twin deities

The Eleven — Major and minor roles and functions

While each clan tends to have a major patron deity, many look to others of the pantheon for support in specific situations and aid with specific problems. Many have small shrines dedicated to each individual god and the many big and small roles that are attributed to them.


  • God of Earth
  • Deity of caverns, mountains, time, memory and history.
  • Patron of families, historians, architects, miners and wanderers.


  • Goddess of Fire
  • Deity of blacksmithing, weaponry, commerce and fortune.
  • Patron of blacksmiths, glass-blowers, jewelers and merchants.


  • God of Wind
  • Deity of music, art, poetry, hospitality and the sky.
  • Patron of artists, travelers, couriers, carpenters and guests.


  • God of Water
  • Deity of rivers, lakes, rain, prophecies and sea life.
  • Patron of oracles, seers, philosophers, divers and pirates.


  • Goddess of Shadow
  • Deity of mischief, luck, cunning, dusk, dreams and witchcraft.
  • Patron of witches, tricksters, shapeshifters and fortune tellers.


  • God of Ice
  • Deity of snow, wealth, order, sleep and death.
  • Patron of collectors, guards, priests, and cemetery keepers.


  • God of Lightning
  • Deity of storms, thunder, deserts, zeal, efficiency and rivalry.
  • Patron of workers, engineers, inventors and scientists.


  • Goddess of Light
  • Deity of justice, knowledge, truth, dawn and wisdom.
  • Patron of scribes, librarians, sholars, teachers and explorers.


  • Goddess of Nature
  • Deity of forests, gardens, swamps, fertility, wildlife and the harvest.
  • Patron of healers, herbalists, gatherers and hatchlings.


  • Goddess of Plague
  • Deity of rebirth, survival, strength, force and vengeance.
  • Patron of hunters, scavengers, warriors and alchemists.


  • God of Arcane
  • Deity of magic, astronomy, curiosity, change and the universe.
  • Patron of mages, astronomers, teachers and researchers.

(disclaimer: This is a personal clan headcanon, based on Greek, Norse and Egyptian mythology, and is not intended to be taken as official fact! ^^)

ibeji (twins) are two halves of one spirit, a spirit too massive to fit in one body, and liminal beings, half human, half deity, to be honored, even worshipped accordingly. The second twin specifically–the changeling and the trickster, less fascinated by the affairs of the world than the first–comes to earth with great reluctance and remains with greater effort, homesick for the spiritual realms. On the eve of their birth into physical bodies, this skeptical twin says to the first, “Go out and see if the world is good. If it’s good, stay there. If it’s not, come back.” The first twin, Taiyewo (from the Yoruba ‘to aiye wo,’ “to see and taste the world,” shortened Taiye or Taiwo) obediently leaves the womb on his reconnaissance mission and likes the world enough to remain. Kehinde (from the Yoruba 'kehin de,’ “to arrive next”), on noting that his other half hasn’t returned, sets out at his leisure to join his Taiyweo, deigning to assume human form. The Yoruba thus consider Kehinde the elder: born second, but wiser, so 'older.’
—  Taiye Selasi, Ghana Must Go
the signs as african divinities

aries: shango - god of fire, thunder and lightning. also represents male power and sexuality.

taurus: osanyin - natural healer, guardian of herbs and god of the forest. 

gemini: ibeji - sacred twins and child deities of youth and vitality

cancer: oba - god of domesticity and marriage.

leo: oya - african warrior, powerful sorceress and goddess of sudden change, hurricanes and wind

virgo: erinle - medical physician to the gods and deity of wellness and physical health

libra: osun - deity of beauty, fertility and love, as well as rivers

scorpio: olokun - signifies unfathomable wisdom and god of the abyss and deep ocean

sagittarius: esu - god of crossroads. trickster and messenger of the gods  

capricorn: oko - deity of the harvest and agriculture

aquarius: orunmila - god of wisdom, foresight and divination

pisces: yemoja - divine mother deity of mankind and divinity of the sea


Ezra shuffled his way to the doorway of the common room, fingers fumbling with the bottom of his shirt nervously.

It was the middle of the night cycle and by all rights everyone should be asleep.

But there, sat at the table and methodically cleaning his blaster at the dejark table was Kanan. It was something he could do without even looking, and since Malachor….Well, the blaster had never looked cleaner.

Ezra let out a shaky breath, trying to release his anxiety into the force like he had been shown. He wasn’t particularly good at it yet, but it helped a little.


“What is it?” Kanan’s hands stilled in their work and he turned his blindfolded face to ‘look’ at Ezra.

Ezra looked away to the floor.

It still hurt to see his master suffer for his mistakes.

He let out another shaky breath and he bunched his hands up in his shirt.

“I…I had a weird dream.”

An eyebrow lifted from underneath the blindfold (Somehow those eyebrows still managed to communicate so much to Ezra, even without the eyes beneath them) and Kanan shuffled over, patting the seat next to him in a silent invitation.

“Do you want to talk about it or-”

Ezra nodded in reply, before realizing, again, that Kanan couldn’t see it.

“Yeah, I- I want to talk about it.”

He sat down and sighed, spending a moment trying to figure out how to phrase it.

“I was back on Tarkin’s star destroyer above Mustafar. In the reactor where you fought the grand inquisitor. But you weren’t there, it was just me, and there were all these weird alternating red and blue lights everywhere that kept blinking on and off.”

He ran a hand through his hair and Kanan rested a hand on his upper back, projecting safety and comfort through the force.

“I- I walked out onto the bridge, my lightsaber was already lit. My old one. The one that got broken on- and then onto the other end of the bridge stepped me.”

Kanan’s head tilted curiously and his brows furrowed. “You?”

“Yeah, only, it wasn’t really me. It was like, an evil version of me. I was dressed like an inquisitor, with a red spinny lightsaber and yellow eyes and everything.”

“And then what happened?”

“….We fought. He kept saying that he was my potential, and that I’d only die if I stayed solely in the Light. He said that if I embraced the Dark then I would be able to protect my friends, protect the fleet.”

Kanan swallowed, hand stroking at his beard like he always did when he was deep in thought. “How did the fight end? Did you win?”

Ezra couldn’t help the bitter laughter that bubbled up in his throat. “Win? Kanan, there was no winner. We tore each other apart. The fight ended when we stabbed each other through the heart at the same time.”

Kanan fell back into his thoughts and Ezra started playing with the hem of his shirt again.

“Does this mean that my fall is inevitable? That there’s nothing I can do about it?” He asked, his voice sounding frail and childlike, even to him.

Kanan shook his head. “No, I don’t think it does. You said that you both died at the same time, that probably means that it doesn’t matter if you stay in the Light or fall to the Dark, you will not escape your death at that time.”

Ezra shot to his feet in anger, his hands slamming down on the table and shaking the parts of the blaster still resting on it. “Then I’m supposed to sit back and lie down when death takes me!?”

“No, Ezra, listen to me.” He felt Kanan’s hand on his arm and reluctantly sat back down.

“I said ‘if you stay in the light OR fall to the dark.’ There could be another path that isn’t either of them, but it wouldn’t be one I can guide you to. It would have to be one you find for yourself.”

Ezra let his shoulders sink. “And what would that make me then, huh? Not a Jedi, not a Sith. What else is there?”

“Whatever you want. I heard whispers of Grey Jedi when back when I was at the temple. Jedi who had fallen from the light but hadn’t sunken into the dark.

The Nightsisters of Darthomir believed in the Twin Deities of the force, the Fanged God, the personification of the Dark side, and the Winged Goddess, the personification of the Light.

There is evidence throughout history of people using both the Light and the Dark, you just have to find your path. You have to find what you believe in.”

Ezra sighed. “Thank you, I….I’ll think about what I want. But for now… I think I just want to go back to sleep.”

Kanan chuckled and pulled Ezra in for a one armed hug. “I think that’s a good idea. Sleep well, my padawan.”

I was listening to this and thought ‘Hey, I should draw blueberry vs blackberry to this!’ and then I got thinking, and more importantly writing, and produced *gestures to fic* THAT.

Baltic paganism: Twin snakes

Twin cult and all beliefs connected to it are some of the most archaic features in Baltic paganism. The birth of twins was unusual and a great mystery to people which led to the belief that twins are born only after women’s intercourse with supernatural beings or deities. Thus twins have always been regarded as sacred and became a symbol of life, fertility, happiness, etc. including animal and botanical twins as well. 

The symbol of twins holds a very important place in Baltic paganism. It stayed alive through centuries in a variety of forms. The most popular twin symbol is two snakes (gyvatės) or two grass snakes (žalčiai). They mostly survived in folk art: old architecture, jewelry, ceramics and others. It includes literature, folk songs and dances, mythology (e.g. an old Lithuanian myth about two snakes that created the world).

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It is a core truth of the Nightsisters that the spirit plane exists parallel to our own. ―Mother Talzin (Book of Sith)

It looks like the ghost crew and Maul are visiting Dathomir and opening a portal to the spirit plane. In the EU, the spirit plane is governed by twin deities, manifestations of the light and dark side of the force.

Greek Mythology Series: Artemis

Born into contradiction, on land that should not exist, to a mortal who bore the children of a god, she remained pure while soaked in the blood of those who spited her. The goddess of maidens, birth, women and girls- it was also she who brought them swift death with the tips of her arrows. The patron of the animals that roamed the woods, it was she who stalked, hunted, trailed, the same creatures it was her duty to protect. It was under the moon, newly formed herself, that she found a calling, helping Leto bring her brother into the world. Her opposite in every way, the twins, the sun and the moon, the day and the night, the chaste and the deviant, the wild and the cultured. Dirt in her silver hair, blood staining her hands, flesh rubbed raw from the twang of her bow string, feet cracked from the rocks of the forest, she was a wildling. Begging her father to let her live life as a maid, a huntress, kept company by her dogs and the daughters of Okeanus, sworn into maidenhood to stay a part of the hunt. Her vengeance shown in her eyes, reflecting silver like the moon she brought into the sky each night when her brother dragged away the sun, any man who looked upon her was at her mercy. Like a she-wolf, howling at her moon, she struck fear into the hearts of anyone foolish enough to cross her oath. Boastful Niobe, with her seven boys and seven girls, suffered the tragedy of watching her children perish at the hands of the vengeful twin deities, so different yet so alike in rage. The Aloadae, with their spears and swords and spiteful words, brothers dead at each others’ hands from the wit of the great goddess. Actaeon, the fool, let his eyes fall upon her virginal form as she bathed in the woods, and for his transgression, his wanting eyes and wandering hands, she let his own dogs tear him to shreds for his gull. Beautiful and cold as the harsh winter night, her words sharp tipped like her arrows. Like her dogs, her wolves, her bears, a wild beast lived in her chest, growled through her throat, coursed through her veins. Astriferous, she was made of the heavens yet she breathed in the earth. A contradiction in every way, the mighty huntress, the pure maiden. Vengeful, virginal, her very existence vexing. She howled at the moon that she hung in the sky.

(Greek Mythology Series- Persephone, Medusa, Icarus)