but can we talk about how damn surprised Jack’s not to see Bitty on the wing of the plane.

Thirdy: soooo… does he do this often?
Jack: oh, every third flight or so. You’re usually asleep.

Marty: hey, hey kiddo. Your boyfriend’s on the wing again.
Tater: *presses face against glass and makes doofy faces at Bitty*
Snowy: I’m pretty sure I saw a Twlight Zone episode about this… classic Twilight Zone, not the remake…

Before New Moon came out in theaters I always hoped they would include the scene where they are greeted at the airport by the Cullen family when they get back from Italy. Alice & Jasper reuniting, Carlisle & Esme relieved that their family is alright, Rosalie trying to make amends… All very important moments that were once again sacrificed for the love triangle story. 

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Perri starts as Edward for a remake of Twilight?(btw, i had to Google Edwards name cause i haven't seeb or read and Twilight stuff)

“Now that I think of it I COULD be Edward… Maybe I should play ALL the roles!”

Fang Boy and Lover Girl

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vampire Brendon smut if you have time :) love your blog!

A/N </ I was going to call this Panic! At the Twilight remake.


I was at my house in the pitch black. All the windows covered up. I was waiting for her to get here. I hear the key in the lock and foot steps getting closer and closer.

“Hey babe!” She says walking in and sitting down.

“Hey. How are you?” I ask

“I’m fine, you?”

“Ehh dark.”

We laugh. She moves her face closer to me and kisses me. I kiss her back as she climbs on top of my lap, grinding against me. Her hands start moving down to my pants so I stop her.

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Thief Reborn!  (Closed RP with applejack-and-daxter)

A few days has passed since the incident with the Cooper trio that had led the Mane-Six(Except Fluttershy and Pinkie) to the Castle of the Two Sisters and back through a narrow escape, only for the sacrifice of a fellow Cooper to allow their survival to come to fruition!  Drake and Rufus indeed departed to a location unknown with their true motives still hidden, while Drake was no doubt still battling the overwhelming sea of emotions after witnessing the loss of his only family and brother he had left in the circle.  Life for the ponies(and Daxter) moved on normally almost as if this entire ordeal hadn’t happened: Rarity managed to salvage the situation and save herself from humiliation and failure, Twilight manages to remake lost elixirs and order copies of some books that were stolen, and then there was the fresh replacements given to Applejack of her Chimera fighting gear.  The life of the honest farm pony continues with a bright, early, and busy morning!


Rumor: Twilight Princess Getting a 3DS Remake?

So says an internal rumor from Gamestop HQ. 

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but…another remake? Twilight Princess is fantastic, but if it does get remade shouldn’t it belong on the Wii U like Wind Waker? 

What do you guys think? Would you be down for a Twilight Princess remake on the 3DS? Of course, this is all speculation at this point. Come to think of it, aren’t we about due for another Nintendo Direct?

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Bloody Veer with Ranbir Kapoor

MUMBAI: Ranbir Kapoor has reportedly signed the remake of Twilight titled ‘Bloody Veer’. 

Going through the script, apparently the 'Rockstar’ actor is very excited about his role. 'Bloody Veer’ is to be a light-hearted funky venture about hip youngsters and a gang of friends. It’s a fun film with a dash of humour and romance.

The movie will be produced by Siddhartha Jain and directed by Heeraaz Marfatia.

Ranbir will next be seen in 'Barfee!’ slated to release on 13 July. He is currently working on Ayan Mukherjee’s 'Ye Jawaani Hai Deewani’ opposite Deepika Padukone.

Twilight Alternative Cast

Sierra Boggess as Esme Anne Platt Cullen

                “She had the same pale, beautiful features as the rest of them. Something about her heart-shaped face, her billows of soft, caramel colored hair reminded me of the ingenues of the silent-movie era. She was small, slender, yet less angular, more rounded than the others."―Bella, upon seeing Esme for the first time