The Slowest Burn, Ch 26 TEASER:

“Dad!” I scream and rush out my bedroom door to skip steps down the stairs. “Dad! Where’s my phone? Da—“ I almost run right into him when I get to the bottom. “Oh! You scared me!” I gasp and clutch  my chest. “Wear a bell next time, Dad! Geebus!” I lean against his arm and fight to catch my breath.

Dad chuckles, “Don’t need one, I got you…” he smashes his lips together to hold back a laugh. “I got you,” he shakes me, “Bells.”

I stare at him. “Are you on something?” I tilt my head and then wave my hand in the air to erase what I’ve just said. “Whatever. Uh, have you seen my phone?”

This phone?” he holds my iPhone between two fingers and dangles it in my face.

My eyes pop open and I jump for it just as he yanks it up over my head and out of reach. “Dad!” I hop like a bunny while trying to grab my phone. “Dad, knock it off! Stop!”

He thinks this is the most hilarious thing. “I’m not doing anything. You’re the little jumping bean.”

“Dad! I will put one of these in your gut!” I shake a fist at him until he finally drops the device into my hands and then backs away with his hands in the air. I stick my tongue out at him and run back up to my room so that I can call Edward. But when I unlock my screen, I’m assaulted with tons of different notifications. Missed calls. Text messages. Voicemails…

All of them are from Rosalie.




The voicemails are not very different. At least not until around 9 a.m. when her voice takes on a panicked tone.

“Bella, call me. This is really serious. My mom is here.

I’m up and out the door immediately after hearing that.