No. 6 manga sceneries and backgrounds

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Tonight, New Orleans, etc. by Kevin O'Mara

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*Enters ponyville, holding a tall building like a body pillow and has a couple of cars on her hoof. Eating them* Roaaaar! *stretches a bit and sits next to Twilight's house. she smiles* Rrrrrrrr~

Discord:  Easy folks Twizilla on a move, good to see girl, did you get a new tan?

Princess Luna’s first Nightmare trick

Keira dashed out of Everfree Forest, clearly frightened by something. Twilight was nearby when she found her.

Twilight: Keira! What’s wrong?!

Keira: Nightmare Moon! She’s back!

Twilight: WHAT?! But that’s impossible! What happened?!

Keira: I was by the statue and then all of a sudden she broke out!

Twilight: There’s no way this is possible!

Twilight gallops into her house and instantly starts reading about the Nightmare Moon statue and all about Nightmare Moon.

Twilight: Let’s see…Nightmare Moon…I’ve already read this book.

She uses her magic to get another book.

Twilight: The statue of Nightmare Moon was- UGH! I already know this! Nothing here is helpful!

Twilight Sparkle continues to do this for the rest of the night.

Meanwhile, just outside of Twilight’s house…

Rainbow: Boy, you got her good this time! Pretending that Nightmare Moon was back! Ha-ha-ha! I’ve never seen that Egghead run to a book so fast in my life!

Applejack: I have to admit, that was a mighty fine prank you pulled on Twilight.

Rainbow Dash: Mighty fine?! That prank was BRILLIANT! How did you ever come up with it?!

Keira: Well, this was really Luna’s idea. I just played along with it!

Pinkie Pie: Way to go, Princess! You pulled one of the greatest pranks I’ve ever seen be pulled on Nightmare Night!

Princess Luna: Please, you all may call me Luna. And it was thanks to your words that I realized what this night is all about. Having a good time!

Back inside Twilight’s house, Twilight has officially fallen asleep, face first into a book.