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Forever. ♥

Yes, I have watched The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 and yes, I cried. Until now, I still can’t believe that it is over. I have been captivated by The Twilight Saga for years and watching it’s finale was heartbreaking.

Sitting there inside the movie theater waiting for the movie to be shown was heart-pounding. I was very much excited and nervous and I was getting very impatient. But when they turned off the lights, I knew this was it. I WILL BE WITNESSING THE EPIC FINALE THAT WILL LIVE FOREVER.

From the first minute down to the last second of the movie, I was not taking my eyes off of the big screen. The movie was enchanting - it was amazing. It made me laugh, cry, and fall in-love all over again. As it came to the end, I can’t stop my tears from falling. The part where all the casts of the movie were shown with the theme song A Thousand Years playing was just wonderful. It left me in-love, captivated, breathless and very much addicted. Stephenie Meyer is a genius. :)

The Twilight Saga is something that I will remember… until forever. ♥