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Danai & Cierra 

Finally got to meet up with my sister, my twin CiCi. Let me tell you something man shes just like me but 12 times more haha. I think we feed off of each others vibes. Shes sooo thick in person haha lord i see why i don’t have much lol. I got to hold my niece as well it was just a great day over all. I know mom was smiling down on us! We took a mini photo shoot in this sort of photo booth.

P. S. Now i can tell you guys…. Our Actual names where in the letters our father sent us. He addressed us as our name in each letter he sent. He called me Nana, and my sister Baba last names Amin. It’s still a lot to take in but Baba and i talked about maybe going to see him in prison…… Idk if i want to really.


While I feel the title says it all, I can’t put into words just how unbelievably excited I am!!!!

My sweet sweet friend and one of my RP partners, @thalsianiii , gifted me with something beautiful!

A commission by one of my favorite artists, @syliune !!!

I’m literally all teary-eyed right now, but this is gorgeous!

Here she is, my sweet Arcanist, wearing House Sterren colors, showing off her twin baby bump!

TuT thank you, Oreo! Thank you Syliune! She’s so pretty!!!


I’m so happy to finally share our exciting news! 😊❤️
My husband and I are expecting - twins!!! ✌️
I’m 13 weeks. Due July 22nd. 🎉
We’re so excited to say the least.
The first few weeks I felt pretty rough but it’s getting better. We’re not positing anything on facebook or Instagram so I’m happy to be sharing with you all.
(Super cute onesies nutrify gave me 😘)

Grayson Imagine For Kelsey

You and Grayson were sitting in the living room with your 18 year old son Kolyn. You see your 14 year old daughter Kaia was bringing home her first boyfriend to meet the family. The boys in the family were on high alert. They were talking about what they would do if he hurt Grayson’s little girl and kolyns little sister. You just sat there rubbing your 5 month twin baby bump. You began to talk to them saying “don’t worry your mommy and sister aren’t crazy like your daddy and older brother.” You cooed at your stomach. They boys looked at you with shocked faces. “Now you to this is kaia’s first boyfriend you better not scare him off or I will put my swollen (your size shoe) so far up ur behinds you will have to have it surgically removed.” You say with a hint of pregnancy mood swing kicking in. They both nodded as the door opened and Kaia and her boyfriend walked in. “Hey mom, dad, kolyn, and babies” Kaia said rubbing your stomach. “Hello sweetie who’s this.” You said gesturing to the boy standing behind her who looked kind of scared of Grayson and kolyn and you who looked kind of scary being that you were quiet tall for a girl and the boys being over 6 foot tall. “This is Alex and he is my boyfriend.” She said holding his hand. “Well Alex it is nice to meet you this is Mr.Grayson kaia’s after and Kolyn her older brother and I’m Kelsey her mother.” “Nice to meet you Mr. And Mrs. Dolan and Nice to meet you Mr. Kolyn.” Alxx said shaking hands with all of you. “Oh please just call me kolyn and before I go just know you hurt my little sister so help me god I will find you.” Kolyn said grabbing his jacket. “KOLYN JAMES DOLAN!!!!” You yelled kicking him in the butt out of the door. “ you be back before 12am.” You yelled after him. “Okay mom I’ll be at Jaycee’s house (his girlfriend).” He yelled back. “Why don’t me and Alex go in the living room to talk and you and your mom can go in the kitchen.”. Said grayson walking into the living room with Alex. “What do you think they are taking about in there mom.” Kaia said trying to eavesdrop. “Baby its going to be okay you dad just wants to make sure he doesn’t hurt you you are going to be his only girl after all.” You said “yes I guess.” Just then Alex walked back into the room with grayson right behind him. “Hey Kaia wanna go to the movies now.” Alex asked her. “Yes let’s go.” She said heading to the door to grab their coats. “It was nice meeting you both.” Alex said shaking hands with you both. “ you too you are welcomed anytime.” You said shutting the door behind them. “What did you tell him.” You asked grayson. “Oh nothing.” He said sitting back on the couch and patting the spot next to him. “What are you up to.” You say turning to face him. “Let’s just say he might think I’m at the movies with them.” He said smirking. “You did not call Ethan and tell him to follow those kids.” You said slapping his arm. “Ochh that hurt.” He said rubbing his arm. “I’ll hive you a five second head start.” You said as grayson took off running.

Where Do Broken Hearts Go (Epilogue)

Wait up! Have you read the previous parts yet? X X X X X

The heater was broken. You would think having a broken heater would never happen considering you were a successful lawyer and your husband was well off, a heater would be fixed in an instant. Or more precisely, you would have a heater that wouldn’t break.

Oh boy, you were wrong.

Your husband thought he could fix the heater. Obviously he wasn’t successful because you were under three blankets, had two pairs of socks on, and a sweater. The twins were at their uncle’s, and their uncle constantly poked fun at your husband. Nearly as much as you did. You and your husband decided to move away from Sydney and lived in the section of Australia that faced cold winters. His bandmates moved with you. Luckily, it wasn’t too far away from Sydney so you could always visit your families.

Your husband’s arms were wrapped around your waist. Your baby bump wasn’t too developed. You were only seventeen weeks along. With the twins, your baby bump was big from the start. He nuzzled his nose into your neck and kissed your shoulder.

His voice was raspy in the morning. Always has been. He hummed, “Good morning darling.”

You swooned at your husband’s actions. You woke up to this every single day. “Good morning baby.”

He replied, getting up, “Ready?”

You turned around and gave him a firm kiss on the lips. “Yes.”

Today was the day you two were going to find out the sex of the new baby. Your eldest son Ethan obviously wanted a little brother, but his younger sister by two minutes Ella wanted a little sister. They were two years old. You and your husband promised them it would not only be the three of you, and hopefully each of them would get what they wanted.

You wanted a big family. It took a lot of convincing to have children. You never wanted to become either of your birth parents. Your husband loved you and made sure you knew you never would. You liked to think you were doing okay so far.

“Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Hood. You’re having a baby boy.”

Calum drove with one hand on your baby bump talking to his second son and phoning his parents and Mali-Koa. You called your dad.

“Dad? Hey.” Your father Alexander was in London right now, so the time difference was a bit more bearable. 

He replied, “Hey, what’s up? Did Calum fix the heater yet?”

You rolled your eyes, “No, because Calum doesn’t know how to fix heaters,” You raised your voice looking at Calum. You locked eyes and he stuck his tongue out at you. “But guess what, dad?”

He countered, “Hmm?”

“Any chance you have another grandson sweater?”

Your father squealed in excitement and was glad he had another grandson. Not that he loved Ella any less, but he liked having boys around.

Calum called Ashton to get all the boys together at his house where Ethan and Ella were staying. You decided to tell them in person. Under your breath, you softly spoke, “Will Luke be there?”

Luke and Calum made up a year after the incident, but never stopped working together. You saw Luke sparingly, only made small talk, and then went your separate ways. You had nothing to say to him, and he had nothing to say to you. Calum nodded, “Yes.” He tightened your hand into his, interlocking your fingers. “It’ll be fine.”

You pulled into Ashton’s driveway, and a wave of relief hit you. You turned to Calum who was meeting you from the other side of your car, and you had the biggest smile on your face. He cocked his head to the side giggling, “What are you doing there weirdo, let’s go!” You took his hand and entered Ashton’s house together.

Ethan and Ella were in the foyer and the moment you knocked on the door, you heard Ella’s shrill voice, “Mommy! Daddy!” She tiptoed to the door and opened it. The moment it did, she and Ethan screamed and latched themselves onto your legs. You two hobbled into the house with each kid on your legs. Ella was on your legs, and Ethan on his daddy’s. 

Michael and Ashton walked into the foyer with excited smiles on their faces, “Hey guys!”

You and Calum greeted the boys, and saw Luke in the kitchen holding a mug of coffee. You approached him first after Ella was grabbed from Ashton. You gave him a tight hug, and Luke grinned, “Hi Y/N. You look great.”

“You too Luke.”

You and Calum sat together on the couch and told everyone to gather around. You announced, “Calum and I….are having a boy!”

Everyone cheered. It was a good time. Ella pouted, but you reassured her everything would be okay, and the next one might be a girl. Michael and Ashton fought over who was going to be the favorite and what instrument the new boy was going to learn. Calum asserted it was going to be the bass before anything.

You went into the kitchen to get a cup of orange juice. A voice was heard, “Orange juice?” It was Luke. He was holding a cup of orange juice.

“Pulp?” He nodded. “You still know,” You giggled.

He shrugged, “You don’t forget those kind of things.”

You two stood together in silence for awhile. You sipped your orange juice. Luke was on his second mug of coffee. He was thinking out loud, “Do you ever think about what your life would’ve been if you were with me?”

You looked at him. You were appalled at first, but it was a fair question. You two were going to get married and have three kids. You were going to live in LA, and raise American kids. It was a life you wanted for a few years. It was all you could see.

But here you were now. You were a lawyer both licensed in America and in Australia. You lived in Australia. Your father Alexander visited every few months, and you called him every day. You had two beautiful children, and one on the way. You woke up every day and went to the firm, but not without an attack from your husband, Ethan and Ella. Every day you came from home, and Ella begged to carry around your suitcase for fun. Ethan listened to music with you and wanted to help you cook dinner.

Your husband would come home too. Calum. Your best friend. Your other half. Who else would you have married? He was the love of your life. After the incident with Luke, you moved in with Calum and very quickly you fell head over heels for the boy who fixed everything with cookies and hugs. He was your true love. He was your soulmate. It just took a heartbreak to figure out who was the one for you.

It was never Luke. You loved Luke. You did. If he came running and needed help, you’d be one of the first to help him.

But he was never Calum. He never would be.

You wanted to eat a cookie and listen to Blink-182 and not have to talk for hours.

Have a broken heater but still manage to love each other.

Drive in the rain and end up having a dance party on the side of the freeway.

Head bang to Nirvana and then slow dance to Boys II Men.

With Luke, there were the extravagant parties.

The late night escapades which left your head whirling.

The late night calls and the meaningful texts.

It was a good love. One you would never forget.

But it was not the life you wanted. 

You were pregnant with your third child with the only person you were ever meant to be with. 

So you looked at Luke and shook your head, “No I don’t. Because this is the only life I have ever wanted to live.” 

You walked away from the life you were never meant to live, and went back to the life you had, the one always meant for you.

And that is where you belonged.


And that’s a wrap guys! I hope you guys enjoyed that series as much as I loved writing it! This was my very first series, and I know it isn’t perfect but I want to continue writing these. Thank you so much for all the support that you’ve given me throughout this entire process.

If you have any requests or any feedback on what to change or what I should write, please let me know! If you ever need anything at all, do not hesitate to shoot me a message. It could be about the boys, All Time Low, Tumblr, personal stuff, or anything that comes to mind. I am here for you.

Thanks for reading, I love you all!