twin cannon

concept: Chirrut Îmwe at 90 years old kicking Kylo’s ass while Baze Malbus, 91, takes out an entire First Order battalion with the twin cannons mounted on the arms of his wheelchair

Head cannon Mabel Gleeful

Just a few, more to come
* Huge crush on Gideon. Mostly obsession. Has no idea why he does not like her back.
* Loves her brother more than anything *Loves sexy and revealing clothing
*Many boy toys
*Enjoys ‘playtime’ with Will
*loves her knifes
*has tendency to throw fits and only Dipper can calm her down
*hates Pacifica Southeast

Though Grav weaponry is very poorly executed and Centurions with Grav cannons and Grav Amps are the epitome of the trend, I don’t have the same issue with centurions themselves some do. The hyperbulky suit is goofy, but I don’t have a problem with some goofy in my 40k and it certainly isn’t outright -ugly- like the Dreadknight.

Where I do have a little issue is it treads on design space that could have been used for Devastator Terminators. After all, we already have tactical and assault terminators. You could mount a top mount missile launcher and still have arm slots for a twin-linked assault cannon and no combat weapon.

Or heck, borrow the Deathwing Knights gimmick of everyone has a storm shield and if they maintain base contact they count as higher toughness. Missile launcher, assault cannon and shield.

On the same note, why no tactical centurions? Assault Centurions are highly dubious even in-setting for their low mobility let alone on the tabletop. Comboing one assault and one ranged arm is much more tactically flexible and gives them something to do as they slow and purposeful waddle up to start punching things.

slightly disappointed that schnee twins isnt cannon, but here’s another idea:

-schnee sisters annoying the hell out of their father by wearing asymmetrical hairstyles

-weiss trying to get her no-bullshit older sister to smile

-winter trying to get her no-bullshit younger sister to smile