twin chair

[Three panel illustrated comic, titled “Twinning”.

Panel One Description: Two women are in front of a stripe wallpaper, the woman on the left is introducing the other woman to her daughters. She says “And these are my girls Lianna and Jessica.” The other woman is bent down towards the girls (out of frame), and asks “Aww, adorable! Are you two twins?”

Panel Two Description: The scene changes to an image of Lianna and Jessica as children. The girls are parked next to each other, holding hands, with monotone expressions, similar to the twins from The Shining. They are dressed in matching floral dresses and headbands. They reply in unison, with a monotone expression “No. We are two years apart.”

Panel Three Description: The scene returns to the two women. The girls’ mom says to the other woman, “It’s funny, they get that a lot. Why do you think that is?”. The other woman is looking at their mother with one eyebrow up in the air, and doesn’t know how to respond.]

Oh we don’t know mom, maybe dressing us the exact same had something to do with it? 😂

claybasket replied to your post“Dale watching the woman’s shoes reminds me of his obsessive focus on…”

Audrey’s red heels from season 1

I’ve already said it, but i’m inclined against this reading. At least as far as what Dale is thinking, anyway. I don’t think he even saw Audrey wear those heels–she wore her saddle shoes at breakfasts before going to school, etc. And honestly, I don’t see why he’d have her particularly in mind.

To me, this is all about the lodge. The red is for the red room. The waiting room. He’s sitting in another waiting room now, doing exactly what he’s done for the last 25 years. He already pawed at the statue’s shoes, remembering the ones he lost in the lodge–I think these shoes do the same thing, for him. And he watches a woman slowly walking, like Laura. Jade already reminded him of her once–I’m inclined to think he’s reminded again. Then he sees the outlet. All of it’s associated with where he’s been, and what he’s been through.

To me, that’s what he’s thinking about. Audrey would feel a little out of left field, for me.

iwanttodriveyouthroughthenight  asked:

Hello life ruiners. :) For Modern Glasgow AU, imagine possessive Claire at a hospital celebration for her after taking her oath. Possibly Leghair is involved again... And we know what that does to Dr. Fraser. #winkwink

Anonymous asked: Would love to find out what happens on the day that Claire graduates from medical school (with Jamie, Murtagh and the children in tow!). Thank you!

Modern Glasgow AU

Soon-to-be-Dr. Claire Fraser squinted at the line of classmates lined up in the auditorium hallway, chattering idly as they killed the thirty minutes before the ceremony began.

Almost all the way to the front of the line – no longer at the very font, now that she was a Fraser rather than a Beauchamp. Right in front of an exit stairway the line sank – two young women perched in twin hard plastic chairs, engrossed in conversation.

“Excuse me?”

Both heads swiveled upwards, irritated.

“What letter is this? I’m Claire Fraser. I know I don’t have to go all the way to the front – ”

“I’m Malva Christie,” the brunette replied. “And this is Geneva Dunsany. You’re probably behind us.”

“Nice to meet you both.” Claire smiled tightly, suddenly feeling very tired and not in the least bit sociable.

“Pleasure,” Geneva replied automatically. “Are you a nurse like us?”

“No – I’m graduating from the medical program. I’m planning to be a surgeon.”

“Hmm.” Malva tilted her head, turning away – idly scanning the crowd.

Claire mentally counted to five.

“I don’t mean to be rude, Malva, Geneva – but would one of you mind letting me take a seat? It’s not exactly easy for me to stand for long periods these days.”

“Oh – um, sure.” Geneva shrugged and rose, moving to stand on Malva’s other side. Claire unceremoniously plopped down, stretching her legs and resting her hands on the eight-month swell of her second daughter.

“Thank you,” Claire smiled at the younger woman. “If I may say so – you don’t sound like you’re from Glasgow. I’m originally from Oxfordshire myself.”

Geneva shrugged. “I’m from the Lake District – followed a loser boyfriend to Glasgow.”

“She’s being modest,” Malva chimed in. “She has a *thing* for gingers, and that man was no exception.”

“A *thing*?”

“Oh, aye,” Malva continued, as Geneva blushed. “She loses all sense when she sees one. Strangest thing.”

“Hush!” Geneva hissed. “Pot calling kettle, Malva – remember Allan?”

Now Malva squirmed in her seat, and Claire politely turned away. Silently she watched fellow graduates mill around in the hallway, trying to find their place, laughing and joking, slapping each other on the back.

She had made her own joyful farewell not too long before, kissing Faith’s tiny brow and then Jamie’s cheek before he and Murtagh stole away to their seats.

Pulling out her phone, she checked the time – fifteen minutes to go.

Then five text messages – selfies with different combinations of Jamie, Faith, and Murtagh. And one from Jamie, full of hearts.

How she loved her family.

How she couldn’t believe she had finally made this day! What with all the sacrifices she and Jamie had made, both personally and financially – and then somehow figuring out how to balance caring for an infant and finishing her coursework – it was truly a miracle that she was able to graduate with her class.

“…see that ginger stunner when we arrived, though? I ken ye’ve sworn off them – ”

“Of *course* I did, Mal. I’ve eyes in my head.”

“Only, I was thinking – maybe you could approach him, afterwards? He seemed to be alone…”

Claire bit the inside of her lip, absently rubbing her belly. Graduation gowns weren’t exactly designed for pregnant women – she counted four separate beads of sweat running down her chest and back.

Bairn Two was especially active…

“Oh my God! He’s here!!” Malva squeaked.

“Shut up! Oh my God,” Geneva fidgeted with her hair – a useless exercise when wearing a mortarboard. “Can you talk to him? Get him to stop?”

“Don’t worry – I’ll take care of that.” Claire waited confidently, and then –

“*There* you are!” Jamie – effortlessly casual in his best Barbour shirt and dark jeans – parted the line of soon-to-be graduates and knelt before Claire. “Thank God ye found a seat. Do ye need anything? Water? Snack? Faith just fell asleep, so – ”

“I’m fine – we both are.” Claire reached out a hand. Jamie took it, kissed it. Vibrating with joy.

So happy to be sharing this moment.

“All right!” A uniformed usher materialized, waving at random. “Graduates! Places please!”

Jamie rose and bent to kiss her forehead.

He extended one arm, and she gripped it, and let him help her stand.

She tilted her chin – and he gave her a good and proper kiss.

“I’ll see you soon – Dr. Fraser.”

And he darted away.

Claire turned to face forward – and a gaping Malva and Geneva.

And smiled.

Shower Buddy (10k X Reader) {Smut}

Fandom: Z-Nation 
Pairing: 10k X Reader
Word Count: 2,437
Author’s Note: Takes place in the season 1 episode 6, and pretends that Jacob’s followers and the whole zombie outbreak incident happen a little later than in the show. Also, I’m taking some artistic liberty and pretending that there’s another room like the one Warren and Garnett were in. Also they’ve liked each other for a while but neither have confessed feelings!
WARNING: Smut! (which I still kinda suck at but I’m trying to get better so bear with me)

You fought back laughter as you watched 10k unload weapon after weapon. First, it was his rifle. Then, his slingshot. A somewhat large knife, a small gun, another knife, and another, even larger, knife. Last but not least, the chain 10k kept tucked into his pants.

“Do you feel naked?” You asked teasingly, walking beside him into the cafeteria.


You chuckled to yourself. You listened to Garnett’s old army friend explain that people paid for food by trading for it, but that your group’s first meal would be taken care of by him.

You filled your plate eagerly, grabbing grapes, cherries, some peaches, a roll, anything else that was offered that looked good. You were careful to not take more than was fair, but you were practically starving. You and the others had run out of food days ago.

“Oh my god,” You moaned appreciatively, taking another bite of your peach. “Food has never tasted so delicious.”

You were completely unaware of the light blush that had dusted 10k’s cheeks at your moan. Addy, however, noticed, grinning at 10k as she raised an eyebrow at him. She opened her mouth to speak, but 10k silently pushed some grapes in her direction and she reluctantly fell silent.

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Diane, I would like to share my thoughts about episode 9

I am delighted to report that Showtime has fixed the audio issues with their streaming service. I am willing to reactivate my subscription after it expires later this month.  

I am very pleased to see Jerry Horne fighting with his own foot in the woods.  He can’t harm anyone else, which is a great improvement over his usual impact on the community of Twin Peaks.  If only his son would join him.  

I am also pleased to see the Principal Hasting story line connect more directly to the rest of the show.  i believe Gordon, Tammy, and Albert will begin piecing it all together soon.  

I am saddened to report that Johnny Horne, older brother of Audrey, has passed away in a manner nearly identical to the death of Leland Palmer.  I can’t help but wonder if he was similarly inhabited by a spirit of the Black Lodge.  

A dragon’s treasure

Prompt: Metalicana interacting with the twins by @ninja-status

Word count: 2k

Summary: Metalicana is asked to babysit the twins. It’ll be a piece of cake, right? RIGHT?! Modern-AU; Human!Metalicana.


After three knocks to the door, only one thought crossed his mind unrelentlessly.

How had he agreed to this?

The door swung open and he looked down to be met with two hazel eyes and a bright smile.

Oh, right. It’s all the brat’s fault.

“Welcome, Metalicana,” Levy greeted him in her singsong voice and he sighed in defeat.

“Where are they?” His gruff voice and dark appearance could have scared the bravest warrior but did nothing to her. Instead, she smiled again and stepped aside to let him come inside the house.

Yeap, it’s the brat’s fault for falling for the ballsiest and cutest woman in the whole world. Don’t get him wrong; he loves his daughter-in-law, she seemed to be the only one able to keep his son in line and she was the main reason the brat cut his connections with the dark businesses he got involved in when he was young.

Still, it didn’t explain why Metalicana had to bear with the consequences of his son’s choices.

“They are in the living room watching a movie. Come on in.” She closed the door once he stepped inside and he couldn’t help but scrunch his nose at the fruity and floral scent that wafted through each corner of the house.

“Hey Pops,” Gajeel greeted his father when he came into view and- wait, did he just smiled at him?! Was Gajeel actually happy to see his old man?!

“Brat,” he greeted back and couldn’t keep the faint smile off his face at seeing his son so damn happy. Yeah, this tiny blue haired woman was changing Gajeel’s life and Metalicana hoped it would be for the better.

“Hey Lev, could ya help me with the tie?”

“Sure, honey.” Gajeel leaned down for her to be able to reach for his tie without going up on her tiptoes. With a quick motion, Levy finished her task and patted him affectionately on the chest. “All done.”

He thanked her and kissed the top of her head which earned him a cute giggle from the woman.

“Ugh, get a room ya two.” Metalicana rolled his eyes and crossed his arms feigning irritation at the scene.

“What? Ya want a kiss too old man?”

“Yeah, in my ass,” he shot back and both males grinned at each other.

“Now now, be nice the two of you,” Levy chided but before Metalicana could argued back a new voice interrupted them.

“Grampa?” Yajeh stood at the other end of the entrance hall eyeing the older man curiously.

“Come here, sweetie.” The five-year-old boy did as his mother told him and ran into her arms happily. She lifted him up with ease and embraced the child with motherly love. “Is the movie over?”

“Yeah, it was great! Can we look for our dragons next time we go camping?” His eyes shone with excitement at the mere idea of riding his own Nightfury.

“Sure thing, champ.” Gajeel chuckled and ruffled his son’s hair.

“We’ll need lots of fishes! And no eels!” Shutora added as she stepped closer to the adults. She eyed her brother with shyness and something akin to jealousy. She also wanted to be hugged but she was too proud to admit it.

As if reading her mind, Gajeel swiftly lifted her up and sat her on his shoulder. She laughed and hugged her daddy’s head to not fall off. Metalicana just rolled his eyes one more time at the family’s antiques; that many shows of affection were too much for him to bear.

“Why is Grampa here?” Shutora questioned noticing for the first time the older man in the room.

“He is staying with ya for a couple of hours,” Gajeel said as he gently put his daughter down.

“Really?” Yajeh looked up at his grandfather with his bright red eyes.

“Yes. Daddy and I are going out for a couple of hours so Grampa will be looking after you until we come back,” Levy explained as she kissed her son in the cheek and put him down. “So you better behave, alright?”

Now, both kids looked up at Metalicana with wide eyes and unreadable expressions. He started to feel uncomfortable under their innocent and intense gaze. Surely they might have prefered to be babysat by Blondie or by Igneel’s brat but according to Levy they were unavailable for the night. So now, the twins were stuck with him and they were probably going to throw a tantrum about them not wanting to spend time with their grandfather.



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#SketchHunters Day 19 - Fanfic

I came up to AU Kitty being paired up at school… Also I wrote some of it. I can continue if you like it.

Friendly reminder english is not my first language

               Please don’t say pair up. Kit thought.

               “You will have to pair up to this project” The English teacher, Ms. Wrayburn said aloud for the class, that immediately started a commotion. Kit tried to sink in his chair. “But I’ll do the pairing, keep your hopes low.” The class made a unison and sad “aw”.

               Damn it.

               The teacher proceeded to read names on a list. Seems like she had all the pairs ready. Kit couldn’t be less excited to know his project mate.

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I think Diane hid the text message from Gordon because she’s having trouble opening up and being vulnerable with him. He’s already asked a lot of her–she was shaking and terrified facing The Doppleganger in the prison. Gordon’s quest to figure this out isn’t necessarily her quest. She seems to have very good reasons for wanting to control how she engages with this investigation.

She’s already cried in front of Gordon–that seems like it must have been taxing, for her. And she promised they’d have a talk–but at a time and place of her choosing. Where she’d have some control. She wants to share what she knows in a way that makes her the one in charge.

Diane and Gordon clearly share a deep affection under all the baggage, but it’s a lot to wade through, for someone like her–who’s been through something terrible. I suspect she might have told him about the text when they shared that smoke–but Tammy was there. That killed any chance of it.