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screenshot redraw from episode one!!!!!!!!!!! i had to do it, spike and rainbow are 2 of my big faves ^o^! (also this is just like, the cutest screenshot ever… they dont even know each other yet and theyre already in a pile of goofiness?)

Choices Fanmade Poster: The Royal Romance 👑💖

So I decided to practice mah photoshop skillz using face claims and this happened. I kinda went for Korean Drama/Japanese Drama style of poster but oh well…hello Wattpad! 😂📱🔫

I wanna thank @pixelbatsy for the lovely playchoices background. Love your BG collection so much! 😊❤️

Note: This poster is according to my gameplay where Stacie (my MC) stays with the Beaumont Bros., Maxwell and Dream Daddy, Brother Berty. She’s also besties with Maxwell, Hana and Corgi Baby. Drake likes her but she’s in love with Liam who loves her too but he’s engaged to Madeleine. Ya know, the typical love triangle shit and that. 😙👌🏼✨

The Holmes Children

Hamish Michael Holmes (age 19)

The eldest of the bunch. It cannot be denied he is Sherlock’s son and although he has the intelligence of a Holmes, his compassion and understanding undoubtedly makes him Molly’s. He finds love in anything space related and has a passion for piano. He is protective of his sister and his brother is his best friend. All in all he is the most likable, if not lovable, of the Holmes children.

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William Victor Holmes (age 17)

The middle child of the Holmes children. His sweet and innocent face is a perfect mask for his wild and adventuress self. He loves puzzles and pranks. And like his father he also has a love for “the game”. He will do anything for his family yet he isn’t always desirable. He is in short a jokester with all the charm and wit of a Holmes man.

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Elizabeth Louise Holmes (age 13)

The baby of the group. She’s sweet and loving like her mother but stubborn like her father. She knows she’s daddy’s little princess but she isn’t the typical girly girl. Though that never stops her from having her way when it comes to her father and brothers. Her goal is to become the world’s very best consulting detective.

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  • [Setting: Twilight's Castle, late at night]
  • Twilight: I made dinner Starlight!
  • Starlight: Thanks Mom
  • Twilight: Starlight…. Did you just call me Mom?
  • .
  • Twilight: Aww Starlight, I’m so flattered! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called Celestia 'Mom' by accident!
  • Starlight, dying internally: Twilight please no
  • .
  • Twilight: Do you see me as a motherly figure, Starlight?
  • Spike: Hey! Show your mother some respect!

DIRECT QUOTE FROM MY MOM: this leather jacket lesbian is fierce and will cut a bitch with that sharp ass eyeliner

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“Hey, Edward, I’m really sorry–” Tyler began.
Edward lifted his hand to stop him.
“No blood, no foul,” he said, flashing his brilliant teeth.


I raised one hand to halt his apology. “No blood, no foul,” I said wryly. Without thinking, I smiled too widely at my private joke.

Aight, I’m back rewatching odaat, so here are some notes on Episode 3:

  • Lydia’s morning ritual is amazing, a blessing
  • The pictures of the pope everywhere
  • My apartment looks like Jesus’s Pinterest page
  • Penelope trying to pull off the same morning ritual but failing haha
  • Schneider taking over lmao this episode is amazing
  • The scene with Lydia and Penelope in the church is A+
  • When Penelope comes home and she says “Abuelita is with Jesus now” and everyone is shocked afkjkjdffdk
  • God is a man bc if it was a woman there would be less problems is the best chain of thought ever lmao I love Lydia so much
  • Lydia and Penelope crying & hugging on the couch got me so emotional
  • Lydia being back with her morning ritual and putting a picture of the pope and Serena Williams on the fridge is just such a wonderful scene


Esme is an incredibly talented seamstress due to her lack of money to buy new clothes in her first life.

She loves taking the time to carefully repair her children’s clothes, the majority of them being Emmett’s as he isn’t exactly the most careful person.

Of a quiet evening you’ll find her sewing on the couch by of the low light of the TV, just happily humming to herself.


(Part 1 of 3)

Genie Twilight Sparkle: Mom! You’re lucky Spike’s not in the room right now!

((I’ve been wanting an episode involving Twi’s parents for a while now. And I’m very happy with what I got from the episode. If you want to hear what I have to say about them and the episode itself go here ^^ It will also be linked in the other two parts))

At the Drive-In: Part 3

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Pairing: Jughead x Reader
Word Count: 3,158 Epilogue Word Count: 602
Warnings: Mentions of physical abuse, there are teenage hormones at work, it gets a little sad? But no really, hormones at work.
Summary: Reader escapes her home at night and runs to the Twilight Drive-In where Jughead is her reluctant host. His little interloper is slowly burrowing her way into his heart.
A/N: This is the third and final part. I’ve included the epilogue in this post. I didn’t proofread :)

EDIT: There’s a sequel–Dark Side Of Your Room

Jughead found himself looking for her at school but he didn’t know where she existed outside of their nights together at Pop’s and the Drive-In. It was abundantly clear that, other than her proclivity for B&E, Jughead didn’t know much about her. He tried finding her in the library, as she often would read at Pop’s, but came up empty. It was a longshot, but he even looked in the student lounge.

It occurred to him, around fourth period, that he didn’t even know if they shared the same classes. He didn’t know what electives she took or where her locker was located. If it wasn’t for her scent clinging desperately to his pillow and his sleep shirts, he’d think that he made her up in a moment of insanity.

Perhaps it was a blessing that she wasn’t there last night. The news had been handed down the telephone line until somehow Jeanette of all people was telling him: the city had sold the Twilight Drive-In and they would be out of a job by the end of the weekend.

His first thought had been the loss of his home. His second thought had been the loss of income. His third thought was of Y/N and their nights together. All in all, Jughead was drowning in a sea of loss with no lifeboat in sight.

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