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Kylie out in West Hollywood

Did a foil and flood today in college on Laura I’m loving it! it #bbloggers #beautyblogger #hairstyles #hair #hairstudent #hairdresser #hairdresserstudent #scottishbloggers #foils #highlights #foilandflood #flood #fullhead #wella


Foggy lungs dan

The good life ××

Honestly growing another head on my chin


× Smoke Break ×

Almost time to fly out to BABScon, picked up my costume tonight that my owner’s sister made for me. As you guys can tell by the photos it is the dress that my cartoon counter part wore when she was human in Equestria Girls. I am still getting use to it and adjusting the sleeves. The shoes on my rear hooves feel odd but I guess wearing them over the weekend will help me get use to them. I hope everypony has had a great week and is enjoying their Friday evening. 

My sister and I used to love taking the quizzes in shitty girly magazines. While taking the “Which Girl From The Harry Potter Series Are You: Hermione, Ginny, or Luna?” we realised that there were no bad results. I think that says a lot about the series.


Watch calif0rnia—dreamer :) she’s really good

One of those nights….