y/N!” You hear Lila exclaim and you smile. “She’s the sweetest person ever!” She notices you at the door and jumps excitedly. “She’s here!” Clint goes to open the door. 

“Is she an old lady that gives you candy-” Pietro’s cut off when you step into the house and his jaw drops. You were gorgeous. Your shining e/c eyes and h/c hair brought out your s/c complexion. And your b/s was exactly the kind he thought was attractive on a woman. He couldn’t stop staring at your figure and he licked his lips. “Well that is no old lady. That is one sexy femeie (woman).” Pietro says softly and Wanda hits his bicep. 

“Yeah she is.” Cooper says coming to sit on the couch next to Pietro. “And she’s my future girlfriend.” Pietro raises an eyebrow and watches Cooper run over to you and give you a hug. 

“Not if I get her first.” He says to himself and speeds over to you. 

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Les Twins State Farm Arena Texas

Opening act, I am impressed…………..when the album dropping? 😂