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really underappreciated things: the way Sugilite crouches down to be as ‘at Steven’s level’ as possible and asks “Hey Steven, wanna see something cool?” in this very genuine and gentle (comparatively) way. Its such a lovely, big siblingy thing. Sugilite is very much a person who is unapologetically huge and loud but she makes herself as small and gentle as she can to talk to her little bro, and I reckon that’s the only person she’d bother doing that for (and Rose, probably)


Shiro canonically being six and a quarter years old is the best news I’ve heard this entire year.

The Drake, Hastings, & DiLaurentis Family Connections

Spencer & Alison:

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First Cousins through their mothers Mary Drake & Jessica DiLaurentis, but they are genetically Half Sisters because their mothers are identical twins.

Spencer & Jason:

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First Cousins through their mothers Mary Drake & Jessica DiLaurentis + Half Siblings through their father Peter Hastings. They are also genetically Full Blood Siblings since Mary & Jessica are identical twins, and they already share the same father.

Spencer & Melissa:

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Half Sisters through their father Peter Hastings.  

Melissa & Jason:

Half Siblings through their father Peter Hastings.  

Alison & Jason:

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Half Siblings through their mother Jessica DiLaurentis.  

Charlotte & Spencer:

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Half sisters through their mother Mary Drake. Episode 7x11 confirmed that Peter Hastings is Spencer’s biological father, but we have yet to discover who Charlotte’s father is (subject to change).  

Charlotte & Alison:

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First Cousins through their mothers Mary Drake & Jessica DiLaurentis but genetically Half Sisters because their mothers are identical twins.

Charlotte & Jason:

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First Cousins through their mothers Mary Drake & Jessica DiLaurentis but genetically Half Siblings because their mothers are identical twins.

How to make a functional school without mod (V2.0.)

A few months ago I’ve made an article about how to have a functional school without mod. I’ll do it again with more indications and tips from my gameplay experience. While you’re reading this, keep in mind the game has an usual limitation of 20 sims per community lot for performance purpose. If you want more students in your school, you’ll need mods. As a cc-free player, I don’t use these so I’ll just show you my way.

First of all, you’ll need to create groups of pupils with an age restriction (>> for kids only). The best option is to create up to 4 groups with 6 kids in each. I encourage you to pick group leaders from different households. If you don’t, you decrease your chance to have groups showing up while you’re playing… Except if all the leaders are in the household you want to play with. But when kids turn into teens, the leadership goes most likely to a younger relative (siblings, cousins…), so please don’t forget that.

The reason why you better chose leaders from different households is because the game system works on rotation : not the same households are “active” during your game. Also, do not put all the siblings in the same group if you’re not controling it. There’s high chance none of them show up to make room for others. So if you have triplets, place them in 2 or 3 differents groups ! Same for twins or cousins who live at the same place :)

When you’ve chose the leaders, add 5 kids in their group. You must pick for them a favorite location : chose the school you’ve downloaded.

Now, time to assign them tasks. Pick wisely: you only have 5 options. Know that the order you put them is important ! First task is the one they’ll do automatically ; Second task is the one they’ll most likely do ; Third task is the one they’ll do during breaks ; Fourth task is the one they’ll do if there’s too much other sims somewhere ; Fifth task is what they’ll do if they do not have other choices. And last but not least, the group will behave the way the community lot is set up if they don’t have any options left.

For example, if in your school there’s no jungle gym and your first task is to play with playground equipements, the kids group will try to play with toys (if it’s your task number 2). If there’s no toys left, they’ll try to chose option 3, and then option 4 etc. The group system works like a staircases.

Because you’ve made 4 groups and there’s 4 aspirations for kids (now), chose tasks according to this. Make a “creativity” group, a “social” group, a “motor” group and a “mental” group. In my game, all the groups have something in common (task 2 : do their homework). And the other tasks are “custom” for each. This way, kids won’t go in the same room instantly but walk around and do different stuff.

Task suggestions :

  • Mental group : 1. Play with computer. 2. Do homework. 3….
  • Social group : 1. Be nice to… 2. Do homework. 3…
  • Creativity group : 1. Paint. 2. Do homework. 3….
  • Motor group : 1. Play with playground equipements. 2. Do homework….

Because my school is set as a library, all the groups can possibly chose to read and browse the web. The option 5 can be a task opposite to their trait, for example the creativity group can play basketball. There’s multiple way to do it so go with your flow !

You can also set up group for teachers (up to 3, max). Assign them the school as their favorite location and tasks. If you have City Living EP, chose “make speech” as an option. A few kids will actuall listen to them ;)

If you want to go extra, you can also make a cook group (up to 2, max), assigned them uniforms, the school as favorite location and task (cook / clean). Chose sims with low cooking skill so they can do basic reciepes and not gourmet meals. ;) Same for a janitor (you can make a group of only 1 sims !). 

With all that, everytime you load your game you’ve really high chances to meet pupils, teachers and cooks, janitor. Since I’ve create this system I always have people in my school and everything works smooth ! Keep in mind that random townies can still show up in your school (because it’s a library, you know…) but they’ll leave if more groups come, to make room for them. 

Notes :

  • A kid can be in multiple groups (ex. motor + creativity). You won’t get any negative effects. His/her chance to actually show up is only higher than others kids.
  • If the cook team don’t show up and you still want your sims to eat for a possible lunch break : click on the hoven’s kitchen and call for a caterer. He or she will usually make up to 3 or 4 differents group meals. Put each plates on different lunch tables and call to meal. All the groups should pick a plate, sit and chat to each others. The only “bad” effect with the caterer option, is that they’ll most likely make gourmet meals…
  • You can chose an option to make cooks shout at children faces. Go to social >> Be mean to… >> Chose a group or a life state.
  • To increase your chance of groups interacting, make the option 4 “be nice to / be funny to / be mean to… >> this group”
  • Adult can automatically teach kids some skill (piano, violin, painting, basketball etc.) if they see kids use these objects. For this, your adult need to be level 10. If your teachers have 10 at one skill, they’ll most likeky try to teach to a kid something…
  • If you want them to be in a private school, assigned them a uniform. Please, note that the sims need to be in their everyday wear to turn into their uniform clothes. They can “lose” their uniform if they turn into their sport wears (for example, if they use the basketball hoop). If so, go talk to them and chose the interaction : “show me your… >> everyday outfits” Then the sims will get his uniform back.
  • To go further… You have the possibility to make smaller group for extra activities like drawing, basketball etc. and assigned them uniforms, lock the doors and only them will go there.
  • If you want to avoid townies break in during class, put all the computers somewhere else. Same for the bookshelves !


Photographer!Andrew & Model!Neil AU

(part one) (part two)

  • Neil Abram Josten, is an on the rise model. Son of a former actor (granted a douchebag of one) and a make-up artist, Neil is a stunner. He was pressured to model by his father and has slowly come to hate the world he was forced into.
  • Riko Moriyama is the son of several very successful models and the brother of Ichirou Moriyama- the current face of Calvin Klein. However, it’s clear he has no actual talent and keeps stealing jobs from his “best friend” Kevin Day, much to the disgust of Day’s agent David Wymack.
  • Anyway, so Neil is still famous for his sass, especially at Riko. His social media accounts are just clapbacks left and right. Almost too many for everyone to keep up with.
    • “Shout out to Riko Moriyama for proving to us that names can get you jobs but not talent.”
    • “Hey @Riko_Moriyama - have you learned how much it costs to pull your head out of your ass? If you can’t cover it all, maybe some of us can help you out. Our contracts probably give us more wiggle room than yours.”
  • Neil’s mother dies near the end of his contract, a fatal car accident that Neil is also involved it. He disappears for several years, during which Riko tells lies about Kevin to get him fired and steal his spotlight.
  • Andrew Minyard is an on the rise photographer, slowly becoming famous for his photographs which shed light on tougher subjects within celebrities. He was still in juvie for three years, though no one is entirely sure why.
  • When he decided to return to the public eye, Neil goes to find Andrew, interrupts him in the middle of a photo shoot and hires him to help expose the Hollywood world for what it is.
    •  Andrew thinks that Neil is a bit of a demanding ass, is annoyed with his quick temper and doesn’t want to do the job. Neil thinks Andrew is just another pretentious photographer. They don’t get along really, but finally Andrew is convinced to join.

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The Patil Family 

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Okay, just hear me out. The twins and the the cousins, at a beach.

did someone say group summer trip (in which i’m too lazy to draw any other characters)

felix is a summertime sourpuss but adrien’s having none of it

Identical Cousins, Bitches.

Well, after reading this last night… I kind of can’t stop thinking about all the ways this makes sense. I’ve shrugged off a ton of twin theories, because over all the idea bores me. But placing the characters in context, it really does fit the most empty spots.

 If you didn’t follow the link, it’s a still from the official 7B promo. It very clearly shows Sasha walking with Jenna, both apparently blind. Both wearing sunglasses and carrying walking sticks, walking side by side. Thanks to @charleswkingston for catching it and posting it! And thanks to @a-rebel-boy for posting his suspicion that it was a sign they were going with the Courtney/Ali twin plot (from the books) after all.

 So since then, my mind has been putting together a lot of pieces, and as dull as I always found the idea, there are a lot of ways it can sew up some open ends.

 So, my interpretation, literally just based on that post, is: 

-Ali has an identical sibling. 

-I would assume to thread together all the plot holes, that twin is Bethany. Obviously this explains why we’ve never seen her face.

 -Bethany is not her birth name. She is actually (placeholder name will be Courtney) Drake. 

-Bethany is the daughter of Mary and Ken (Or this Drake guy, that Mary may have taken her last name from?). 

-Ali is the daughter of Jessica and Ken (Or this Drake guy.)

That makes Ali and Bethany both cousins and half sisters. It ALSO makes them biologically identical, as if they were actually sisters. Jessica and Mary have identical DNA as twins, and if Ken is both of their fathers (OR someone else, but the father is the same), that means they have the same DNA both paternally and Maternally. Which actually makes them identical twins, despite having different mothers. Which, P.S., makes a ton of sense in relation to the “ADA or Ardor” post I made.

So to be clear here, We are talking about the Courtney/Ali story, not being just identical twins. But actual Identical cousins. (yes, this is actually possible.)

Ashley Benson said about her reaction to A.D. That: “I would have never guessed that it was even a possibility, so I was very shocked.” That could point towards her not knowing the biological possibility that half siblings can be identical if the differing parents were identical twins.

 We’ve all pointed out how very easy it would be for Mary to have seduced Peter, since Peter would have thought that it was Jessica. The same could easily apply to Ken. Though, for all we know, it was Jessica who was pretending to be Mary. 

Ooooh! Remember that Bethany was angry at Mrs. Dilaurentis, because she had been having an affair with her father? Well, if they have the same dads, then, yes… someone was definitely having an affair with someone’s dad. 

Remember the entire thing about Jessica taking Bethany to the horse farm, and asking her to call her ‘Aunt Jessie?’ Well, if she is Mary Drake’s daughter, then that would be totally accurate. 

OK, so Bethany and Ali are identical cousins but also twins. from here the theory starts to ramble a bit… but I’m holding steady on the Identical twins things. 

Bonus: Remember when Yvonne and Toby revealed a fondness for watching Retro TV? This gives Toby the basis to acknowledge that it’s just like “The Patty Duke Show”. Which, if you’ve never seen it, is a mid-60′s TV show, where actress Patty Duke plays dual roles as cousins who are completely Identical. The theme song is iconic. “They’re cousins… Identical cousins, all the way…”

 Let’s talk about Jenna and Bethany. 

Remember when Jenna came to town, and she said she knew all about Ali? At the costume shop in the Halloween episode, she made it pretty clear that she learned all about Ali before she got to Rosewood. And then at Ali’s memorial service, Jenna says “My whole life, I thought I knew who Ali was.”

  So imagine that Bethany and Jenna met before Jenna came to Rosewood? Maybe Jenna knows her from Radley? She would know as much about Ali as Bethany would’ve learned. And she would, of course, be a line to Bethany with info from that point on. 

In the promo, we see Ali and Jenna walking side by side, both seemingly blind. So we can assume that this is happening after 'the Jenna thing’. I don’t imagine that Ali will be going blind and hanging out with Jenna any time soon, so it sort of stands to reason that this is a flashback? 

So what if Bethany was actually in the shed with Jenna? So both Bethany and Jenna sustained eye damage, and would both have gone through education and recovery at the same time. This makes sooo much more sense of why 7x10 took place in a school for the blind. Maybe Bethany only lost her sight temporarily. Maybe her eye surgery was successful. Regardless, I think she’d have to have regained her sight almost completely to be carrying on in any 'A’ shenanigans. It would be hard to be blind and pretending to be Ali. And unless Bethany really did die that night, then yea, she would be pretending to be Ali at least some of the time. 

Bonus: In Ezra’s lair, as well as, I believe, several ‘A’ lairs… there is a picture of Ali, with eyes cut out. Clue towards Bethany having lost her sight?

It starts to seem like this entire story revolves around 'the Jenna thing’. But it’s really 'The Bethany thing’ the night that Ali showed her true colors to Bethany. 

OK, so fast forward to ‘That Night’: The part about Bethany being lured out by Ali would be true. It’s hard to say what Ali’s plan would’ve been? To stop the A notes? To kill Bethany so everyone would think it was Ali’s body? I definitely do think that it was always Ali’s intention to fake her death. “That’s immortality my darlings.” I’m just not sure what kind of timeline that would have had. If Grunwald definitely pulled Ali or Bethany out of the grave… then how were their remains found in the backyard? Someone would HAVE to have died that night, right? They can’t both have escaped, unless there was a third person buried there? Of course, Ali being identified as Bethany or Bethany being identified as Ali makes sense, So it’s possible that one of them died on 'that night’. But I don’t think so.

 I’d wager more money that Bethany was buried by Jessica, while Ali went on the run. And then Grunwald came by and pulled Bethany out of the grave. Leaving both Ali and Bethany alive. And perhaps a med school cadaver buried in THAT place, so that Ali wouldn’t find out that Bethany was alive? (Page 5 of Ali’s autopsy anyone? Perhaps a reference to it clearly being a medical cadaver?) 

After that night, we have both Ali and Bethany out there. Bethany knows Ali is alive, but at first Ali believes Bethany to be dead. (Or maybe they’re both playing together. But I think maybe not.) 

Now, fast forward to season 3. It seems sort of fair to say that up until that point, A’s plan has been to draw Ali out of hiding? It certainly seems that someone is bent on proving that Ali is still alive. And proving that the body buried in her grave, isn’t actually her goes a long way towards that. 

Premiere of season 3, Em gets seduced into leaving the house and to dig up Ali’s grave. Before she digs up the grave, she’s at a diner where someone has written the note “I’m sorry I left you.” That’s a very Emily to Ali message to me. So as of 3x01- this could very likely be Ali asking Emily to dig up the body, so that no one can prove she’s still alive. Or it could be Bethany pretending to be Ali, so she can use the body as proof and lure Ali out. Since Jenna is the one who was driving, I’d guess that it was Bethany having Ali’s grave dug up. (While she was there as Red Coat.) 

Mona was either working with Ali or Bethany. I would assume Bethany. This explains why when Mona was admitted to Radley after her A reveal, she said “Don’t they know that’s what WE want them to think?” And why we see her talking to Ali in a red coat while she is a patient. She’s actually talking to Bethany when she says “I did everything you told me to." 

There’s a lot more to think about with this. Because I feel certain that Lucas, Ezra, Toby, and and, of course CeCe are more deeply entwined with this. And I certainly have ideas, but I think this is enough for one post. But I for certain think that someone might have had a romantic link to Bethany. 

The Story of Us

 ✮ Prologue ✮

Word Count: 2520

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ 

One Week into Freshman year; Austin Texas

It ticks one minute past eleven at night and like clockwork Zay quietly taps on his best friends window. Lucas approaches with a silent smirk and climbs out. They carefully climb from the room to the tree which holds Lucas’ old treehouse. The two climb down the wooden planks nailed into the tree trunk and wait until they’re cloaked in darkness and away from the Friar family home before speaking.

“I for sure thought you were going to chicken out,” Lucas chuckles.

“Yeah right,” Zay shoves his best friend in the arm, “But if you’re too scared we can go back.”

“There’s no turning back now,” Lucas pats Zay on the shoulder.

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After the Exorcism

Andrew explores his fears and comes to the realization that he fears Neil and the unknown aspects of everything that he represents. (ao3)

Andrew Minyard was afraid.

It wasn’t that fear was new to him. Actually, at this point, fear was more like second nature. A gut reaction to situations that didn’t require it. Andrew knew fear like the back of his hand. The worst of his fears stuck around and echoed throughout his head like the cloying scent of sweat and cheap cologne. He could be alone and the scent would catch his attention and send his heart skittering into overdrive. It was partly why he began smoking. To drive out the scent that his nightmares carried.

The memory of his fear was chained to him forever by heavy iron manacles. Impossible to forget but it was possible to build up tolerance, and your own slight form of resistance. If fear was his chains, his strength was the first callus he ever earned lifting weights. The scent from his nightmares no longer sent him into a freezing panic, but it did make him grit his teeth until his jaw popped and his fingers reach desperately for knives. Andrew might be saddled with his chains for now, but when the jailers came, Andrew was going to fuck them up. He used his fear as a whetstone to hone himself into a weapon.

So, while Andrew was accustomed to his fear, it was rare for it to present itself so openly. Triggers was the word Betsy had used. Horseshit was the word Andrew reached for as his fear enveloped his heart in a crushing fist. Fear had nimble fingers that insinuated themselves deep in his chest. Andrew’s fear was the heart-stopping moment before you realized where you were and who you were.

Andrew Doe.

Andrew Gibbons.

Andrew Spear.

Andrew Minyard.

Therapists over the years insisted to Andrew that he could chose who he was and what that meant to him. He brushed it off as the bullshit any and all therapists tried to pull. They all insisted that self-care was of the utmost importance, yet put words in his mouth and didn’t let him speak.

They didn’t let him speak.

Andrew Doe was frail limbs and sunken eyes and he only ever spoke at a whisper. Andrew Gibbons never technically existed. He was a dream that was created in the dark recesses of his mind. He was a hope. Andrew Gibbons was a hungry mouth that was unfortunately unable to be fed. He was Andrew Doe again. When the tantalizing offer of Andrew Spear presented itself, Andrew was terrified to hope. The dream was so close, but was still too far too far. Juvie was where Andrew decided that all he needed to be was Andrew. Nothing else mattered because nothing else stayed. When Minyard was thrust at him it came wildly and too fast for his mind to keep up. Suddenly, a twin brother and a cousin were thrust into his hands. Minyard came out of his mouth bulky and awkward, but when Andrew, who was only Andrew, found people who wanted him he decided he was done.

He was done casting off names. He was done trading up shit families that could never really want him. It was his turn to take, to take, to take.

The family that wanted Andrew suffered in the same ways that Andrew Doe, Andrew Gibbons, and Andrew Spear had suffered. Not in precisely the same way, but in the sense that fear had them in a stranglehold and wouldn’t let go. Andrew knew what it meant to be that. Andrew, who was only Andrew, decided that Andrew Minyard meant being a weapon born from fear. A weapon to protect his family by whatever means necessary.

Tilda was a hindrance to fully protecting Aaron, a brother who could not decide if he wanted Andrew or not. Those nameless men in the alley were a nuisance that got in between Andrew and Nicky, a cousin who was starved of love but never ran out of love to give. Matt could have been a threat, but that threat was contained and Andrew was content to ignore his existence. Luther would be dealt with in a manner which Andrew thought acceptable, and Riko would die if he ever got close enough to breathe the same air as Kevin. None of this was a concern to Andrew, it was just matters which required being dealt with.

No, Andrew, who was now Andrew Minyard, wasn’t afraid for his family. Andrew Minyard was afraid for himself.

Andrew Minyard was standing toe-to-toe, chest-to-chest, with a walking lie, staring into flat blue eyes, ringed in green. There was a freckle in the left eye, something that at least couldn’t be hidden by color contacts—some truth to a lie. Andrew stood there, gripping Neil Josten’s jaw, and that fear that was so familiar ran a sinuous trail down his spine.

People were comically easy to unravel and piece back together. It was absolutely no trouble to learn the motives and drives that every individual person was working with. As much as people like to claim to be unique, humanity is remarkably similar. Each person has their own intricacies, of course, but people are goal oriented and are trained by society to achieve those goals in certain ways. Andrew was ridiculously adept at understanding people, yet he stood there staring at a man who looked stricken and naked without color contacts without a concrete idea in mine. Oh sure, he had theories, but the more he got to know Neil Josten, the more implausible they all seemed.

Fear of the unknown was a heady cocktail. It didn’t have a logical solution the same way that other fears did. Fear of heights? Stay on the ground. Fear of snakes? Avoid cool, damp places where they might be hiding. Fear of big dogs? Learn what you can about dogs and see if you can master it, and if not, avoid big dogs. Fear of the unknown was different because you never really knew what it was you were afraid of. You could ask questions and attempt to learn, but you never knew if you found the piece that made you afraid. You could soul-search and dig really deep to find the answers within yourself, Bee was big on self-reflection, but you didn’t necessarily always find the answers you were seeking.

How do you deal with fear when you manipulate that fear to fortify your strengths? You stand on the ledge because you’re afraid of heights. Or take a path less traveled in the hopes that you come across a snake. You go out of your way to cross paths with big dogs, because you use your fears to make you feel, to make you stronger.

Fear of the unknown is a tricky thing to chase. You have to eliminate immediate threats. Don’t go too close to the edge, wear boots and thick pants, and know the ways to protect yourself from an attack. But the unknown doesn’t have a set of rules for you to follow to skirt the edge of danger.

The problem with the unknown, is that it begs to be known. It has an allure that beckons you closer and you follow, unassuming.

Standing there, looking at Neil’s eyes and seeing them for what they really were, Andrew felt that tantalizing taunt. The tease that the unknowable was willing to be known, but he would have to jump in.

Andrew rocked back on his heels. He had decided. Neil was coming to Columbia with him. It was time for the unknown to become known.

okay so like, I have about 4,000 questions about Nicky and Andrew’s relationship (no really I have so. many. questions.) and they drive me crazy on a day to day basis but lately I can’t stop thinking about One Thing. And that thing is this: 

Nicky was the first male adult Andrew could trust. 

It is super easy to forget that Nicky is (at least?) 3 years older than the twins. Or something like that. Anyway the point stands that he was legally an adult when he came back from Germany to take care of them. And a good chunk of my questions are about that but mostly I get lost in the idea of how SAFE Nicky must have been for them? 

Like okay. He flies back on the day of the funeral and by some miracle Andrew doesn’t put up a fuss about it. (maybe he saw him as a better option then Luther idk) and Nicky buys a house. And he gets a full time job. and he puts the boys in school. And life just…… goes on??????

Like we all know Nicky. We know he’s bright and loud and happy and has a lot of heart. He said he tried to get the boys to talk to each other all the time. And I’m positive that when he realized he wasn’t going to get anywhere like that he just… kept talking. So please imagine our dear sweet Nicky talking about work, talking about whatever trash tv he’s watching, talking about Erik. 

Imagine Nicky making dinner and listening to music and humming. Him picking up the twins from school and asking how their day went, how practice was. Imagine Nicky suggesting they do things together, or complaining about laundry and dishes. Making a chore chart. 

Please think about Nicky talking openly and without shame about his favorite celebrity crush (who was popular back then??? Orlando Bloom??) and only ever getting silence or the occasional annoyed quip from Aaron. Him talking about Erik, about missing him or even him talking on the phone to him, laughing over skype. 

I want you to think about Andrew being around all that. Having his own room and for once getting restful sleep. Think about Aaron too, who always felt so alone and who was so angry with Andrew at that time but here was cousin Nicky. Loud, obnoxious cousin Nicky who wouldn’t stop checking in and wouldn’t stop trying to get him and his brother to get along. 

Think about the fact that Nicky got them jobs in the kitchens of Eden’s so they can earn some cash (and maybe so that he wouldn’t have to leave them alone at home so late without him) and how that job led to meeting Roland which lead to Andrew really getting to try and figure himself out in a slower pace. 

Just. Nicky gets such a hard time in the books and he isn’t perfect but he never stopped trying or hoping that his little family would work things out. That they would be okay. And maybe that’s why Aaron his so close to him. And maybe that’s why he has a spot in Andrew’s group while being the only one without a deal. 

And maybe he did help in some way. Maybe he was the first step. Maybe he was the first exhale after such a long held breathe. Maybe he was the locked door. The quite place. The safe spot. 

He didn’t get to put the pieces back together, but he kept them all in the same place and safe until someone came along to fix it. 


Reverse Falls!Pacifica Southeast and Gideon Pines

Requested by Anon


* I will probably delete this post, as postpartum anxiety has rendered me a useless writer. Pretty much useless in general. If I didn’t have to disclose it to my agency, I would consider anti-anxiety meds at this point

* I don’t know if it’s her cold or the infamous 4 month sleep regression or some combination of the two, but AD has been unable to sleep unless I’m rocking her. 3 nights in a row so far. I have gotten a combined 4.5 hours of sleep within the past 48 hours. Husband could help but I don’t like him commuting on less than 5 hours of sleep. And I’ll be honest…I can’t fall asleep anyway unless I can feel her breath on my face. The anxiety is real

* I have not heard from my agency in 3 weeks. 3 weeks easily feels like 3 months when you’re waiting for a placement. We shouldn’t even be accepting legal risk at this point if we really are going to move in March. Sigh. We will still say yes to either legal risk or legally free up until August. And if we still don’t have a placement by then…we close our home. I know we still have 4 months left, but I feel pretty hopeless about it anyway

* I have poison ivy in random patches all over my body now. So very unfortunate

* I know I sound like a broken record about moving but I have trouble committing to long-term decisions. And I get analysis paralysis about details. I will say that my family and J’s family are both doing a really great job of not guilting me. I still feel guilty, but at least I’m putting it on myself. That Jewish guilt man. CA just doesn’t seem to make sense with J’s field and how expensive it is to live there. FL makes perfect sense but it worries me that AD will not have any cousins around. I don’t know why this bothers me so much. It might relate to the death of my sister and the fact that my brother does not have custody of his only child. I really wanted AD to be surrounded by kin her age. In CA, my friends all have similarly aged children. I will make friends in FL so I know that shouldn’t matter. But I’ve known my current friends for over 10 years and they all feel like family. It’s hard, man. I have two close friends who are considering moving to FL with us. Hence the commune research. So I should focus on that instead of this CA pipe dream. Right?

* Stupid Buzzfeed had this ‘what $1000 of rent looks like in all 50 states’ thing which sent me down the rabbit hole. Anyway. Everyone told me no no no Seattle is too expensive. What the fuck people. Cities 40 min away from Seattle have houses cheaper than FL. And I have tons of family out there. And friends that are pretty much family. All my age with kids my age

* Someone give me an unbiased opinion. Let’s say jobs for J are equal in all 3 places.
1) CA. Where we’re from. Lots of close friends and some family. Current residence to AD’s twin cousin (my brother’s kid just 27 days younger than AD) but her location is unstable. Perfect climate and nature. Expensive af although some free childcare. Also would not need commune since everyone is already close in proximity
2) FL. Lots of close family, some older members that might not be around too much longer. Could convince some close friends to start a commune there. Beach. I would not have to work/cheap and unlimited, free childcare
3) WA. Lots of family (although not necessarily as close) and some friends. Lots of ‘kin’ AD’s age. Also could start a commune there with same close friends. I would not have to work/cheap…but we would not have free childcare there so I would not have the option to work and I like options


I swear I’m in AU hell and I can’t help myself anymore

Talking with @deads-on we came with another AU, this time with Deku and Yamikumo as cousins and Katsuki and Proto!Katsu as identical twins. I LOVE THE BAKU TWINS HHHH. The cousins live in Midoriya’s residence because Yami’s parents work overseas during school year, so the four of them are chilhood friends and the Baku twins have BOOMFIST MOMENTS and my life is complete now, thanks.