Artist meets actress l Namine & Meiko


It was one of those days- The ones where there wasn’t anything good to do after classes. Meiko took a walk around the Art and Desing building, whishing to get to know the place better. She always liked the different kind of arts, aside from the one she was majoring in, of course, so she thought it’d be nice to know a little about that and, if by chance, meet fellow art kids. 

She took a look inside one of the rooms. Inside, she could see a blonde girl covered in paint. The girl in question seemed pretty focused on something. Meiko’s curiosity got the best of her and approached the other, confident as always.

“You know, that looks pretty cool. Mind if I ask what is it?” She asked.

The votes are in! The Valentines Day event will be none other than… A Carnival of Love!

The Festival Committee has arranged for a carnival on the campus quad! There will be rides, games, and delicious snacks for you and your special someone to enjoy. No date? No worries! The carnival is open to all staff and students to enjoy! Admission to the carnival is $7 for students, but if you buy a ticket with your sweetheart, you get matching wristbands and $5 admission each! The carnival will run the week of February 13th - February 19th. There will be a sweethearts dance on Valentines Day at no additional cost. Come and enjoy the festivities with your friends and loved ones!

Every Friday in February is Flirty Friday!

Exclusively for the month of February, Fridays have become a day to exchange valentines! Bombard students with personalized valentines in their ask box! This will be very similar to TMI Tuesdays — a graphic will be posted and muses who reblog the graphic are willing to send and receive valentines. Remember to send out an abundance of valentines to everyone else!

The Meowjesty Festival Committee is selling candy grams for $1!

All proceeds go towards the cost of future events. Send your friends and Valentines delicious candy for a great cause!

The Winds Play A Song (Link)

After a hard days work in the labs, the boy who knew it all finally chose to take his day off and used it as such. He didn’t know what he wanted to do he just knew that he wanted to have to relax and have fun. He idea of that today was explore the campus a bit more then what he has already. 

His love for music ended up taking him to the theater. He walked in and it was pretty much empty. A teacher and two students were running lines by the entrance, and Jude pushed through. “Excuse me.” He thought there was more then just a stage. He felt disappointed then turned to the teacher. “Miss? Where are all the instruments?” She directed him to the side of the stage where people could practice on their own or the ones that were loaned. He stepped carefully to them.

Jude couldn’t see himself playing most of them. He played only the piano and guitar when he was younger, only as a hobby. He stepped over to the piano that blocked all of the other things he could try. At that moment there was nothing he could do but bring himself to play.

 An old tune came to him as he touched the keys softly. Then he became more comfortable with it. The students and dramatic arts professor fell silent as he played

Night on the town (Open RP)

Terra wasn’t sure how he had ended up walking into the small bar, but once he did he was suddenly hit with loud music, chatter and the stiff smell of alcohol and something else. The young man smirked as he pushed his way through the numerous groups, making sure none of them managed to spill anything on the smart suit he had decided to wear. A simple light grey suit with a navy tie. Once he had reached the bar, it wasn’t hard to get the attention of the barmaid and order a scotch and coke, waiting only a few moments as she filled the glass with ice, a shot of scotch and the rest with coke.

Taking the drink and slipping her money, he took a sip of the strong yet cold drinking, a smile spreading as he watched the young lady return his change on a small platter. Taking the notes, he left the coins on their as a tip as he moved past the groups and found a seat, relaxing in the nice leather seats and silently thanking his luck that he had found a seat without any surprises. Looking around to see no evidence that anyone was sitting there,  he took another sip of his drink as he looked at students drinking, chatting, getting cozy, and everything else one did while at a bar. Looking around with a sly smile, glad that everyone was having a good time, he lied back and enjoyed the loud music and his drink.

Late (Cloud)

Zexion was never late for class.


Though his alarm clock seemed hell bent on making it a ‘first time for everything’ sort of day.

Grabbing his things as quickly as he could, Zexion raced out of his dorm room, not even bothering to lock the door behind him. Demyx would be in there until his class and he could take care of it.

There were more important things going on.

Such as Zexion trying not to be late.

He blamed the medication that his psychiatrist had put him on for trying to help with the young prodigy’s lack of restful sleeps.
So now Zexion slept better, so much better in fact that he snoozed right through his alarm.
Cursing his luck yet again, the young junior rounded the corner in the science department without looking, slamming directly into another student and crashing to the floor with a cry of pain and the sound of books falling around him.

Now he was REALLY going to be late.

Relaxing by the pond [OPEN]

Terra had found herself with some free time today. After her experience in the lounge yesterday, she decided she would take break on trying to make new friends for today. She didn’t feel too comfortable sitting in a room that wasn’t all her own all day. It just felt to her as if she was sitting in someone else’s room. For this reason, she decided to go out and sit by the campus pond. She took a book to read and was on her way. 

Once she got down there she sat on a bench not too close to the water, but not that far away either. She started watching the water. I wonder if there are any fish in there. She thought to herself. She wasn’t too curious, but whenever she stared at water she found herself lost in thought. I wonder if anyone else comes out here ever. She thought.

(Possibly open RP with fifty-shades-of-science)

Demyx was excited to start the new school year, but he faced it with some trepidation. After all, many of his friends had graduated, including his previous roommate, and the panel of professors had gotten quite the shakeup. Even so, he was glad to be back, and glad to be done sleeping on couches and back into a real bed.

That being said, he didn’t have very many things- everything he owned could be condensed into his car, which was nearly twice as old as he was. It made moving in easier, he thought, trying to figure out a way to carry it all in at once. Never bound anywhere.

It was early yet, too early on Move-In Day, but nobody had been at the front gate. There was no way that his roommate could be here yet, and he was glad, because he wanted to get comfortable first. The kid’s name was Vexen- not a kid, exactly, because the paper he’d received indicated that Vexen was older. From their brief emails, he seemed… frigid so far.

Demyx hoped he didn’t mind music.

He parked outside the junior dorms and took his sitar case and suitcase. The dorm was easy to find- room 101, right within convenience distance between the nearest bathroom and kitchen. He went to unlock the door but found it open already, and without thinking to knock, he pushed it open.

“Oh… you’re here already,” he said, and tried to smile, though what he saw was some cause for concern, “Isn’t it, um, a little early?”

New Roommates [Terra and Paine]

It was Terra’s first day at her new school. That being said it would be her first time meeting her roommate and moving into the dorms. She had no idea what to expect. She had had a brief text conversation with Paine once earlier, but didn’t know anything about her.

After trying to find her way through all the room numbers for her own, she had finally arrived at her dorm. She opened the door and left her stuff by what had appeared to be the unclaimed bed. She looked around the room to see Paine. Thinking this was the time to introduce herself, Terra said “Hello there Paine. I am Terra Branford. I hope I won’t be a bother of a roommate.” She said shyly.

Practicing | Gokudera & Meiko


Meiko had been practicing all day and was growing quite frustrated at one particular scene. It was supossed to be a sad scene, where she had to sing as if her character was about to break down. But, somehow, she just couldn’t get it right. And so she went to practice to her dorm with similar results.

But of course, something was missing— the music! Meiko figured that maybe getting into the mood would help stay in-character. However, she didn’t know any music student and went to ask to a music teacher.

After a brief talk, the man recommended her one of his students and that he’d call him. Meiko accepted his offer excitedly. The teacher left the room and, shortly after, came back with a young man.

“ Hey!” She waved at the other.

musica alla mezzanotte (open)

The moon was dotting the sky earlier and earlier these days, but winter could not keep Marluxia tucked away inside his quarters. He glanced at the plants scattered around campus, considering how he could help them flourish even in the bitter cold that was sure to come. But that was not his mission tonight. Tonight he had every intention of finding a piano on campus and practicing in peace.

The room holding the piano was a little cramped, but the keys felt smooth and cool against his fingertips. It has been too long. The wide expanse of ivory was a welcome sight.

A small smile played upon his lips as he closed his eyes to the sound and feel of the quiet music reverberating through his hands, his touch light upon the keys.

Something alerted him to the presence of another. He just got here and already someone had discovered that which he generally kept private - his proclivity for the piano. He sighed, the music fading from the air, before turning to face the figure by the door.

Halloween Masquerade

“A lovely costume for a lovely evening. I’m sure no one will have something like this, but I guess that would be a good thing if I’m suppose to be unknown…they could confuse me for the other.” Garnet found herself talking to no one but her own at a Halloween shop out of Twilight Town. It was one of the best places to get a costume for the masquerade party held on campus. 

Til held up the paper of the item she wanted to the dealer. “This one please?”

She was all set, placing her item in a concealed bag no one would ever see what she bought.

The weather was just right at the night of the party. The dark haired girl made sure her mask was fitted well enough to not fall off as well as loose enough to no mark her face. “It’s so hot in this mask…by the time I make it out of this my face will be covered in sweat.” Garnet stood in front of the maze as she watched a few other random students enter before her. The area grew silent and she huffed a breath before stepping into the maze before the party.

“The party has probably already began, hopefully I can figure out who some people are.” Taking a chance with going along a path the other students that entered before her didn’t, Garnet stepped slowly to make sure she didn’t fall. Surely it would ruin her dress but that was bound to happen at a night university Halloween party. The thought on how long the maze was ran through her mind as she could hear a yelp behind her.

A group of seniors boys were bulling a smaller freshman. Garnet frowned as she saw them pushing him into one of the walls of the maze. “We can’t even have one day without some guys acting like jerks huh?” She stomped over towards the crowd pushing the group away from the boy. “There is a nice party ahead, how about we take this there? Oh right. That wouldn’t be alright now would it? Get out of here, now.” She dusted the boy off. Though she couldn’t show her face she tried to be nice and have a friend tone with him as the bullies walked off laughing. 

“You should be find now, just make sure you get through this quickly.” Til watched him wave as he continued on. 

It grew to be almost twenty minutes of walking. The girl thought she was close due to the sound of the music growing louder. She didn’t bring anything with her in case of someone who knew the way her items looked. She didn’t have her phone or anything to help her figure out a way to the crop circle. “Hmm, I have went this way already…I think." 

With the way things were looking, the party might lose her tonight. She grew irritated and sat in the soft spot in the grass until she felt like moving yet again. "I wonder how long the party is.” Her stomach growled as she thought about the food that was probably prepared for the night. This night could be a long one, but it was fun to be dressed and hidden.

A run-in ~ Shirogane & Meiko


It was a fine day, one of those rare ones where Meiko had woke up fairly early. After getting ready for the day, she resolved to go to the Cafeteria and grab something to eat. 

She was just minding her bussines, checking her phone and then- crash. The impact almost made her fall on the floor and dropping her cellphone. Of course, she was mad, she didn’t go around running and crashing people around the campus. Eyes closed and arms crossed, she raised her voice in an angry tone.

“Hey, watch out!” 

Floating Ducks [Namine]


Carnivals had always been a place of great fortune to him. Experiencing so much good luck in one day had given Komaeda anxious tingles in anticipation for the recoil of bad luck, but for the moment… he had run out of ways to carry his prizes.

“Another lucky duck.” 

“Hey, you’ve been here for a while, is there something you want? I’ll get it for you!”