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Snow Leopard and Four Cubs Caught on Camera   

A snow leopard with four cubs was caught on camera in Mongolia. Scientists have observed snow leopards with one cub, twins, or triplets in the region from 2011-2016. This is the first time observers have spotted quadruplets.

WWF works in Asia’s high mountain landscapes and communities to promote conservation of snow leopards and their habitat. The USAID-funded project also focuses on improving water security, designing and implementing community climate change adaptation strategies, and fostering sustainable natural resource management and development and local, regional, and national levels in snow leopard range areas.

(via: World Wildlife Fund)

For everyone curious about the cub swaps, here’s the October 3rd update #ZAPandas #OnlyZooATL

The most common question we get about the twin panda cubs is how do we do the swaps. Now that the cubs are big enough and old enough for Lun Lun to put them down for a few minutes, the swapping is really quite easy. Lun Lun is left with access to an adjacent den to the one you see on PandaCam. When it’s time to swap cubs, we ask Lun Lun to put the cub down and come over into the next-door den. We reward her for coming over with biscuits, fruit, and lots of bamboo. As soon as she has allowed us to shut the door behind her, we can safely enter the den with the cub and retrieve it. After that cub has been weighed and put into an incubator, we give Lun Lun some alone time to eat and do what she pleases. We then leave it up to Lun Lun to let us know, by vocalizing or going to the shift door that leads back to the den, that she is ready for the other cub.

Right now the swaps are about every four hours, but we are always keeping an eye out for when Lun Lun is hungry and an ear out for when the cubs start letting everyone know that they are hungry too.

This method is safe for both the pandas and their care team and allows for the cubs to get equal time with mom and some alone time for Lun Lun!

And by the way, in case you’re counting, the twins turned 1 month old on October 3!
Stephanie B.
Curator of Mammals


Macao’s twin panda cubs named “Jianjian”, “Kangkang"💗

Macao’s twin panda babies were named "Jianjian” and “Kangkang” out of 1,718 names recommended by Macao citizens. The names for the twin brothers represent good wishes from the Macao people, as “Jianjian Kangkang”(健健康康) in Chinese means “being healthy”.


Brown Bear Mother and Cubs by David & Shiela Glatz
Via Flickr:
Brown Bear (ursus arctos) mother shelters her cubs. She had twin female cubs. One female cub was curious and bold, the other female cub was curious but a little shy as you can see. Fast forward two years later during the 2012 Salmon Run the twins had been cast off by Mom, and are trying to catch Sockeye on their own. Labeled by the Guides as the “Terrible Twos”, these cute little terrors have been known to false charge pretty much any photographer they see. Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.