I’m pretty open when it comes to all the different MLP shippings, but one of my absolute OTP is Twilestia, so I decided to finally take the chance and make a picture of this shipping.
With Twi getting surprisingly her first kiss from Celestia.

Was kind of difficult to decided what outfit I should give Celestia so I got some little inspirations from some anime pics.
Original wanted to have her a dress but then decided for this uniform instead. I kinda like to see Celestia as someone who goes into battle if needed.


I’m sorry that the quality in these are pretty horrible. I sketched these in the speed of sonic- next time i’ll try and make it better.
What if wolf link turned into his human form and helped Botw Link thro the journey and had conversations and battles togheter?. Both took rests at stables, tp talking about his past life and Midna, Ilia, the ordon chilldren…
Boii mah heart.
Expect more coming art for these two from me-