twilights pool

Passing the Monastery of Gathered Fragrance

Where is it, the Monastery of Gathered Fragrance?
Mile after mile I climb the cloudy peaks;
Here are old trees, a path that no man treads
And deep in the hills the sound of a temple bell;
A fountain chokes on jagged rocks,
Among these dark green pines the sun seems chill;
I come at twilight to a deep pool
Can the monk at his devotions curb the evil dragon?                    

- Wang Wei               

SyFy’s July 4th Twilight Zone Marathon
It’s that time of year - this July 4th SyFy will be submitting a massive TwiZone marathon for your approval.  Below, check out the schedule, along with links to corresponding episodes of our podcast.  If you’re not familiar with us, btw, we’re the Twilight Pwn, The Internet’s Third Most Popular Twilight Zone PodcastTM.  Check us out for in-depth trivia, bad Serling impressions, and occasionally funny riffage.  Happy marathoning!


Saturday, July 4th
8:00am Little Girl Lost
8:30am The After Hours
9:00am The Little People
9:30am Mr. Dingle The Strong
10:00am A Kind Of Stopwatch
10:30am A Hundred Yards Over The Rim
11:00am Long Distance Call
11:30am A Game Of Pool
12:00am A Most Unusual Camera
12:30am Stopover In A Quiet Town
1:00pm Number 12 Looks Just Like You
1:30pm A Penny For Your Thoughts
2:00pm I Sing The Body Electric
2:30pm Five Characters In Search Of An Exit
3:00pm Nick Of Time
3:30pm Kick The Can
4:00pm Where Is Everybody
4:30pm It’s A Good Life
5:00pm The Hitchhiker
5:30pm Third From The Sun
6:00pm The Bewitchin’ Pool
6:30pm The Masks
7:00pm Eye Of The Beholder
7:30pm ***No Episode Listed***
8:00pm The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street
8:30pm A Stop At Willoughby
9:00pm Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up
9:30pm To Serve Man
10:00pm Nightmare At 20,000 Feet
10:30pm Time Enough At Last
11:00pm Living Doll
11:30pm The Odyssey Of Flight 33

Sunday, July 5th
12:00pm The Midnight Sun (clever touch guys)
12:30pm The Howling Man
1:00am The Invaders
1:30am The Dummy
2:00am Dead Man’s Shoes
2:30am Night Of The Meek
3:00am Night Call

On May 4th, 1961 the prank war finally went too far. :D

On the far side of the pool, Eleazar can’t believe that despite the carnage before them Edward and Emmett are plotting the next prank in the war, while in the foreground Alice is astonished that she never saw this coming.

Esme is on her way out there: the war (and possibly the boys) have only moments left to live.


what’s hiding under your bed…

Aries: leftover pizza boxes
Taurus: a creepy clown
Gemini: your mid-life crisis
Cancer: the entire discography of ABBA
Leo: fuzzy handcuffs
Virgo: self-help workbooks
Libra: the dead body of your former roommate
Scorpio: the wig for your cam girl persona
Sagittarius: a shit ton of meth
Capricorn: twilight novels
Aquarius: the pool boy because your husband came home early
Pisces: a bible with a flask inside it for when you feel like praying

The Wind & the Tide

Using a series of hand gestures and a few facial expressions, the dryad described the feeling of wind. The flow through hair, distant smells, and the charged atmosphere of storms.

Beaming with understanding, the mermaid responded excitedly, relating the sensations of tides, temperature and pressure changes.

“Slow down, slow down!” the dryad signed, pulling her fingers along the top of her opposite hand. She had to repeat the gesture a few times before the mermaid caught up. Blushing a deep indigo, the mermaid repeated the message slowly and deliberately.

The conversation continued until twilight began to pool around them and visibility lessened.

They giggled royally when the mermaid signed “Tomorrow?” and the dryad interpreted “Strawberry?” 

The next morning, the dryad indeed brought strawberries with her. The mermaid brought a small packet of red kelp tied together.