twin eagles

Красавец CVO™ Pro Street Breakout® только что прибыл в наш дилерский центр.

Новинка 2017 года.
Цвет Starfire pearl/Scorched apple.

CVO™ Pro Street Breakout® - это темный стиль и роскошное лакокрасочное покрытие. Мотоцикл получил колеса Aggressor с 240-мм задней шиной, вынесенные вперед подножки и педали, “гоночное” седло и низкий руль. Двигатель Screamin’ Eagle® Twin Cam 110B™ с массивным корпусом воздушного фильтра, вилка перевернутого типа и двухдисковый передний тормоз убедительно свидетельствуют о том, что форма этого мотоцикла вполне соответствует его содержанию.

Длина: 2330mm
Высота седла: 660mm
Емкость топливного бака: 18.9l
Сухая масса: 318.0kg

Двигатель: Screamin’ Eagle® Air-cooled, Twin Cam 110B™
Рабочий объем: 1801cc
Крутящий момент двигателя: 151Nm / 3500rpm

Передняя: 5-Spoke Aggressor / 130/60B19 61H
Задняя: 5-Spoke Aggressor / 240/40R18 79V

Цена - 2 682 000 р.
Доставка в ваш город.

Звоните +7 (383) 36-36-580.

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Kings of Leon play The Eagles’ Take It Easy at the Kennedy Honors Center.
Caleb also sings on Life In The Fast Lane at the end of the video, with the other guys awkwardly doing handclaps. ;-)

Other artists include Juanes with Steve Vai and Steuart Smith on Hotel California, Vince Gill on Peaceful Easy Feeling, and Bob Seger on Heartache Tonight, with Ringo Starr presenting.

Video via KOLfanblog.

theblindboxer  asked:

[{ I don't know if I've become too biased after my little entry, but I just love every Modernverse drabble you gift to us. (Besides, I loved them even before that.) The detail that stuck with me was the twin-headed eagle, actually, which for a Greek, it's more of a connection to the soccer team AEK or PAOK than the religious orthodox symbol (which I think you tried to go for). Atreus was a man of faith, or a man of soccer? Find out on the next drabble of Modernverse, starring Atreus Tomaras! }]

Actually when I wrote the piece I used the two headed eagle because I researched it and apparently it was a Greek coat of arms? That’s what I was going for with it but Atreus did play soccer in highschool so…. both work :)



Eagles vs Twins?.

Baekhyun vs Taeyeon?.

They are so cute!, If you see the pictures of Baek and Tae, they do similar things, the same positions, it’s so funny. I miss my baby Tae so much, and I miss my favorite couple Baekyeon so much too, I seriously need the comeback of snsd♡, And Baekyeon shippers wait for the awards, just for a baekyeon moment, lol.♡ That’s the only thing that we can wait :’(, fuck you haters for make that Taeyeon and Baekhyun don’t show their love in public.

So I managed decide the perfect bby to have this pose! This woman, Ladies and gents, Is Madam Kai (or at least she likes to be called that) She is one of the four Athens sisters, and is the motherly one of the bunch. Next up to draw shall be the Lumen Sage sister in the family! I hope you all look forward to it~

Also some things may be changed or added every now and then, so keep an eye on this post if your interested! 

Name: Kai-Ra Athens
Clan: Umbra Witches
Pact with: Madame Voso, Mistress of Inferno (based off of this guy )
Weapons: Poison Vine (.45 Magnum Revolver custom made for her by Odin), Fireworks (Twin Desert eagles)
Beast Within: Spectacled Owl, Kangaroo, Leopard.

Personality:  Kai is a woman with little anger in most situations, always relaxed and having no problem with taking her time with things. Despite this Kai is always thinking ahead of others and very playful. Despite what happened during the clan wars and witch hunts Kai feels no urge to kill any Sages in current time. All that maters is the safety of her youngest sisters, Mona and Chrome. If they were ever threatened in any way that calm an relaxed demeanor would switch to sadistic rage.


Trying to find the energy to type up her bio but HANDS DON’T WANNA IT SEEMS ;~;