So I Just Watched Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 And Honestly That Is Most Defiantly My Favorite For Ever! I Was Having A Panic Attack Through The Whole Thing! Smh ABSOLUTLY LOVED IT #BreakingDawn #Twilight #Love #Bella #Edward #Awesome #TwilightObsession #Obsessed #CrazyLove #Crazy #OMG #CantStop #ImInLove #Obsession #TeamTwilight #Twilove #YES #Lbs Im Seriously Obsessed Right Now !



Day 7: a Bella moment/scene that you love

I love her character. The way she’s insecure is so relatable. Her misfit life turns into a perfect one. 

My heart skipped a beat in the New Moon scene where she’s morning over Edward leaving and the song “Possibility” is playing.

I also love the scene at the end of Eclipse I think it was.. when she gives the speech about how she isn’t normal and she never will be. 

I also love when in Twilight and Breaking Dawn… her life flashes before her eyes and she sees all the moments that she has thought of.

*I cannot wait until in Breaking Dawn Part 2 she shows Edward all the times she fell more and more in love with him. 

However I love when she confesses her love for every one.. it’s so beautiful. 

This is one of my favorite. 

Day 6: Favorite Twilight scene

Its so hard to pick because I love every scene Robert is in…… It’s hard to pick though because I thought Twilight was horribly done. 

This is probably my favorite.

Day 2: Favorite Book & Why?

Out of the Twilight Saga; my favorite book has to be Breaking Dawn. The wedding, the love making, birth, Voultri and everything else is beautifully written by Stephanie Meyer. It made me smile, cry and I COULD NOT stop reading. The characters showed their true colors and they all matured. However, I hate the fact that the series ended. Anyways, I like the fact that Edward and Bella’s life were finally coming together and they could be in love together. 

I could say so much more but that book is indescribable.

Day 1: Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?

I am 100% Team Edward. I’ve always loved his character in the books. He is my ideal image of someone absolutely perfect. Edward is extremely dreamy, honest, truthful, handsome, adventurous, funny and sweet. The way he treats Bella is how I wish someone treated me. And then just to put the cherry on top of my love for him, he is played by someone absolutely gorgeous (to me) in the movies, Robert Pattinson. 

Day 3: Favorite movie & why?

My favorite movie was probably New Moon. Compared to the book, it could’ve used a little more enphasis at some parts. Otherwise, the acting was phenomenal and Bella’s love for Edward is definitely brought into perspective. I liked Breaking Dawn Part 1 too and I saw it in theaters at least ten times until I got the bootleg. The wedding, love and birth scenes where very well done and captured my exact feelings from the book. It’d have to be a tie of my liking between those two movies.

Day 8: Favorite New Moon scene

New Moon is my second favorite movie and book, aside from Breaking Dawn. I love all of that movie, especially the scene where Edward leaves her. Kristen Stewart is such a powerful actress and I could feel her loss. All of New Moon displayed her love for Edward. 

However, my favorite scene is the whole ending potion of the movie in Italy. I especially like the part when Bella freaks out at the sight of Edward being hurt and tells Aro to kill her and not him. 

A Twilight Decade.

A decade.

A full decade has passed since a young stay at home mom woke up, on the day that her kids first began their swimming lessons; a fading dream chased her mind.

A dream about a beautiful boy with a secret, and a girl sharing it with him in the middle of a sunny meadow.

A decade later, we all know her name: Mrs. (or HRH) Stephenie Meyer. She’s no longer a stay at home mom- she’s the mother of a phenomenon.

A decade later, we have four and a half books, a novella, three graphic novels, and five movies. Millions of fans, of family, of people whose lives changed since that glorious First Sight.

I fell in love quickly and devastatingly. I never was the one to be so completely devoted, so whole heartedly cherishing. And now I know every quote, every line. Every change from books to movies. Every forgotten detail of what does Charlie’s dining table made out of. (It’s oak, by the way.)

A decade, can you believe that?

Try to remember where you were a decade ago. That is a long time, isn’t it?

And in this decade, oh, how things have changed.

My life did, too.

Stephenie made me believe again. She made me remember why was it that reading was my refuge, my happy place, if you would. I shut the first book and opened it again right away, knowing that from that moment on, I am in love.

And for you, my friends, my big Twilight family, remember to always be positive about three things: first, we are together, and we’re stronger than ever. Second, love.

And finally, the third: We are the forever fandom, and we’re never, ever going down.

Here’s for many more decades of our unconditional, irrevocable love.

Day 4: Which do you prefer: the books or the movie?

I can’t say which I like better. I enjoy the books because you know Bella’s thoughts but I like the movies because you can see it all happen. I read all the books after I saw Twilight and I liked visualizing the actors/actresses from the movie in the books. It made things easier to understand.