Places where reality is a bit altered:

• any target
• churches in texas
• abandoned 7/11’s
• your bedroom at 5 am
• hospitals at midnight
• warehouses that smell like dust
• lighthouses with lights that don’t work anymore
• empty parking lots
• ponds and lakes in suburban neighborhoods
• rooftops in the early morning
• inside a dark cabinet

• playgrounds at night
• rest stops on highways
• deep in the mountains

• early in the morning wherever it’s just snowed
• trails by the highway just out of earshot of traffic
• schools during breaks
• those little beaches right next to ferry docks
• bowling alleys

• unfamiliar McDonalds’s on long road trips
• your friends living room once everybody but you is asleep
• laundromats at midnight

• galeries in art museums that are empty except for you
• the lighting section of home depot
• stairwells
• hospital waiting rooms
• airports from midnight to 7am
• bathrooms in small concert venues

• cemeteries
• abandoned penitentiaries
• hilltops at night in full moonlight
• most of Japan
• empty barns
• marshes
• really anywhere quiet at midnight, the air vibrates
• old stones and henge
• the ocean when it’s still quiet with fog over it
• train tracks that go through the middle of the woods
• bridges
• ancient places
• stands of old growth forest
• the Eastern Sierras/high desert

• rabbit paths off hiking tails
• trails between the main ski hills
• winter twilight
• back allies between houses
• logging roads
• dirt roads on fall evenings with leaves falling off the trees
• libraries before closing
• anyplace where it’s snowing before sunrise
• the woods during a rainstorm

• roads covered with snow with trees on the sideways while snowflakes are falling out of the sky
• train stations after 10 PM
• outside, right before a massive storm
• the woods just after twilight
• the beach in winter
• the bottom of swimming pools
• empty beaches when its snowing

• back part of a library
• late night empty streets
• highways late at night
• windy roads
• windy roads at night when you can only see the immediate road
• abandoned parking lots (office buildings, homes)
• anywhere immediately after a really bad fight
• little towns late at night when no ones awake and the only lights on are the street posts

• empty buses before sunrise/after sunset
• being the only one outside in the early morning when its almost dark and you feel alone on earth
• mountains with a big forest close to it
• being alone in a spot in ikea
• the lakeside anytime between 2 and 6 am
• firework shows when you’re sitting on the grass
• staring up at very tall buildings
• the tram at a big airport
• abandoned house by a lake

• being the only one downstairs on christmas  
• stepping outside in the early morning when it has just snowed
• when its dark and you see snowflakes falling down in the light of a lamppost on the lonely road
• that one clear spot in the forest with trees surrounding it
• a parked car in a snow/thunderstorm
• corn fields with the wind blowing over them
• malls when they’re about to close for the night
• woods at twilight/dawn
• being on a train after midnight
• theme parks at night

• winding back roads with rolling fog
• seeing “open” signs when its really foggy and cloudy
• being in a train that was crowded when you got in and now its quiet, looking at the seats knowing that there were people sitting there moments ago and now they’re gone
• hiking trails that have nobody on them
• being alone in an elevator for a few minutes
• looking down at the forest when you’re standing somewhere high and seeing the top of the trees with fog lingering over them
• the ferry about to take off in the middle of the night
• tree houses
• empty seats on the late night train
• 4-6 am on a winter morning

• the clouds/damp coming out of your mouth when its really cold in the morning
• stepping out on an unfamiliar metro/train stop
• greenhouses that have been left to grow alone
• cemeteries in the middle of fields
• biking/walking on the main road when its dark without cars
• swamps with fog
• hotel corridors in the middle of the night
• anywhere where you can hear a train whistle in the distance but you can’t see it or know just how far away it is
• foggy mornings in a meadow
• that flickering streetlight
• working offices at midnight

• abandoned amusement parks
• mirrors in an airplane bathroom
• being alone in a church
• empty hotel lobbies
• hearing trains off in the distance especially at night
• snow falling down in general
• being in a place thats supposed to have a lot of people but it doesn’t
• long, dark hallways
• the middle of a park when its snowing
• playgrounds at night
• work/school when you’re snowed in
• caves
• a field of power lines
• being in a forest where there are train tracks not knowing if the train may even ever approach
• bonfires

• being in a different room than everyone else at a party
• the woods on a night with a full moon
• empty stables
• empty metro stations that are usually crowded
• gas stations on long mountain roads
• the old part of a city when you’re the only one in the street
• stadiums when a game or concert is over
• entering a building with a really high ceiling
• moonlight, anywhere

• empty tennis or baseball courts with limited lightning
• times when you are transitioning from one phase to another
• lodges in the snow
• frozen water in the winter
• a little lake in the middle of the forest
• campus during summer
• family gatherings
• construction site after works have gone home
• leaving a tent at midnight
• lonely swings
• overgrown fields
• from twilight to dusk
• farmland thats covered in the morning fog
• suburban neighborhoods filled with tension and wind before a large summer thunderstorm
• being at an abandoned place knowing that years ago at that exact same moment there were people
• the feeling of being chased by someone/something
• knowing you’re not alone in a certain place like a forest

this feeling is scary as FUCK it dawns upon you that something is so quiet or abandoned or empty and vacant that its like the universe forgot to make something happen in the one spotlike you found a glitch in real life like everything seems fake and unreal and real and not fake all at one and youre so confused

RAVENCLAW: “There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.” –Rod Serling (The Twilight Zone)

Isaac Levitan. At The Summer House In Twilight.
1895. Rostov and Yaroslavl Museum-reserve of art and architecture, Rostov.

Pending Asks

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If you think tumblr ate your ask or you can’t remember if you asked we have this list for you. A peek into our inbox just for you.

We will try and update this every time we get a new ask so everything stays current

And we’d love it if you took a peek at our Lost Fics page and see if you recognize any of them. 

(Not necessarily in any order.)


deaf/HoH or blind sterek X2

Derek is cursed and cheats on Stiles

Stiles goes to anger management

revenge sex

Derek wants to wait

True mate Sterek

NOT ok with the sheriff cuffing Stiles

Pushed out of the pack but doesn’t come back

BDSM Sterek/Steter with a breeding kink

Older!sterek, established relationship

medieval fics

stiles saves erica and boyd from gerard


pirates of the caribbean

Pack dynamics

Fics like  "through his eyes"

crossover of riverdale

Stiles and Jackson brotp

Wreck it ralph sterek

Derek leaves beacon hills to heal

Stiles developed a codependency/attachment to the nogitsune

sex hot line

Alpha Peter and Omega Stiles

Telemarketer and customer sterek

Before i fall sterek

Sterek groundhog day

Derek is obsessed with Stiles’ neck

de-aged Derek

Derek and Kira Brotp

Steter Reveal

avoiding ex meets strangers to lovers

Derek and stiles are in prison

Sterek slow build


stiles runs away after a fight

established relationship fluff

Sterek smuts with threesomes


Stiles is dating a guy in the pack and it’s fine


pack view Stiles as their brother

Stiles has been his dad’s caretaker

Stiles cuddles Derek in his wolf form

People don’t listen to lydia

Stiles kicked out and doesnt forgive

Derek or Stiles are sick

Derek dying

Derek pretends to be dumb

paranormal investigator aus

Arranged marriage


Nogitsune aftermath

Stiles walks in on Derek masturbating

Peter becomes codependent on Stiles

Derek remembers Stiles

genderswap sterek

Bad reputation!stiles

Fall in love twice


Stiles or Derek are thrown a surprise party

Sterek’s kids have anxiety

stiles safewords out of sex with Derek

Steo but endgame sterek

bed-sharing fics

novel length fics

Stiles broke up with his bf just bc he loves Derek.


Sterek polygot

derek scentmarks stiles

Time travel


bisexual Stiles or Derek

Sad fics around stiles

Dom stiles


Sky high au

Time travel!stiles


Flash au

Werewolf convention

Secret steter

Omega stiles

Based on tv shows


Prison au

Bad!laura x 2


leap year au

Sterek Breeding kink

Sciles w/ Jealous Scott

after surgery Stiles

Derek can pronounce Stiles name

steter fics where stiles gets rejected by the pack

stere with endgame sterek

While You Were Sleeping au

sterek fic with derek killing zombie sheriff

humans are discriminated against

pacific rim scallison

Stiles has to hide what he really is

arrow crossover

genius stiles


brother bear au

Keeping Up With The Joneses AU

stiles protects derek

sterek english second language

Derek rebuilds the house



stetopher update

someone else gets bitten/is born a wolf

someone tries to be more like Stiles

Stiles leaves and everything goes to shit

good BDSM practices

our favs list


bamf!stiles no magic

people think derek is abusing clumsy!stiles

play mating

masquerade ball

explores the 5a schism between Stiles + Scott

Hale vault

single dad!stiles

Petopher, bottom!chris fics

Stiles/Derek/The Pack as surgeons

Stiles sticks up for Derek  

religious angst

kid fic


Sterek move away

Teen Wolf and Avengers



concerned about Stiles health


Stiles as an argent

Derek can’t control shift

Scotty doesn’t know au

Stiles hurt because of Scallison

Deputy Stiles or Derek

Derek comes out X 2

fics like Untamed by rosepetals42

Derek and stilinski family

sterek stories centered around hickeys


high school au


Stiles is Derek’s second

party animal!Stiles

friends au

Virgin bottom Stiles

stiles turned on by derek’s eyes and fangs

fics like Sacrifice by Nival_Vixen

ppl see stiles and recognise how very pretty he is

live in a boarding house full of supernatural creatures

reincarnation AU

biracial kid

pack works with lions or bears

serial killer fics

Mafia Boss Stiles AU

nogitsune is Stiles’ friend


biker Derek

drugged Stiles flirting with Derek

Stiles has a period

stiles and derek realize they’re dating the same person

jackson comes backX2

Derek is drugged and forced to hurt stiles

growing up together

pack mom updateX2

bad friend!Scott update

allison is the bad guy


sheriff gives the sex talk

BAMF Lydia

6b trailer



Allison (or even Stiles) going through hunter training

Derek has to like ‘put Stiles down’

Lydia gets huffy about Sterek

hit man!stiles


parallel universes/time travel


future fics

Steter with a very strong Sterek friendship

Stiles and magical exhaustion

finstock fics

stiles rescues derek

stiles or derek are asexual

scott and stiles friendship is strained

Stiles is scared of Derek

Stiles has an unrequited crush on scott but then realizes he’s in love with derek

sterek mutual pining   





peter taking care of stiles

unhealthy relationship sterek

Stiles finds out about werewolves

Derek or Stiles or both are kicked out of the pack


isaac-centric wo angst

truth spell

stiles is cold



lydia and stiles

slut shamed!stiles

stiles breaks Derek’s heart

sterek get together after s2

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you had any resources for plot structure for a series? Specifically aimed for a younger audience? Thankyou!

Certainly! I’ve actually answered this one before, but as I can’t seem to find the post, let me see what I can find for you again. To start, I would recommend making a few different charts and taking a lot of notes–the more you can keep track of, the better. The key to making a series work is the ability to juggle multiple plots. All writers do this: they have their man plot and their subplot. Series writers do the same thing but go bigger. Each individual book must have its own plot: its own beginning, middle, end, climax, the whole shebang. But the entire series must have an arc as a whole, a bigger plot that keeps them together.

Each book must also have an ending–but not too clean of an ending. You have to leave enough open questions and threads still dangling that the reader will want to come back for more. One of the best go-to’s for YA series is to have each book be a summer or a year, and then the series “grows up” with both the characters and the readers. (i.e. Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Twilight, The Magic Tree House Series, etc.). Think of what each of these book series have in common: each book has an individual adventure or bad guy or goal (defeat the chamber of secrets, go back in time to visit the ancient Egyptians, etc.) but the overarching series continues outside of that one victory or fight (defeat voldermort, figure out how the magic tree house works.) 

Whatever your plot is going to be, it must have big stakes and big steps. Think of each book in the series as one “step” toward the ultimate goal, something to check off the list of progress. By the last book, the checklist will be complete. 

Here are some more links that may help:

Ancwritingresources is open to submissions and questions. And check out my new book, Permanent Jet Lag, out now! 

Book Purchase Links

NineStar Press, Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo

themiddleliddle  asked:

"It's a story about the twilight of House Lannister, the brief shooting star of House Tyrell, and the early collapse and series-long phoenix-esque rise of House Stark." I just need you to know that sentence gave me chills and I want to embroider it on a pillow.

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There was a post a while back about how the Lannisters are a consciously-created example of a family that Used To Be Great but the sun has sort of set for them but they hAVEN’T REALIZED IT YET. It puts like, all the insanity of what Tywin and Cersei do into this great prism of “clinging to power by their fingernails” and the reader is supposed to be in on the secret of like, how the Lannisters are gonna be #dunzo by the end of the series and iDK IT JUST FUCKS ME UP A LOT to think about the series as Myths The Houses Tell Themselves along with the Myths The Houses Are Creating In Real Time.

The Smell of Home

“To me, the smell of soup stock is the smell of the house at twilight. The smell of my dad. A smell that wafts deep into my nostrils. The smell of family." 

What a wonderful message on a Christmas Day! Home. Family. Love.

On its last episode Poco’s Udon World called forth bucket of tears as the beloved tanuki go bye-bye. His purpose of human existence was all for Souta to know that it is ok, there’s nothing to worry about, Dad loves Souta, Dad knows that Souta loves him, and there are a lot of people who loves Souta so much.

Through all those fragments of forgotten memories, all of Souta’s regrets were erased and things left unsaid were at last spoken.

He now know that despite not having a proper talk with his Dad and explaining to him that he has found what he loves to do, his Dad had always been happy and proud of him. He learned how his Dad loves him so much and even wrote the Udon recipe knowing that Souta will one day want to eat the same udon noodles again. All his love for Souta written in that notebook. His Dad had and will always watch over him.

The little tanuki used all the power left in him to tell Souta his greatest message: "that even when a family is physically separated, they will always be together”

They will always be a part of each other and they will always be in each other’s hearts. In the place where Souta was introduced to the tanuki Poco, is also the place where Poco said how much he looooves Souta before he go bye-bye.

Poco was the tanuki that Souta saved years ago in the accident that left a scar on his leg. And now Poco is the one who saved Souta and filled a big emptiness in his heart.

And now there is an addition to their family photos. That of Souta and Poco. It may have been short-lived and the photo may be blurred but Poco will surely stay in their hearts and in mine.

But I am also hoping that Poco is just around and will one day live there again with Souta in their home.

  • teacher : fantasy is for people who doesn't like the world they life in
  • me :
  • teacher : they think that elves
  • me : (no , don't you...don't you th..)
  • teacher : exist
  • me : no , tinker bell ,
  • teacher : and they think that vampires exist
  • me : don't judge everyone want to be a bloodsucker , duh
  • teacher : and that there will be a world with factions
  • me : I'm divergent and I can't be controlled
  • teacher : people like her