twilit treaties


Scofflaw, I’ve talked to Inny- our Inny- and they’re doing…something. They were extremely skimpy on the details which as I’m sure you know means they are doing something monumentally stupid. But they seem okay, they were able to talk to me through the ritual I did without much issue. 

I’m just wondering if they’ve spoken to you at all about anything? 

Date Night

Part of you still can’t believe you’re actually doing this. It would be easier to handle if you’d planned something more casual, you think, but you’re pretty sure Scofflaw wants to show off, and you both damn well know why.

You can’t keep denying it to yourself.

You’ve actually made an honest effort to clean yourself up for tonight. You’ve shaved a little more neatly than usual, you got a new hat band, you’re wearing the shirt with the least amount of holes in it, and, at the moment, you’re even struggling to put on a tie.

You feel like a goddamn schoolgirl, getting anxious and fretting about what you’re going to wear to your date.

But it helps a little, at least, to know you probably aren’t going to have to keep it on all night.

twilit-treaties  asked:


Scofflaw is the golden boy in Bawd’s life. Her Diamond, pale as pearls, all that absurdly schmooby shit. She really does appreciate him dearly, and thinks that she would be a much worse person without Scofflaw helping her out. 

She greatly respects him and enjoys being around him and thinks that ruling the city is delightful alongside with him. She definitely didn’t think about “fated” anything before they finally got their shit together.