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// sorry for a random question but are there any songs that remind you of your rp ships? just curious about your opinion

Obikin- Red by Taylor Swift, Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons

Djaq x Will- You and Me by Lifehouse or Shutup and Dance With Me by Walk the Moon

Obianidala- Hold Each Other by Great Big World

Anidala- Halo by Beyoncé

Obidala- Vanilla Twilight by Owl City

Kara x Anakin- Rhythm of Love by Plain White T’s

Will x Djaq x Allan- The Reason by Hoobastank

Obi-Wan x Lena- Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars

Obitine- Die Young by Ke$ha, Thunder by Boys Like Girls

Will x Ben- Arms by Christina Perri

Vaderwan- I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace

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19, 31, 51, 84?


19: do you keep a journal? what do you write/draw/ in it?

yeah i do have a journal!! i mostly write poetry in it, or little stories, or observations about the world

31: what is your opinion of socks? do you like wearing weird socks? do you sleep with socks? do you confine yourself to white sock hell? really, just talk about socks.

well, fun fact about me, i never wear matching socks! i always mismatch them. idk why it’s just a habit i picked up and it’s become my thing, so my mom actually gasps and pretends to act all scandalized if she sees me wearing matching socks

51: think of a person. what song do you associate with them?

aw man there are so many answers i could give here, because i associate pretty much EVERYONE with songs, but hm……..when i think about my moirail, i think of vanilla twilight by owl city!!

84: are you planning on getting tattoos? which ones?

aW MAN ID LOVE TO GET TATTOOS!! i really want a set of wings, the kind that stretch onto your arms, and i’d love some watercolor tattoos of flowers, especially on my ribcage

send me a number!!

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Stevie for the name playlist, please 💖

S- Still Breathing (Green Day)
T- Tomorrow (Avril Lavigne)
E- Extraordinary Girl (Green Day)
V- Vanilla Twilight (Owl City)
I- I Don’t Know My Name (Grace VanderWaal)
E- Ever After (Marianas Trench)

Playlist Aesthetic: The weight of your shoulders being lifted away as you fall to the shower floor or onto the sheets of your bed. All the emotions you’ve been pushing down, and choking on, come bubbling up to the surface, along with the tears and snuggles. Let yourself cry. Let yourself breathe. You’ll be okay soon. (This playlist made me cry just making it holy crap).

{No more, please}

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Oliver (for the name playlist!)

O- Outer Space / Carry On (5 Seconds of Summer)
L- Landslide (Fleetwood Mac)
I- I Won’t Give Up (Jason Mraz)
V- Vanilla Twilight (Owl City)
E- Ever After (Marianas Trench)
R- Rapunzel (Emilie Autumn)

Playlist Aesthetic: Curled up in bed on a dreary day, feeling soft and gentle, if not a bit vulnerable. You need music that feels like a hug.

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song rec: vanilla twilight by owl city! it's so relaxing and pretty tbh c:

nice, i live for rad songs

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Comment: randi i love your new url oh my god

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Not a thing Saeyoung would like but just a sad headcanon/AU where, say, he gets forced to go under a new name and give everything up without notice.

And say MC makes music. And is just shattered. Their entire world is just broken, right? (Insert the song Vanilla Twilight by Owl City here for breaking your Feelies™ because that would be what they make for him.)

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val or valentina, depending on if you are in the mood for a long or short playlist :) x

vanilla twilight - owl city
all of the stars - ed sheeran
let it go - james bay
edge of night - billy boyd
neptune - sleeping at last
talk me down - troye sivan
insomniac’s lullaby - ed sheeran
no better - lorde
all i want - nikolas lima

when you’re both tired and can’t sleep, so you just lie there and hold each other, quietly, whispering that it’s going to be okay and you’re both going to make it.

name playlists!

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For the playlists: Purple Dragons and Aqua Cats

Is this two or???? I’m going to make it one.

Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal- All Time Low
40 Oz. Dream- Good Charlotte
Vanilla Twilight- Owl City
Give Me Novacaine- Green Day
Radioactive- Imagine Dragons
Mad as Rabbits- Panic! at the Disco
Take Me to Church- Hozier
That Green Gentleman- Panic! at the Disco
3 A.M.- Matchbox Twenty
Crazy- Gnarls Barkley 

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Cheesecake, chocolate cake and rainbow cake :DD

Cheesecake: Favourite song?

Mad hatter by Melanie Martinez 🐰🎩

Chocolate cake: Aesthetics?

The twilight hour, daffodils, owls, a perfect food set up, ummmm snow and snowy forests ☀️🌙🌼🍜❄️🌲

Rainbow cake: What is your current phone wallpaper?

It’s a drawing of a cactus girl I found on Pinterest, she looks like a total badass 🌵👧🏻

Thanks for the questions they were fun to answer 🙂

“The stars lean down to kiss you. And I lie awake and miss you. Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere. ‘Cause I’ll doze off safe and soundly. But I’ll miss your arms around me. I’d semd a postcard to you, dear 'Cause I wish you were here….” - Vanilla Twilight (by Owl City) It hits you right in the feels, doesn’t it?

Originally posted by sabribleah

a playlist for the abused, who have been burned and have rose like phoenixes.

  • atlas hands by benjamin francis leftwich
  • sunrise by our last night
  • kryptonite by three doors down
  • the kids arent alright by fall out boy
  • ill follow you into the dark by death cab for cutie
  • vanilla twilight by owl city
  • i can show you the world from aladdin
  • ******** ** *** *****
  • savior by rise against
  • little wonders by rob thomas
  • power and control by marina and the diamonds
  • sea of love by cat power

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11, 1

Thank you for asking !!!!! <333

1 - Your current favorite song:

My favorite song right now is Mary, Did You Know (Pentatonix version) because I’m a whore for Christmas.

11 - A song that reminds you of your best friend:

The last “best friend” I had was when I was 16 I think??? She loved Vanilla Twilight by Owl City, so every time I listen to it I think of her.

Send me a number! (song edition)