twin djs

Meet @angelanddren, the twin DJs signed by @Nike with the sneaker collection to match. Head to to read their take on everything from misogyny in the music industry (more on that below), growing up in the Bronx, their hangover recoveries of choice, and the best $3 matte lip color: “There is a lack of female DJs, there is a lack of female producers, there is a lack of female engineers. We’re underrepresented in the field. I feel like it’s less likely that people will take us seriously. Especially because we are twins, which was not a choice of mine. And we’re girls. People think we approach it like it’s a gimmick.” —Angel
“It pushes me harder. I don’t let any type of misogyny we come across get to me, I just use it as a motivator. At the end of the day, this is my craft and what I love to do. There is no day where I don’t learn something new about it.” —Dren
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This is very “hairpulling” isn’t it?


Trolls- Human dance! AU stuff

- Poppy being head of the dance troupe & also kickboxing (it’s fun)

- Creek being her dance partner & Branch just getting flat out jealous

- Until Creek had to move to opposing team and Branch takes his place OwO

- Duet dances being= Poppy and Creek/Branch, Suki and Guy Diamond, Satin and Chenille, Cooper and Biggie, Smidge is only here for support lmao

- Poppy asking Branch to join the troupe but him saying no

- Then she suspects it’s cos it might ruin his reputation or academic standing or whatever and gets lowkey insulted

-((((so she forces him to join haha))))

-Branch actually dancing pretty well & Poppy being impressed

- Cooper and Biggie teaching eachother dance moves they find confusing/hard

- Poppy being the mom of the group and super supportive

- ESPECIALLY when Cooper came out to the dance troupe

- Mr Dinkles being part of the routine sometimes and popping up wherever (FluFFeR PoMeRaNIaN)

Feel free to add more uwu


DJ Shirai showing off Io’s Love! Love! Live! goods, and surprisingly DJ Shirai’s hand fits Shirai Yusuke’s hand print of the shirt! 


We also have the Vepper Mini Live coming out of DVD on November 23, and there is a drama CD out as well with the Beppu twins and Dadacha!


“Uh, well I don’t really talk to them much, thankfully…I only know them vaguely…but I do know that they are all very loud. I’m not friends with any of them.”

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The Signs at the Club
  • Aries: *Trying to pick up someone* Hey doll, what's your zodiac sign?
  • Taurus: *Talking to the Bartender and drinking a moderate amount*
  • Gem Twins: *One is completely sober while the other is too drunk* -Drunk Twin- YOURE THE BEST YOU KNOWSSW THAT!??
  • Cancer: *Biggest lightweight out of the group had a Jell-O shot and about passed out* HEHEHEHEHEHDCIGNCITN *trying to hug everyone*
  • Leo: Dancing w/ Scorpio & Libra
  • Virgo: *Designated Driver* This is going to be a long night
  • Libra: *Dancing w/ Scorpio & Leo* Cap go w/ Sag you're a lightweight and need water!
  • Scorpio: *Dancing w/ their trio and trying not to have any alcohol spilled on them*
  • Sagittarius: *Completely sober* Aqua.. Aquarius we need to get you some water. You're gonna have a killer headache
  • Capricorn: *2nd biggest lightweight* LIIIIBBBBBBBBRRRRAAAADG WHY YOWU SOOOOOO GREAST!
  • Aquarius: *Drunkenly trying to dance w/ Sagittarius*
  • Pisces: *Is the DJ*