twin closet

anyways you know how when you’re a Baby WLW and you have older female friends that are super cool and funny and beautiful and you almost have a little bit of a crush on them but it’s not serious and u know nothing’s gonna come of it but they kinda become someone to look up to and someone you can turn to for validation??

that’s how i imagine cass with vex and, to an extent, pike and keyleth too


blue haired, space lesbian enjoys a summer day with her tall girlfriend™

the Chosen one


Genre: Smutty Smut ^^

[Triggers: Voyeurism; Exhibitionism; Degradation; Oral; Threesome]

Pairing: Seong Hwa (Gray) x Reader ft. Jay Park

Word Count: 2500ish

Fuck, another all-nighter.’

You cursed inwardly as you sat in your restrictive cubicle, your desk littered with piles of paperwork. You tried desperately to focus on the work in front of you, but your eyes slowly began to drift shut from the lack of sleep.

Your back jerked up as you felt two broad and warm hands land on your shoulder, massaging the stiff skin underneath so perfectly that you couldn’t help the moan that escaped your lips at the relaxing sensation.

“I’ve barely started and you’re already moaning.” He chuckled in your ear, hands slowly drifting lower and lower, getting dangerously close to your clothed chest.

“What do you want, Seong Hwa?” You retorted sharply, worried that your boss might see what was going on, would see you like this, with your back pressed against the man’s firm chest.

He moved down, his mouth dangerously breathing on your sensitive skin that made you slightly shiver, “Boss already left…” his hands moved to unbutton your shirt, the sight of your sinful cleavage making his mouth dry, “so, how about we have some fun?”

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I love the idea of the twins walking into a room and everybody thinking at the exact same time "I'm so gay"

i’ve joked about the twins being nearly everyone’s closet keys but? am i wrong?


[mabifica wedding. i tried to put a pig in a dress to be Waddles as the flower girl but…eh. too tired to try too hard rn. click those pics for captions folks! PERSONALS PLEASE DO NOT REBLOG UNLESS I GIVE YOU PERMISSION (elise is maid of honor and dipper is best man, also they both got two rings bc they spoil each other. and they have matching wedding rings bc I thought it was cute with the two entwined hearts and all. and idk who would propose first (my bets are on mabel) but whoever didnt would def go out and by the one who did a ring bc they love each other so much ugh.) i literally just finished these. i have so many more ideas planned guys. next is gonna be the elipper wedding]