twin cannon

Imagine: At some point, Taako becomes obsessed with mirrors. Not in a vain way, as people keep accusing him, but because he catches a glimpse of his face in the mirror out of the corner of his eye and it hurts and the hurt is gone and then he’s just looking at himself in the mirror, trying to figure out what just happened

It’s usually only a few minutes at a time, but those minutes add up until it’s hours per week and days per year just looking for something he can’t find.

He laughs off any comments, usually - “Have you seen my face, my dude? It’s perfect! Of course I like to look at it.”

It’s not just the possible return to his cooking show that makes him hesitate in Wonderland when he has to sacrifice his beauty.

After they beat Wonderland and settle down for the night, he pulls out the Pocket Spa again - and for the first time in a long time there’s no ghost in the mirror out of the corner of his eye.

(A day and a drink of ichor later, he finally remembers who he was trying to find in his own face.)


So I did Craig’s story last and after the 2nd date the game glitched and Josephs creepy fucking twins were frozen on my screen for like the rest of the story…. 

concept: Chirrut Îmwe at 90 years old kicking Kylo’s ass while Baze Malbus, 91, takes out an entire First Order battalion with the twin cannons mounted on the arms of his wheelchair


I didn’t know how you imagined Vulpes looking in your fic, so I stuck with the long floofy hair version cause thats the best one. Also, my computer kept fucking up trying to find a Xavier ref, so I just used your icon as one :’D

Since it’s @wildwildwasteland birthday, and I’ve been wanting to draw this for forever, I quickly did this for the day of your birth. I hope you like it :’D

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Izuru and Hajime twin bro head cannons

Ooh, this has always been one of my favorite AU’s…

-Izuru is probably the older twin.

-They were originally identical, minus their eye colors- Izuru’s are still red, and Hajime’s are still green.

-They both originally had Hajime’s hair style.

-Then Izuru went through an emo phase and he was tired of being mistaken for Hajime from behind. So he grew out his hair and dyed it black.

-He grew out of the emo phase after a year or two, but still kept the hairstyle, dying it black every month.

-Ironic t-shirts for the two are a must. E.G. Hajime wearing a ‘night’ t-shirt while Izuru wears a ‘day’ t-shirt. (Has anyone seen that one fanart of the two?)

-Hajime is the only one who is allowed to touch Izuru’s hair, no exceptions.

-Izuru is very overprotective of his younger brother, he always defends him no matter what.

-Hajime was introduced to the Main Course students by Izuru not soon after he was admitted into the Reserve Course. 

-Much like Mahiru and Sato did, Izuru comes by the Reserve Course building to either eat there with Hajime or bring him to where the other Ultimates are eating that particular day.

-Now, why do twins not share a last name? (Kazuichi has asked this question multiple times.)

-Their parents are divorced, and they shared custody of the twins for a few years until they were eight, when they had to choose between the two.

-Izuru chose their mother, and took her last name, while Hajime chose their father, and kept his last name. 

-The two didn’t see each other again until middle school, where they thought they had just run into a mirror. They soon realized it was the twin that they hadn’t seen in four years.

-After two years, Izuru began an emo phase again.

-The two eventually would either pull a Lindsey-Lohan Parent Trap and get their parents back together, or just move in with one parent.

-They are quite close, despite being opposites.

-Hajime and Izuru also help each other out in many ways.

-Hajime brings out the less cold and emotionless side of Izuru’s personality, and helps him smile.

-Meanwhile, Izuru uses his various talents to assist Hajime with a lot of things, such as lying or analyzing things for Hajime’s benefit.

-Izuru and Hajime often pull pranks as well.

-For example, the two took advantage of the fact that Gundham was convinced that they were one person in two bodies one day.

-Hajime wore one red contact and pretty much pretended to be Izuru and Hajime combined until Izuru showed up halfway through class. 

-The two rely on each other heavily for reassurance.

-They do have a few fights, mainly when Hajime gets angry about how much their parents preferred Izuru over him.

-It takes a while before Izuru manages to calm Hajime down.

-Izuru and Hajime are usually twin goals.

Eros - Bar AU Chapter 1, part 1

Disclaimer: This piece is a Mystic Messenger AU.  It is heavily inspired by the American sitcom Cheers, a show centered around a Boston bar called Cheers and it’s regulars.  Even though I have tried to keep as much of canon personalities with all the Mystic Messenger characters just remember that it is an AU and a few things may be different than in game or your headcanons. This has been fun to plan and I hope you find a bit of joy reading it!  

PG13+ for swearin’ and boozin’.

Ch.½ | Ch. 2/2


If you’ve never wandered to the outskirts of the downtown nightlife you’d think the name represented an establishment of finesse; a fancy restaurant, a classy gentleman’s club, a ritzy cocktail lounge.  

But throw open the doors to the aging building during the late midday and you’d find yourself staring at a lavish open bar.  You’d get a warm greeting from a handsome bartender and there’d be an air of familiarity amongst all the patrons.  

You’d never know that you’d love it until you stepped into it and everyone welcomed you back, happily shouting your name.


That’s right…

There’s always a good story behind a name.

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Musee des Blindés Part 17

1 & 2) Cruiser Mark III AA. Crusader tank modified to serve an anti-aircraft function. None saw much action against aircraft but a few - especially with the Polish Armoured Division - were used against ground targets. This is a Mark II AA tank consisting of a Crusader Mark III with the turret removed and replaced by a new enclosed turret with twin 20mm Oerlikon AA cannon. It is believed to be the only one still in existence.

Cruiser Mark III AA. Tanque Crusader modificado para servir una función anti-aérea. Ninguno vio mucha acción contra aeronaves, pero algunos - especialmente con la División Acorazada Polaca - fueron usados contra objetivos en tierra. Este es un tanque AA Mark II, que consiste en un tanque Crusader Mark III con la torreta removida y reemplazada con una nueva torreta cerrada con cañones gemelos AA Oerlikon de 20mm. Se cree que es el único aún en existencia. 

3) Pvkv m/43. Swedish tank destroyer of WWII era, based off the success of German casemate type TDs. The design was to be based on the Strv m/42 medium tank, but would feature an open-topped superstructure instead of a turret. It housed a high power 75mm gun. Perhaps the vehicle’s most impressive feature was the gun traverse, which reached 15 dg to each side, as well as the depression of 15dg and elevation of 25dg. This example is not on display and is in reserve storage.

Pvkv m/43 . Destructor de tanques sueco de la SGM, basado en los éxitos de los DT tipo casamata alemanes. El diseño estaba basado en el tanque mediano Strv m/42, pero que mostraría una superestructura sin techo en vez de una torreta. Albergaba un cañón de 75mm de alto poder. Quizás la característica mas impresionante del vehículo era el trasverso del cañón, que alcanzaba los 15 grados a cada lado, junto con una depresión de 15 grados y una elevación de 25 grados. Este ejemplar no está en exhibición y se encuentra en almacenaje reservado. 

4 & 5) Pbv 301. Swedish APC of the postwar era. A typical “battle taxi”, armed with a 20 mm gun from the scrapped J21 fighters and with room for transporting 8 fully armed soldiers. An interim solution introduced in 1961 and removed from service in the late 1960s and early 1970s when the replacement Pbv 302 came into use.

Pbv 301. Transporte blindado de personal (TBP) sueco de la era de la posguerra. Un típico “taxi de batalla”, armado con un cañón de 20mm proveniente de los cazas cancelados J21 y con capacidad de transportar 8 soldados completamente equipados. Una solución provisional en 1961 y retirado del servicio a finales de los 60 y principios de los 70 cuando su reemplazo, el Pbv 302, entro en servicio. 

6 to 8) A12 Matilda II. British infantry tank of WWII. The design began in 1936, as a gun-armed counterpart to the first British infantry tank, the MG armed, two-man A11 Mark I. With its heavy armor, the Matilda II was an excellent infantry support tank but with somewhat limited speed and armament. It was the only British tank to serve from the start of the war to its end, although it is particularly associated with the North African Campaign.

A12 Matilda II . Tanque de infantería británico de la SGM. El diseño empezó en 1936, como contraparte armada con cañón del primer tanque de infantería británico, el tanque de dos tripulantes armado con ametralladora A11 Mark I. Con su blindaje pesado, el Matilda II fue un excelente tanque de apoyo a la infantería pero con una velocidad y armamento algo limitados. Fue el único tanque británico en servir desde el inicio hasta el fin de la guerra, aunque es asociado particularmente a la campaña del Norte de Africa. 

9) Leopard 1. German postwar MBT. Developed in an era when HEAT warheads were thought to make conventional armor of limited value, the Leopard focused on firepower in the form of the German-built version of the British L7 105-mm gun, and improved cross-country performance. This Leopard appears to have a Series III turret, without a searchlight, on a Series II chassis. It was a gift from the German Army.

Leopard 1. Tanque de combate principal alemán de la posguerra. Desarrollado en una época donde se creía que las cabezas de guerra HEAT harian que el blindaje convencional tuviera poco valor, el Leopard se enfocaba en el poder de fuego en la forma de la versión alemana del cañón británico L7 de 105mm, y una mejorada capacidad todo-terreno. Este Leopard aparenta tener una torreta Serie III, sin un reflector, en un chasis Serie II. Fue un regalo del Ejercito Alemán. 

10) Kanonenjagdpanzer. German Cold War TD equipped with a 90mm gun from obsolete M47 Patton tanks. Its design was very similar to that of the Jagdpanzer IV. When the Soviets began deploying the T-64 and T-72, the 90 mm gun was not capable of engaging them in long-range combat and the Kanonenjagdpanzer became obsolete.

Kanonenjagdpanzer . Destructor de tanques alemán de la guerra fría equipado con un cañón de 90mm sacado de tanques M47 Patton obsoletos. Su diseño era muy similar al del Jagdpanzer IV. Cuando los sovieticos empezaron a desplegar tanques T-64 y T-72, el cañón de 90mm no era capáz de enfrentarlos en combate de larga distancia, haciendo al Kanonenjagdpanzer obsoleto. 

Submitted by panzerfluch. Traducción por mi.

Agradezco cualquier corrección con la traducción, especialmente con la terminología usada. 

The Falchion Super Heavy Tank Destroyer, also known as the Mammoth, was a Super Heavy Tank of the Legiones Astartes during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. The Falchion uses a potent weapon which combines technologies fielded in the Fellblade and the Shadowsword super-heavy tank. The Falchion’s twin-mounted Volcano Cannon is one of the most powerful vehicle-mounted, anti-tank weapons in the Imperium’s arsenal and it requires such an investment in resources to construct just a single example that its use is limited to the Legiones Astartes. Even then, the Falchion is so rare that most Legions maintain but a handful, reserved for use against the largest of enemy war machines.

The Falchion was developed long before the outbreak of the Horus Heresy and as such its prey was not the enemy Titans it would later see such extensive combat against. As the Great Crusade expanded ever outward, the Expeditionary Fleets encountered a staggering array of foes, some of whom were of a truly gargantuan scale, but all were set to ravening flame by the touch of the Falchion’s Volcano cannon.

Head cannon Mabel Gleeful

Just a few, more to come
* Huge crush on Gideon. Mostly obsession. Has no idea why he does not like her back.
* Loves her brother more than anything *Loves sexy and revealing clothing
*Many boy toys
*Enjoys ‘playtime’ with Will
*loves her knifes
*has tendency to throw fits and only Dipper can calm her down
*hates Pacifica Southeast

The Corvus Blackstar is a type of gunship used by the Deathwatch Space Marines.

A sleek and deadly craft, it is designed to penetrate the outer defenses of alien hosts to strike directly at its heart. Though small enough to slip through sensor grids, its weapons systems are highly advanced, allowing the Blackstar to cause devastating impact for a craft its size. Primarily fulfilling the role of transport, its vectored engines are nimble enough to dart through winding terrain. Once in position it will switch from fighter craft to hovercraft, deploying the Deathwatch Space Marines held within. The pilot of each Blackstar is a veteran Techmarine who has earned the right to field it over long and arduous years of schooling. The pilot uses the same machine each time; so intense is this training that the Techmarines will link with the Machine Spirit of the aircraft.

The Blackstar has advanced systems to ensure its survival. Its robust construction can shrug off even a direct hit from enemy anti-aircraft fire, and it is also equipped with Infernum Halo Launcher decoy flares and Interceptors. For armament, the Blackstar is most commonly armed with four Stormstrike Missiles and twin-linked Assault Cannons, though some are equipped with prow-mounted Lascannons in order to penetrate armored targets. Many of these craft also carry Blackstar Rocket Launcher arrays under each wing which can fire incendiary Dracos Air-to-Ground Missiles or air-to-air Corvid Rockets. It is also equipped with a Blackstar Cluster Launcher, auxiliary Grenade Launchers mounted in the rear to strafe smaller targets.

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Can we get some bomb hc's on my main lover shiro please😍😍😊

(omfg i’m so sorry you requested this like a billion moons ago…)

This will probably be pre-Rin&Yukio apart from a few random twins head cannons in there…

Also maybe a little NSFW but mainly SFW

Originally posted by amirn

  • He used to drive a motorcycle 
  • Mephisto bought him it for his birthday 
  • He loved it so much
  • He was one of those guys that have their vehicle 
  • He named his Sonia
  • Probably after some porn star
  • He used to pick up a ton of girls with that thing
  • It was actually his first child
  • (Rin and Yuki have a big sis!!!)
  • He treated it like spn Dean treats his impala, aka ‘Baby’
  • He wad drunk driving and crashed into a tree
  • He cried for like ten hours straight
  • He then proceeded to fork together every last bit of cash he had (and bum a little of Mephisto) to get it fixed
  • He has more ‘drunk and disorderly’ arrests then he can count
  • Mephisto always bailed him out
  • As he got older he learnt to manage his drink better
  • One time he and Mephisto got drunk in London and beat up two members of the Queens guard stationed outside Buckingham Palace just to steal their fluffy hats
  • They also got arrested for ‘Indecent exposure’ and ‘public lewd actions’ by fucking some British girls they met in a bar in the London eye
  • He always thought tattoos were cool so when he was drinking after a mission in Germany he was really pumped and like “Hell yeah! Let’s get a tattoo!”
  • He ended up letting his [also drunk] colleague tattoo him
  • Of course he drew a dick
  • So when he went back to Japan he went to a tattoo parlour to get it covered up
  • But not before Mephisto pissed himself when he saw it
  • He ended up getting a bad ass lion tattoo as a cover up
  • The kanji ‘獅’ was by it’s side, incorporated in the design, which means Lion, but it is also the first kanji character in this name
  • Rin always thought it was really cool and said how he wanted tattoos when he was older
  • Yukio wasn’t as interested in it as his brother was but he thought it was a ‘good drawing’
  • Shiro has had many girlfriends over his youth, but one he was most serious with was a women he met at a Metallica concert he snuck into with Mephisto
  • He was acting all cool and badass at first like he usually did with all women
  • After a while he stopped calling her because he was afraid to fall for her
  • He always avoid her in public and didn’t return her calls
  • Until Mephisto got them together in a  room and they sorted things out
  • They dated for like five months 
  • And Shiro was pretty happy
  • Not only was she beautiful and had huge boobs, but she was gentle and kind but also up for adventures and totally cool
  • He even would of ended up marrying her
  • One day he walked into her apartment to find her decapitated head and mangled body sprawled on the floor
  • Needless to see he was devastated 
  • He hunted down the demon who did this to her and initiated that cunt
  • He was so devastated afterwards he had to do something to cope
  • He always found religion to be a pile of shit
  • But he wanted to believe that she was resting somewhere beautiful, like Heaven 
  • So badly that he became a priest 
  • After Rin and Yukio came along, he wondered if she’d still been alive, if she’d have raised the twins with him
  • Yukio and Rin would of had a mother 
  • He always wondered if his relationship could of ended up to be true love such as what he saw between Tatsuma and Torako back in Kyoto a few years back

Wow, I’m sorry, I made you cry didn’t I? What, I didn’t? You heartless bitches.

How to Become a Witch in Ten Easy Lessons - (3/5)-A CS Modern Fantasy AU

Rating: T for Teen

Word Count: Approx 6K

Summary:  Emma Swan leads a quiet, solitary life, that is until a tragedy temporarily saddles her with three recently displaced orphans. Three recently displaced orphans who make quick work of discovering one of the reasons for her solitude and threaten to confirm the rumors swirling around town about her, unless she can do something to help them, something that will require the assistance of a mysterious Professor who isn’t quite what he seems either.

Notes:  The continuation of a birthday gift for the wonderful @phiralovesloki​​. 

As always my undying love and affection for @caprelloidea​ who made this and my life better just by being her. 

ANd thanks to @scapeartist​ and @kat2609​ for the support and safe space.

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She hadn’t noticed that her eyes were squeezed shut until the sound of Killian’s voice asking her if she was alright had them snapping open.

They were back in water again, bobbing lazily along, no longer free falling through space, the rushing roaring wind gone, the air now filled with the cawing sound of gulls, and the gentle lap of water against the hull.

They had done it , had arrived safely in another world, again. This time on a pirate ship. Emma swallowed, and let out the shaky breath she’d been holding for what felt like an eternity, taking in their new surroundings.

The stretch of land in the distance, laid out before them wasn’t nearly as barren as the book described, not even close really. She’d been expecting nothing but sand and rocks, a desert at the edge of the ocean.

This island, however, was just as lush and green as any other, with dense tropical plants and brilliantly colored flowers so bright and vibrant she could make them out even meters away across the expanse of the jewel toned lagoon. Further out in the distance rose a great round tower and the crumbling stone remains of the keep it was once attached to. Still, the island paradise looked off somehow, something out of place and odd. It was another moment before she figured it out: it was the utter lack of trees that made it seem bizarre in scale, no palms or live oaks rose up around the ruins, the stone structure the tallest landmark on the vast island by far, huge and ominous with the lack of perspective.

“Is that it?” she called back to him.

“Aye must be,” Killian stepped up next to her. “The Broken Kingdom. I imagine you want to skip introductions with the locals?”

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