A new GF comic that I am thinking of doing-

Synopsis: Ma Pines has had enough of excuses, and is coming down to Gravity Falls to see her wayward son(s). Panic ensues. 

Would any of you be interested to see the rest of this comic? Haven’t yet decided whether to make this my next GF comic project :) 

What if Mycroft is really two people, twins, and different scenes we’ve seen him in so far have actually featured two separate “Mycrofts” and one is him and one is his twin and there’s a mean ruthless “Caring is not an advantage” one and a kind caring “Your loss would break my heart” and one’s a “he’s secretly pleased to see you under all that” and one’s a “get out of my house, you reptile”.

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day 2016 July 24 

M2-9: Wings of a Butterfly Nebula 

Are stars better appreciated for their art after they die? Actually, stars usually create their most artistic displays as they die. In the case of low-mass stars like our Sun and M2-9 pictured above, the stars transform themselves from normal stars to white dwarfs by casting off their outer gaseous envelopes. The expended gas frequently forms an impressive display called a planetary nebula that fades gradually over thousands of years.

M2-9, a butterfly planetary nebula 2100 light-years away shown in representative colors, has wings that tell a strange but incomplete tale. In the center, two stars orbit inside a gaseous disk 10 times the orbit of Pluto. The expelled envelope of the dying star breaks out from the disk creating the bipolar appearance. Much remains unknown about the physical processes that cause planetary nebulae.


                                                      “Or might the soul clone itself, 
                                                           create a perfect imitation
                                                              of something yet to be
                                                                 defined? In this way,
                                                        can a reflection be altered?”