My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree spoilers ahead:


I’m sorry, but I have to complain. I just watched My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree with my sister today.

While the storyline was decent, Did anyone else find Forest Pine’s behavior completely despicable?
Like, I was completely enraged with how Hasbro seemed to think that his demeaning behavior was okay. Not only did I feel his character was demeaning, but I felt he was too much of a braggart, too.
Twilight never disagrees with it, she just kind of accepts it and practically lets him talk down to her while he’s ‘flirting’ with her.
And they have the rest of the Mane six cooing over it and talking about how 'cute’ his behavior is??

When Pine is first introduced and he sees Twilight, they both just automatically show interest in each other.
I cannot tolerate that they feel like this pairing is genuine when all he does is make ridiculous attempts to make himself look great to Twilight from the beginning to the end, for example, when he decided to tell Twilight her cabin was the best because 'she was in it’ and she responded by saying “I bet you tell everyone else the same thing”, he turns around after denying it and harasses Bulk Biceps by telling him his cabin was terrible and then disguises it as a 'joke’.

He practically aggressively pursues Twilight the entire film, giving barely any room for any normal conversation where they could really get to know each other without it being a poorly scripted romance trope.
This is barely romantic. They do not build any real bond and nothing in the plot suggested it. The only times they talk, Pine usually boasts about himself
in order to try and win Twilight’s affection. When she is uncomfortable about magic in the camp and tries to avoid everyone, he only ever asks her once why she’s 'not herself today’, and due to the previous interactions it makes me feel like he’s only asking with self gratification in mind if he does gain her attention.
Nothing about their interactions felt genuine and all of it felt forced.
I did not find his character charming, I found him to be an unlikable jerk.

I was especially appalled by the ending. This is quoted directly from the film:

Pine: “Not to brag or anything, but it’s pretty cool that I saved all those campers from those rubus fruticosus… Blackberry brambles.”

Twilight: “I am familiar with the genus, it’s a just a little weird you say you saved the campers; I thought I saved them.”

Pine: “Yeah… But I saved you from falling on the docks so you could save the campers. So technically, it was all me.”

And Twilight just giggles and says “I’m really glad I met you”??? And he has the audacity to ask her out after that?? Are you fucking kidding me Hasbro?

This makes the idea that taking credit from your partner is okay.
This gives the impression that your partner should accept you talking down to them, and that making a joke of it is okay. Regardless if it might or might not make your partner feel offended or even slightly uncomfortable, as hinted by Twilight’s quote above.
I did not find it funny, nor did I find it cute.
There is enough of a misunderstanding of how love is supposed to be nowadays, and I’m supposed to accept this garbage as the modern ideation of it?

There are other people who ship them and I understand this. That is their choice and that is fine.
But I personally cannot accept this pairing. I do not like it. It makes me uncomfortable, and it makes me feel as disgusted as I am angry.

Way to sell out that this kind of behavior to someone you’re interested in is okay, Hasbro. At least I felt Flash and Twilight’s pairing was less forced than this one.

I was really disappointed this time.

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