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They put me through my paces every single day, they love to throw toys and fight and help to run my coffee supply dry. But every day is special when there’s two little duckies playing and learning in front of me every single day. I am so lucky despite everything to be able to spend all my time with my twins and have this special bond as a twin mother. Most days they drive me up the wall and let my sanity fly out the window but it always returns eventually… though I’m not sure why it knows exactly what it’s in for…

lord i’m so sorry…….i’ve been thinking about this since i first read stone ocean

a bioshock infinite crossover for my favorite dysfunctional father and daughter

Feyre and Rhys Children

Imagine if Feyre and Rhys didn’t just have a daughter

We all like to think that Rhys and Feyre have a daughter. I being one. Cause OVERPROTECTIVE COURT OF DREAMS !!!! But imagine if Rhys and Feyre have a set of twin boys before their daughter.

  • The boys were born 100 years after the battle with Hybern and everything that happened under the mountain. Feyre wanted time and she got that. She got time with the court of dreams uninterrupted, she got the the freedom she had never had before, she got to heal and become a strong amazing High Lady. But also, she got time to have Rhys all to herself. They are immortal so there is no rush.
  • But then Feyre finds herself pregnant. And she can feel two hearts beating within her and Rhys can hear them too when he puts his ear to her stomach.
  • At first it’s terror and fear for both of them. High Fae have trouble with pregnancies, and two babies at one time … this is going to be very hard. But together, they are ready.
  • When Feyre gives birth to her sons they are no more than 5 minuets apart.
    • The older one is named Faron
    • The younger one is named Florin
  • The boys are both Illyrians, wings and all. They are obviously powerful because of who their parents are but no one quite knows how that power will manifest itself.
  • The twins are almost identical. In looks both are more like Rhys, with the same tan skin and black hair like him. But one has Feyre’s eyes and the other has Rhys’s.
  • However it is their personalities that are the big difference.
    • The older one, Faron, is more talkative around strangers, but when around family he is more like Feyre. That is to say quiet, protective and strong in a less of a presence way but quiet power way.
    • The younger one, Florin, is more quiet around strangers. He can easily blend into the shadows, content with his twin doing all of the talking. But around family and friends, boy oh boy is he like Rhys. He is smug, arrogant and completely devoted to those he loves.
  • They grow up happy in Velaris. Learning to fight with Azriel and Cassian. Learning to winnow with Mor. Learning to be scary without even trying with Amren. Learning to paint and read with their mom and learning to fly with their dad.
  • But just like every young Illyrian, they go to a camp to learn how to train for battle.
  • Feyre goes with them, and stays in the house that Rhys’s mother stayed in when he was training. Rhys always comes for dinner and stays the night. The rest of the Court of Dreams stops by very regularly.
  • The twins are not given special treatment in the camps. They are treated the same, and even choose to sleep with their comrades. Making friend with a lot of them, their closest friends being three Irriyan females (cause yes Rhys fixed this) and two other males.
  • As they get older they grow into their powers more. And like their father, their powers cannot be tamed with syphon stones.
    • Faron inherits Rhys ability to mist and Feyre’s ability to light up and call upon water (sometimes he gets really jealous of his brother, but when Feyre shows him what water can really do … he is obviously very pleased)
    • Florin gets Rhys ability to control the darkness and shape shift from Feyre (he turns out to become more like Az- he is the quieter of the two)
    • Both can winnow and can read minds like Rhys and Feyre
  • When they become old enough and start the whole lusting after people (I like to think that the older one is Bi and the younger one is gay) Feyre does the same thing Rhys’s mother did with her ring. She gets two rings that Rhys had given her over the centuries and put it into the cottage of the weaver and told them that “Their future mate or bride/husband had better be able to get the pieces of jewelry or else they would never be able to survive staying with them for all eternity”
  • Now, with the Illyrians that they became super close with, the twins formed their own mini Court of Dreams, but instead called it Court of Stars
  • Rhys and Feyre decide not to step down once their sons meet the age of maturity. In fact when the twins do reach the age of maturity, neither know who should be made High Lord. (There is talk of making them both but ultimately it goes to their daughter who they have later - and no, not right after she reaches the age of maturity)
    • Faron becomes her second and Florin becomes her shadow singer
  • And like their father they get tattoos too, their first ones matching insignia’s of the Night Court on both their knees like their father. (They so look up to Rhys even if they don’t admit it). Eventually each of them adds onto their ink, sometimes the same thing, sometimes not. Sometimes it is in the same place and sometimes not.  
  • After another 50 years since they matured, Feyre gets pregnant again. And this time it is the baby girl.
    • Let’s just say she has two very protective, very scary older brothers and family

Please see Laffy’s drawing. It is coincidence that Saboala son and ZoSan daughter are both wearing blue in this drawing. It means nothing. …………..OR DOES IT.

Okay, some One Piece babies/children “headcanons” incoming.

  • It’s still unclear whether or not Law and Luffy are going to have a second child. Law argues it’s impossible to determine that the second child is going to be a boy but Luffy argues that he’s decided. DECIDED!
  • Laffy doesn’t properly understand the concept of babies. Although she does know how babies are made (male sperm, female egg cell and all that jazz), she doesn’t quite process the fact that she can’t have a tiger-fox hybrid baby brother because according to Papa, “Torao can make centaurs if he wanted to”. 
  • As for the grandpa thing, Corazon is Cora-ya and Shanks is Aka-ya because Akagami Shanks and that name is just too fricken long. Garp is Grandpa. Sengoku is Grandpa. Dragon is Dranpa because Sabo’s son mashed up Grandpa and Dragon. The name stuck and Laffy started calling him that, too.
  • Laffy can draw. Her parents says so. End of story.
  • I was discussing with @iamaxiezze​ about ZoSan daughter and we were talking about naming her Matcha, Mochi or Miwa. Matcha is green tea. Mochi is a sweet japanese rice cake and is also a fricken character in Monster Rancher, which now makes me hesitant. Miwa, on the other hand, is written with the kanji of “Three” and “Harmony”. A combination of “THREE” and “HARMONY” results to a cute baby. I am trying to make a very clever explanation/analogy/joke here. Please say you understand. Anyway, I haven’t decided yet. Please let me know you’re thoughts. GIVE ME A FRENCH NAME PLEASE
  • Saboala daughter would be Yuka because YUKA-lyptus. You can basically hear Sabo’s pride in the distance coz he thought of it and Koala’s like “He wrote it on the birth certificate when I was asleep”. Hi @nurmuzdalifah
  • Saboala’s son, I’m not entirely sure but he’d be Joie, which is basically an alternate spelling for joey coz baby koala. IDK, I’ve run out of options.
  • Franky wanted to name their daughter Pliers. Robin wants to name her Lilith. We’ll keep you posted. 
  • Frobin daughter says “WICKED!” instead of “SUPER!”
  • I don’t know what Shanks and Mihawk’s kids names are.
  • ZoSan daughter has absolute loyalty to “her captain”, Laffy, which she mostly picked up from both her parents. She sometimes tends to overdo it in the sense that she vows to slice everyone and everything that doesn’t agree with her captain. The peanut butter jar that won’t open, for instance, did not escape the wrath of her blades. 
  • Zoro tends to be overy dramatic when discussing issues of pride and loyalty and manliness to his daughter that Sanji feels like he needs to balance it by trying to tell her what a lady is like. So that resulted to a well-mannered fighter (unless Sabo’s son is involved. I’ll get to that later.). “I am aware that young ladies are expected to be prim and proper but you, sir, have been acting like a despicable donkey’s behind. I’m afraid I will have to slice you. Please do not fret. The sharpness of my knives should alleviate most of the pain.” 
  • Shanks and Mihawk’s twins were genetically made. Once upon a time, someone tried to beat the Germa by mass-producing soldiers with the genes of the best swordsmen in the world. Both swordsmen find out about this, destroy the lab and all of the research but the prototype babies were there already so Shanks goes “LOL so I guess we have kids now LOLOLOLOL LET’S DRINK” (GUYS I DO NOT EVEN SHIP THESE TWO)
  • Mihawk’s daughter wields the largest sword of them all.
  • Mihawk’s son wields dual blades.
  • ZoSan daughter has some sort of rivalry with Shanks and Mihawk’s twins. She fights them with knives.
  • Shanks Mihawk twins have a god damn high tolerance to wine and alcohol. Why they are allowed to drink, no one knows.
  • Laffy thinks Mihawk’s daughter’s sword and her insane ability to wield it is one of the most amazing things on the planet and god damn if ZoSan daughter didn’t ask uncle franky to make her the largest cleaver on the face of the earth. “I need to live up to my captain’s expectations!!!!” 
  • Laffy has a crush on Dracule Mihawk. Mihawk’s son has a crush on Laffy. Law is reminded of what helplessness feels like.
  • Saboala son is the sane one and tries to be the futile voice of reason among the chaos that is Laffy, her whims, and her vice-captain. He tries to save what he can but he finds prevention is next to impossible while clean-up is inevitable. He doesn’t know why he still tries.
  • Saboala son bickers with ZoSan daughter much like how Zoro and Sanji behave and that causes Zoro and Sanji some sort of discomfort that they could not explain. Luffy thinks it’s funny. 
  • ZoSan daughter calls Saboala son “Pretty Boy” or “School Boy” as an insult. He calls her “Curly Skirts” much to her parents’ horror. They still do not understand where this fear is coming from. At one point, Zoro wonders about cutting the boy just to see if that does something. Koala lost her shit. That had been a fun day.
  • Saboala son is the only person that does not receive well-mannered treatment from ZoSan daughter.
  • Laffy’s mastery of haki is superb. Silvers Rayleigh + Monkey D. Garp and I just….. I just CAN’T. She also has insane stamina. While she mostly fights using kicks and punches, Laffy can also fight using a myriad of haki-imbued things ranging from an eggplant to a chair.
  • Only Saboala son can spar with Laffy when it comes to haki. He fights with a pipe, too, and can do those dragon claw things because why the hell not? He knows some moves from Fishman Karate but, dude. DRAGONS.
  • Saboala’s daughter can speak a wide variety of languages because she’s been exposed to them since birth. Hack spoils her and helps Koala teach her Fishman Karate.
  • Laffy’s met Doffy. Cora-san brought her down there because he’s still family after all. She was escorted by Garp, Tsuru, Sengoku, Coby, Helmeppo, Smoker, Tashigi, and Rocinante himself. When Laffy came back, the first thing she said to Law was “The weak don’t get to choose how they die!” Law was more livid than Akainu and Ace combined.
  • Speaking of Ace, he’s alive. He sneaks Laffy off the Sunny sometimes because she likes to see Pineapple Bird aka Marco. Ace is kind of jealous that his niece thinks Marco’s flames are prettier than his.

More about the One Piece Babies here.

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the parent trap pt2 // archie andrews

The Parent Trap (2/12)

Words: 1.1k

Summary-Archie and (Y/N) separate, splitting their twin daughters between them. What happens when ten years later, the pair seem to be reunited in a twist of fate at summer camp?

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“Oh my god, Jughead. What if she’s being bullied?” (Y/N) panicked “Maybe its not too late for you to pull her out of the camp.”

“(Y/N), I’ve literally just gotten back from a ten hour flight.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just it’s the first time she’s been out of England, without me.

“Oh sweetie, you’re going to get frown lines if you keep stressing about Aria like this.” Kevin tutted at his friend “Although, Andrews isn’t ageing too well himself.”

“I haven’t missed the gob on you, Keller. To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“Josie sent me to fetch her dress and I wanted to see how Nanny McPhee is doing without her beloved child.”

Aria rolled her eyes at the counsellor for, once again, getting her mixed up with a girl she had yet to meet. Her cabin mates grew quiet whenever she asked about Amelia, almost as if they were hiding something from her. “For the last time, I’m Aria Jones!”

“I’ve done it again.” the counsellor muttered to himself “I’m punching Andrews when I next see him.”

“I’m sorry what?” Aria raised her eyebrow. “Who exactly is Andrews?”

The counsellor’s eyes grew wide, making a note to himself. Aria was the straight forward twin with the thickest British accent he had ever heard. Amelia was more on the quiet side and was never seen without Charlie Blossom.

“Charl, guess what?” Amelia sighed as she noticed her best friend join her on the picnic table by the lake. “It’s been the sixth time in two days. Who even is this ‘Aria’ girl? And why are people mistaking me for her?”

“Must be the new girl, A. Haven’t seen her yet but maybe if we find her, we can find out why people are mixing you both up?”

“Didn’t Jess tell us that the new girl was her cabin mate? The British one?”

“Yeah, guess we’re paying cabin twelve a visit.” the boy smirked at her.

“So your mom is a fashion designer?” Jessica gasped “My auntie Betty always talks about her best friend (Y/N). She designs dresses and she’s based in London too. They might know each other.”

Aria giggled at Tara’s words, knowing full well that when she returned home, she’d tease her about how she was now a D-List celebrity and how her uncle Jughead would groan and shake his head telling her not to encourage her mother. Instead of responding to Tara’s previous words, Aria shrugged.

“Holy smokes! What sort of witchcraft did Jessica use to get you to look exactly like Amelia?” a voice practically squealed, making everyone in the cabin snap their heads towards the entrance.

“Charlie, you’re not funny, I bet she looks nothing like me.” another voice added. “Move out of the way, I want to see her.”

Aria’s mouth dropped as a girl who reflected her walked into the cabin. She couldn’t believe it. She didn’t want to believe it. She didn’t have to believe it. The flame haired girl’s eyes met Aria’s, causing Aria to let out a small scoff.

“I’m guessing you’re Amelia.”

Archie and (Y/N) had argued for what felt like the hundredth time. Exhaust was written all over both of their faces. Between school and the twins, the pair never really had time for them. Archie let out a sigh as (Y/N) tried her hardest to fight back the tears. The pair kept their eyes on the floor, despite hearing Jughead clearing his throat.

“Remember when (Y/N) told you she was pregnant, Archie? She had just turned seventeen. She was so naive back then. It’s funny how a few months can really change a person. She came to you crying. I remember feeling distressed myself because I had never seen (Y/N) so upset. You told her that no matter what happened that you’d support her no matter what. What happened to that, Archie? Because right now, neither of you are supporting anyone.”

“God, I hate you Jug, you always know what to say.” (Y/N) exclaimed “But I can’t cope with the constant arguing. Maybe we should take a break, Archie. A week, a month, maybe a fortnight. We need this, for us, for Melia and Aria.”

Amelia couldn’t believe Aria’s attitude, she reminded her of Charlie’s mom. Her auntie Cheryl. They both had a hot temper which was reflected through their hair colour. She began to notice a pattern. Every time Amelia was mistook for Aria, the camp counsellors would give her a glare and a warning, saying that one more wrong move and her mother would be informed of Aria’s misconduct.

“Listen up, Aria. I’m sick and tired of getting mistaken for you.” Amelia stepped into the cabin and was instantly met with a cold and wet feeling. She let out a squeal alerting the nearby counsellors. Before the pair knew it, they were sent off to what their camp mates called solitary confinement.

Aria rolled her eyes as she realised that herself and Amelia would not be leaving the cabin atop the hill anytime soon. She hadn’t even remembered what caused her to get stuck in such an awkward situation. Aria didn’t know what it was about Amelia but she couldn’t bring herself to like the girl, who was basically her doppelgänger.

“Want an oreo?” Amelia and Aria asked in sync, taking each other by surprise.

“What just happened?” Aria gasped “That was a bit odd.”

“My question still stands, Aria, do you want an oreo?”

“I mean, we might as well just open one, we’re most likely stuck in here until tomorrow morning, maybe afternoon.” Aria paused for a bit before speaking again “Embarrassing question, do you by chance have any peanut butter?”

“Are you joking?” Amelia grinned “I love peanut butter and oreos!”

“My friends back home mock me for it, says its a weird combination.”

“My dad told me my mum used to get a really weird craving for them when she was pregnant with me. I guess I must’ve picked up my love for it back then.”

The duo spent a few moments in silence whilst they ate their peanut butter and oreo combination.

“So tell me more about you, Aria, when’s your birthday?”

“Twenty-Seventh of June.”

“No way! So is mine.”

“Maybe it’s just a freaky coincidence and call me crazy but what, what if there’s a possibility that we could be twins?”

“You know, I didn’t like you at first. I had heard a lot about you from Jessica. She talked about how close you were with your dad and how you had these traditions. Maybe I didn’t like you because I-I wanted that.”

“Hey, I didn’t like you at first too! You always got me into trouble.” Amelia argued back “But you’re pretty decent. You’re basically me but with an accent!“

Aunts and Uncles [a Barry Allen imagine]

Originally posted by imnotgrantgustin

Request: Could you write a story where the reader and Barry have been married for a while and they have twins who are like 4 now and there’s loads of fluff at star labs with the reader, Barry, Cisco and Caitlin. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

a/n: this was cute…i kinda……did it wrong, im sorry im an idiot

Four year olds can be very persuasive. When they want something, they got it. This is why your twin daughters are at S.T.A.R. Labs today. 

“Dadddddyyyy!“ Abby whines, tugging on Barry’s hand as he carries Nora. "Pick me up too!” she orders, pouting as she bounces up and down, red skirt flying. 

Barry sighs. Where were you when he needed - wait. At work. You’re at work. Nora clutches onto his maroon sweater, “He’s holding me. Right, daddy?” she frowns, batting her eyelashes. Of course they would put him in the middle of it. 

“Abb! Lil cutie!” Cisco coos, scooping up the four year old; she giggles, clutching his peach button down. “You know, I’ve missed you guys…” he sighs, tickling her black kitty shirt. She nuzzles her head into his tan neck. 

Caitlin squeals, heels clicking on the floor as she walks into the Cortex. “Auntie Cait!” Nora beams, suddenly forgetting about her dad, making grabby hands. The redhead takes Nora from Barry, setting the toddler on her hip, just above the waistline of her gray pencil skirt. 

The speedster sighs, watching Nora play with Caitlin’s glowing blue necklace before glancing at the engineer. “Hey! No sweets, Cisco!” Barry scolds, frowning while his friend throws the lollipop over his shoulder. Abby giggles faintly, covering her mouth, green eyes wide.  

“What? Psh… I wasn’t…“ Cisco babbles, waving his hand. Abby nods, silently calling her uncle out. "Hey! We had a deal!” he accuses, scrunching his eyebrows together. 

Nora pulls on Caitlin’s dark blue blouse, catching the doctor’s attention. “Can we see daddy run on the tr-tred-tread-” she gives up, pointing to the treadmill. Caitlin puckers her lips, shrugging and peering at Barry. Nora and Abby chant ‘yes’ (and maybe Cisco does to).

Barry sucks in a deep breath, flashing to change into his sweats. “Is that why you wanted to come?” he mumbles, yanking his navy shirt over his pale abs. His daughters nod, making Barry’s lips turn into a flat line. “Here I thought you wanted some time with daddy…” he grumbles under his breath, heading to the treadmill. 


Grand Apple

Age: 50

D.O.B: 2/12/67

Height: 6ft 3in

Ideal Voice: (x)

Relationship: Re-Married

Offspring(s): 1 Son (Nemo) 3 Daughters (Twins and Elora) @ask-elora

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Ideal Type: “I don’t have time for these questions.”

Occupation: Professor

Personality: Grand comes from a small but very wealthy family. He was disowned by his own mother when he chose to do something un-related to apples as a career, though his cutie mark is an apple. The Apple family are very strict and were hoping that Grand would continue with creating new and more apple products. He was banished from their home and forced to live on his own at the age of 14. He did. Grand Apple loved his first wife Peppermint Delight very much. But after losing his last 3 jobs, he became very depressed and moody. Several times he and Peppermint Delight would get into arguments after Nemo was born. She thought if he couldn’t spend any quality time with his son, then maybe she should. Which later drifted him away. But he couldn’t stop thinking about his wife and only child. After he heard news of his wife’s death, he tried to come back home to care for Nemo. But the mare he was staying with wouldn’t let him. She had him under her spell to a point where he had no control over his own actions or thoughts. She convinced him to stay with her and he did. Where later he ended up marrying her and having 3 more children. He later reunited with his only son where the two shared a very emotional and heart breaking reunion. He has never stopped thinking about his son after all those years. Several times he would try to reach out to him but his foster family burned every letter he sent for abandoning his son. He thought Nemo hated him all those years. To this very day, he still thinks about his first wife. Nemo is all he has left of her. And he won’t risk losing him again.

**My Apple family has no relation or connection to the canon Apple family in MLP:FiM**

Superman [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: Can you make an imagine out of Barry and Sebastian hc if them having twin daughters?

a/n: i did a barry imagine, so heres a seb…i love it…and that gif

“No, no, no. Green is for Lacy, blue is for Jade.” Sebastian explains, swatting your hands away from the changing table. You raise your hands in defence, eyes wide. Huffing, he tucks his growing light brown hair behind his ears, “Honestly, you should know this by now.” he sighs over dramatically, starting to switch their onesies.

Giggling, you fix his hair again, loose t-shirt riding up your stomach. You love how Sebastian is with your daughters. From the second you told him that you were pregnant, he’s been buying sets of two of everything. Each has their own colors, not to be confused with one another.

Sebastian picks up Jade, pulling her electric blue onesie down her stomach as he shakes his head, trying to get his hair out of his eyes. “Your mommy is…” You glare at him, warning. “Learning. She’s learning.” he quickly saves himself, winking at you as you hold Lacy. He bounces Jade on his hip, puckering his lips playfully.

You follow him through the hallway, gently patting his ass. Sebastian smirks back at you, wiggling his hips teasingly while he struts to the kitchen. “Your daddy’s a tease and he knows it.” you mock, grabbing his gray Dalton shirt. He shrugs, beginning to make some bottles for the twins. “Bas?” He hums. “I love you.” you grin, brushing his hair back.

The graduated Warbler leans into your palm, grinning. “I love you too, hottie.” he purrs, puckering his lips. You kiss him quickly before Jade lets out a wail. “What? What?” he asks in a baby voice, frowning. Repositioning her in his arms, he takes the two bottles, giving one two you. “There, there, daddy’s here.” he coos, placing the nipple of the bottle in between her lips.

You do the same with Lacy, peeking at your husband. He rocks your daughter in his strong arms, hair falling out from behind his ear. “Seb, can you sing to them? You know they love hearing you sing.” you wonder, nibbling on your lower lip.

“Everyone loves hearing me sing.” Sebastian replies in cocky tone, rolling his grass green eyes. Jade hiccups slightly, startling him; he pulls the bottle out of her mouth. “But if you insist.” he grins, clearing his throat. “I can’t stand to fly… I’m not that naive… I’m just out to find… The better part of me.” he sings, watching Lacy’s eyes drift shut. You smile, continuing to rock your daughter.

Sebastian licks his lips, placing the plastic bottle on the counter. “I’m more than a bird, I’m more than a plane. I’m more than some pretty face beside a train.” he nudges your cheek with his long finger, smiling softly. “And it’s not easy to be me… I wish that I could cry, fall upon my knees, find  a way to lie…about a home I’ll never see…” he coughs, positioning Jade on his shoulder as he continues the song.

Sighing, you brush his chestnut locks behind his ear. “I love you.” you repeat, kissing his freckled cheek.

Short story chapter 520

Acnologia appeared in the same place where he was fighting Eileen. Just at his side, her dead body was lying in the snow.

- You’re dead?

Acnologia touched Eileen’s body and used his magic to know what happened.

- I see. You sacrificed your life to save your daughter from yourself. What a noble action.

Acnologia buried Eileen in the snow and sat at her side.

- I have kids too. A pair of boy twins and a daughter. I’ll never see them again. They died a long time ago with their mother. Your daughter is strong. She survived all this time without you. You should be proud of her. I have to go. I have work to do. Always protect your daughter, Eileen Belserion.

Acnologia left the grave and returned to the battlefield. The snow who fell from the sky finished to bury Eileen’s body.

Parent Trap?

I looked, and here’s what I found:

The Parent Trap By: sophi91 -T- Based on the film. After a bitter end to their marriage, Hermione and Draco decided to part ways, but what will happen when their twin daughters plot to make them reunite, eleven years later. Don’t worry guys, there will be a happy ending. HGDM. R&R

The Parent Trap: The Dramione Version By: hawthorn-vinewood394 -K- Draco and Hermione divorced, and took a twin girl each and haven’t seen each other since. Now their daughters are both going to Hogwarts. What will happen when they make a plan to bring their parents back together? Read to find out …and review because I want you to :P Temporarily on hiatus but I promise to finish it

THE PARENT TRAP By: Hogwarts-mania -K- Hermione and Draco were married but it didn’t turn out right. they had twins, who meet eachother at school and try to make their parents fall in love agian.  

Does anyone know of any other Dramione Parent Trap stories? 


Mother-Daughter Tag 

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→No age limitation; ur mom and daughter can be babies, toddlers, teens, elders, basically everyone!
→She must be Biological Female (♀) but there’s no gender limitation ❤
→Yes to more than 1 daughter/mom! Twins welcome ❤
→Can be full-body, head shot, etc.
→tag Mom & Daughter Tag 

I tag @igotsims @catsblob @plushxsims and anyone who wants to do this :)

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A St Charles, Illinois man just murdered his 16 year old twin daughters before shooting his 46 year old wife in both legs, telling her "I want you to suffer like I did", before turning the gun on himself. They police are in the process of determining a motive now.

I was reading about that earlier. It certainly sounds like revenge, hence keeping his wife alive to suffer the loss of her two children. What a vile creature - that poor woman!