Sibling Intervention (Jasper Hale x Reader) w/Brother! Emmett

Plot: Hi I really liked your Jasper imagine so can you do another one where you’re his newborn mate, and the wolf pack are coming over to help train and him and Emmett get protective over you? Like the whole “I’m your big brother and I’m supposed to keep you away from the mutts” kinda thing lol. Thank uuuu” (requested)

Word Count: 1,275

Warnings: I think some swearing, but other than that, none.

A/N: this was really fun to make, I’m actually kinda proud if this one! Thanks to the anon that requested this! I hope you like it.

I was standing next to Jasper who was grabbing my hand and squeezing it at times to reassure me and I knew that he was trying to calm me down and it was working perfectly as I was no longer nervous or afraid.

“Well, Jasper has experience in newborns, he will teach us how to defeat them” Carlisle’s calm voice sounded through the forest, he was standing a little bit further than us facing the wolves who just came.

Silence surrounded us once again but Edward’s voice filled the empty space quickly.

“They want to know how a newborn is different than us”

Carlisle turned a little and looked at me smiling a little like if he was asking if it was okay to introduce me, I just nodded.

“Well, we happen to have one with us today” He positioned himself next to me and place a hand on my shoulder “This is (Y/N), she is Jasper’s mate, our newest member of the family, hence why her eyes are different from us but don’t worry, she is transitioning and will be just like us soon”

“They still want to know the difference, they say she looks just like us” I wasn’t even looking but I knew that Emmett was grinning on his spot; he was the one that enjoyed the most me being a newborn and having my strength.

Carlisle looked at Jasper and motioned him to continue speaking while he left to go back next to Esme; Jasper nodded and moved a little closer but still holding my hand.

“She is stronger than us; her blood is still on her tissues making her more physically powerful. Our kind is stronger on our first several months of this life, that’s why they are created” he looked at me and gave me a side smile “not in her case though” he looked again at the wolves “a newborn army doesn’t need thousands like a human army, that’s why no human army could stand against them”

The black wolf that was standing right in from of me growled, his eyes never leaving mine. Jasper noticed that so he moved to a side pushing me slightly backward but I was still close to him.

“There are two important things that you have to remember” he raised his voice a bit “First, never let them get their arms around you, they will crush you in a second” he looked around giving a warning look to our family but turned back to see the wolves “and never go for the obvious kill, they will be expecting that and you’ll lose”

He quickly turned and grabbed my hand again but left me next to Edward as he kept walking forward to the center of the forest.

“Emmett” he simply called and in a second Emmett was standing a couple of meters away from him but still facing Jasper. “Don’t hold back”

“Not in my nature” he said and grinned at Jasper before launching himself onto him but in a couple of seconds, Emmett was lying on the floor, his face facing the sky.

“Never lose focus” he cockily said while moving aside from him and coming to my side to snake his arm on my waist and pulled me closer to him. “Prepare yourself, babe, you are next”

I only smiled in anticipation, I loved wrestling, I became one of my favorite hobbies once I turned, and it just was really fun for me. Even though I knew he wasn’t completely okay with the fact that I was fighting today it was just to train, I knew he wouldn’t let me participate when the actual fight took place, so I just wanted to have fun.

Edward and Carlisle were fighting intensely, neither of them backing off; Jasper let go of me and started walking around them inspecting every movement, but at the end, Edward was the clear winner and turned to see Jasper.

“One more thing” he said and in an instant Carlisle grabbed Edward and pushed him onto the ground and I couldn’t help but laugh at this. “Never turn your back on the enemy”

Jasper made his way to the center and spoke to everyone once again.

“Okay, so now that we got the basics covered, it’s time for a real newborn to step in” He said and turned his head to look at me, giving me a cocky smile which I returned with a huge grin. I knew this was going to be extremely easy for me, but anyway it was fun. I made my way next to him, and he cupped my face with one hand and looked at me profoundly before walking away next to the rest of the family.

I turned and looked at Rosalie, bringing my hand up and pointing my fingers at her I motioned her to come with me, she slowly made her way towards me with her arms crossed against her chest.

Once she was close enough I nodded and she quickly threw two punches at me which I easily dodged them taking my opportunity to grab her arm and twisted it forcing her body to twist as well but she felt to the ground crouching in one leg and tried to make me fall with the leg that was stretched but I jumped before it could even touch me, and before my feet touched the ground I pushed my hand over her chest making her fall flat on the ground, making a small crater when she hit the ground.

“You can’t still beat me, Rose” I laughed at her while she was standing up, she just gave me a ‘fuck off’  look and made her way back to her spot.

“Emmett, your turn” Jasper called out and in a quick second I had Emmett in front of my with a shit eating grin that made me laugh.

“Please don’t you dare to hold back, big boy” I purred to him tilting my head a little. He cracked his neck just to show off but his face changed almost immediately making me furrow my eyebrows together.

“Wait a minute” he said raising a hand like stopping everything and stared into nothing as if he was thinking to himself “I’m your big brother (YN)” he suddenly stated and I couldn’t be more confused.

“Well, yeah…” I trailed off, not really sure where he was trying to say.

“I’m not supposed to encourage you into fighting, even less with the mutts” he spat and looked at me with a serious face “Goddammit, I’m your big brother!” he stated again but now shouting and I looked at the rest of the clan but they all had the same face, they were staring at Emmett with a confused grin like I was. “We are done, missy, you are going home”

In less than a second, I was thrown into his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and he was walking away from everyone.

“Wait, what the actual fuck, put me down!” I tried to wiggle out but even if I was stronger this position didn’t help me at all, and all I could do was to give up and just look back where Carlisle was standing next to Jasper shouting to Emmett.

“Emmett, bring her back, we need her!” Carlisle shouted at us.

“Sorry, I can’t hear you!” and with that, he started running with me on his back.

We are going to be siblings, you said, it will be so fun, you said” I said but the only response that I had from him was a loud laugh; I sighed, I give up.



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In moments of Silence (Jacob Black x Reader)

———————— Fandom: Twilight ———————— Warnings: almost gets into smut, mainly just kissing ———————— Summary: You are spending some quality too me with your boyfriend Jacob, when new events change your plans. ———————— Author’s note: First off! Paragraphing is off right now because my phone is stupid af, but it will be fixed tomorrow evening! hope you enjoy! It would be great for you all to check out my previous posts. Especially my new Jasper fanfic and my call for help with a masterlist. Thank you all! ————————

Life with the Cullen’s hadn’t always been the easiest, but due to recent events things seemed to be more difficult than ever.

You sat upright on the couch in the bright open area of the Cullen household, with a copy of your favorite book placed in your hands. Your family had all left for a small hunting trip that morning, but you had decided to stay behind on this one.

 It was supposed to rain today anyways, and you didn’t feel like getting into that today. As a result of your families absence you had the place to yourself in complete silence.

You nearly dropped your book to the ground, but your agile body remained in tact as you heard a loud knock at the door. You had walked over to see who might be there. In a half crouch position you peered through the curtains, only to see a a tall, tan, muscular body, dripping wet from the rain that had just began. A figure you could only assume to be the astounding, yet hated, Jacob Black. The same one that you had been able to call your “secret boyfriend” for nearly 3 months,

You opened the door and let him in. “Jacob, what are you doing here. You know our families don’t get along. Why would you think for a second that it would be safe to come here.”

  “Billy wanted me to stop by. He didn’t say much, he just wanted to know if Carlisle was out. I volunteered to come over, knowing that it would at least give me a chance to see you.” His arm moved behind your body, placing hand on your back and pulling you closer to him so that he could place a long, passionate kiss upon your lips.

  “Well you couldn’t have chosen a better time. As you can tell, my family isn’t home right now.”

  “I noticed. Where are they exactly? And how long do I have before I need to head back out?”

  “They left about an hour ago for a hunting trip. I doubt they will be back for a few more.”

 He smiled at your response, giving you another one of his most loving kisses. You kissed back as you placed your hand in his chest, which uncommonly was clothed much to your dismay. You scoffed as you realized that he was still soaked from being outside. “We need to get you dried off.”

“That would be nice.”

You walked him up to the second story of your home, and first into the bathroom where you could grab a towel.

  “Take off your clothes.” You demanded.

He coughed, shocked from your previous statement. “I’m sorry, what?”

  “Did we not just say we were going to get your dried off? If you hadn’t noticed that won’t work very well, with wet clothes on.”

“Oh, right.” He almost stuttered out. He went to undo each of the buttons on his shirt. You watched him intently as he did so. Only in the third button you decided to pitch in.

 “Let me help you out with that.” He smiled, his eyes growing wider with each button you touched. You let your fingertips gently trace his muscular torso as you worked your way up. Once the top button was undone he slid off the shirt and you looked into his eyes. You leaned down to place a kiss on his lips. You turned away, but he pulled you back for another.

 You decided to not pull away from this one. Instead of you moving, he stood up from his seat and pulled you closer to his body. His unclothed chest against your body. You hands roamed over his abs and up to his perfectly carved jawline. The kiss intensified with every second.

Only moments later his tongue had passed through your lips as it began to explore inside of your mouth. Jacobs hands ran down your back, sending a chill up your spine, they landed on your hips as he lifted you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist.

He walked you over to your bedroom. He made his way over to your bed, which wasn’t commonly used, but you sure were happy that you had for this situation.

He laid you down against a few pillows as he hovered above your body. His hands moved down your stomach and he found the hem of your shirt. He played with it between his fingers to tease you until he finally pulled it over your head. With that being that singular moment that broke your lustful kissing he took the time to speak.

 “I didn’t seem quite fair that I was the only one without clothes on, now did it?”

  “I don’t know, I enjoyed it quite a lot.”

  He chuckled. “Yes, well I’m sure that you did.”

  His hands hand now made their way to your jeans. He unzipped them and slid them off of your body.

 He worked his way back up and looked deep into your eyes. “Are you sure that you want this, (y/n)? I would never push you into something…”

You hushed him by pressing a finger to his lips. “I have never wanted anything more, not with anyone, only you Jacob.”

He continued to kiss you passionately after your remark. His mouth finding its way to your neck. He sucked hard on whatever spots he found to please you the most. His hands were roaming all of your body, as did yours to his, as he snaked them under your back to find the clasp of your bra.

  Nothing could have ruined this moment for you, except. “(Y/n)!” Your name was yelled in a deep voice from your doorway.

“Carlisle! Is that Jacob?” The two new voices in the room clearly belonged to your parents.

You rolled off the bed and into the floor. You got redressed as quickly as possible with your vampire speed.

Jacob stood up quickly.

  “What are you all doing home so early!” You asked. You had never seen Carlisle so infuriated before. You had never seen such a look on your mother’s face. A look that was a combination of anger, shock, and utter disappointment. Things that definitely did not mix well.

Carlisle had gotten from the doorway to the opposite wall of your room with Jacob pinned under his arm.

“Mr. Cullen! Please. Just give me a…”

  Carlisle cut him off. “You do not deserve anything. You are lucky that you aren’t already dead. That is my daughter in which…” Carlisle stopped his own sentence that time with a look of disgust on his face as he thought about the scenario his daughter was just taking part in.

You had ran over to try to stop him, but Esme had gotten to you too fast. She held you back, but you managed I yell out,“ Carlisle! Listen to me please! Everyone just calm down.”

Even during your words Carlisle had punched Jacob. The result of Carlisles strength and Jacob strong physique left a hole in your wall. You screamed at the contact.

Jacob fell down to the floor as Carlisle released his hold. Esme tried to hold you back, but to look of Jacob gave you the strongest desire to free her arms. You ran and dropped to his side. You ran your hands through his hair and examined his face. Thankfully, the collision of Carlisle’s fist and his face only give him a broken nose.

You stood up and angrily said,“ You know it isn’t very often that the doctor is the one causing the injuries.”

Esme followed back before Carlisle could speak. “Young lady, you should not talk like that to us!”

  “Young lady? Mother! I’m technically 79!”

  “I don’t care how old you are. You are our daughter. Not biologically, but every since you were turned we have taken you under our wing. Your our little girl! You are a Cullen! He is a Black! You are fraternizing with the enemy!” Carlisle spoke next.

“Jacob is not a bad guy! He isn’t like the others.” You fought back.

Jacob stood up from his position on the floor. “With all due respect sir, I would never do anything to hurt your daughter. I love her. I know you all don’t approve just yet, but I would love to talk things through. Anything I can do to gain your trust is worth it.” You kissed him.

Carlisle groaned. Esme spoke trying to release the tension. “Innocent until proven guilty. We have just the time as well. To answer your previous question (y/n), we had just come home to tell you that we were planning a baseball game for this afternoon. Jacob is welcome to join.”

  You smiled. You ran to hug your mother. “Thank you. Thank you.” You repeated.

  Esme spoke again. “If he survives tonight then he deserves everything. I doubt he will make it past the girls, just wait until he gets to the boys.”

  Carlisle laughed. “Mischievous darling. God, I love the way you think.” The couple shared a kiss then exited the room.

You held your head and turned to Jacob. “Up for a game of ball?” You asked with a smile.

You handed him his clothes. “I would be delighted, if I thought the baseball would be hit with the bat more than I would.”

You laughed. “Don’t worry. We can talk to them. They just have to give you a chance.”

He kissed you. “Your optimism could outshine the rain, but I’m afraid it can’t hold back the entire storm.”

You smiled. What a way he had with words. You would definitely be needing more where that came from later that evening.

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Your Savior (Jasper Hale x Reader)

Prompt: Can I have a oneshot about my bae Jasper Hale ❤ With like his human mate. And have the Major ends up coming through when someone breaks into their mates house. Please? ❤ (requested)

Word Count: 786

A/N: I’m sorry if this is kind of shitty, I’m not feeling my best (I’m sick af) and I squished my brain trying to think of something good, but I tried! I still hope you like it <3 @rosequeensiera also, I’M EXTREMELY SORRY FOR BEING SO LATEEE, I’ve wrote this days ago but I couldn’t find the doc and  I wasn’t feeling good to write it again! sorry babe :(

I stirred in my sleep when I heard a sound downstairs, at first I thought that it was just the wind knocking at my windows but when I heard the sound of a chair moving I knew I wasn’t alone. I sat up straight on my bed and cursed under my breath when I remembered that Jasper wasn’t at my side taking care of me, he was in his house.

I moved trying to move quietly on my bed reaching for my cellphone that was sitting on my nightstand; I grabbed it and unblocked it as fast as I could, my fingers were trembling as I dialed Jasper’s number, I put the phone to my ear and heard the dial but in a second Jasper’s voice came through it.

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong, baby?” he said with a worried tone in his voice.

“Jasper, I think someone broke into my house” I whispered back.

Jasper’s POV (third person)

The moment he picked up the phone he knew something was wrong; it was odd that (Y/N) was calling him at almost 1:30 a.m.

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong, baby?” he was beyond worried especially when he could hear her unsteady breathing.

“Jasper, I think someone broke into my house” she whispered and something clicked inside of him, he no longer felt like himself, fury was running through his body.

“Don’t move, (Y/N), don’t even make a sound, I’ll be there in a minute” his voice came out darker than his usually calm one, he knew he wasn’t himself anymore, he was The Major, and he was going to make pay whoever had the audacity to break into (Y/N)’s house.

In a second he throws the phone onto the floor calling Edward’s attention, who was standing next to him reading all of the disturbing thoughts that were displaying on Jasper’s mind.

“I’ll go with you” he stated and Jasper simply nodded before he started running outside of his house into the forest with Edward following closely behind. In a matter of seconds he found himself on the front door of (Y/N)’s house, he quickly felt the scent of another person inside, growling he made his way to the front door and pushed it, silence surrounded him and Edward; he moved around the house but he wasn’t able to hear or see anything, the only thing that stood out where her belongings were trashed around, the cabinets and drawers were all opened, everything was a mess; anger went through his body like a powerful wave; he turned around to see Edward but he was already looking at him.

“I can’t hear anyone, I think whoever was here left already” he turned again and made his way upstairs to her room, from behind the door he could already hear the faint sound of crying so he pushed the door quickly.

(Y/N)’s POV

I knew someone was in my house, the sound of things being broken filled my ears and the only thing I managed to do was to hide under my bed wondering when the hell Jasper was going to come. Surpassingly the sounds faded rather quickly, I moved slowly from under my bed and sat in my bed, tears started flooding from my eyes letting all the stress out.

Suddenly my door opened and Jasper was on the other side looking intensely at me, his eyes were a little bit darker than normal and his features hardener once he saw me. I looked behind him where Edward was, looking at me with concern in his eyes.

Jasper started pacing around my room with his fist clenched and murmuring something under his breath, I could feel myself getting more anxious and it seemed that Jasper wasn’t able to notice that because he continued moving around.

Edward made his way quickly to my side and hugged me which made me relax a little more.

“Jasper is not himself right now” he whispered into my ear but we both looked at Jasper when we heard his voice.

“Let her go, Edward and move” his voice sounded harsh and his face showed no emotion whatsoever, Edward moves quickly, not before sending me a warning look; he got out of the room and disappeared.

Jasper made his way to my bed and sat down pulling me into his arms in a swift motion, I was starting to feel more relaxed but I knew that he was doing that and before I could even control myself the tears started flooding again and he tightened his grip on me.

“Hush baby, I’m here now, no one can harm you” his voice sounded more like himself and I let myself relax even more now that I knew he was back.

I’m Here - Jasper Hale x Reader

Could you please write something where the reader is Jasper’s mate and she has to be turned into a vampire because of an accident or something. And through the whole process Jasper can feel her pain and can’t not feel it because it’s too strong and she’s his mate. And he feels even worse after that bc he knows how bad it hurts and feels like it’s his fault but the reader reassures him after she wakes up. If it’s too angsty for you I completely understand 😂💕

Word Count: 1896

Warnings: blood&gore mentions, language

             There isn’t much to look at on the ride home, only the quick passing of trees in the darkness, the occasional flicker of what could be an animal’s eyes illuminated in the headlights as the car rushes by. You settle back in your seat, your head falling on its headrest, closing your eyes and listening to the whirr of the engine, the song of the wind, and your own deep breaths.

              “I could have driven myself, you know,” you say, cracking one eye open to look at the blond-haired man in the driver’s seat beside you. “It’s my car.”

              Jasper smirks, a cocked half-smile you have come to know very well. “If you had it your way I would never get to do anything for you,” he laughs, “and what kind of boyfriend would I be then?”

              “One who listens,” you retort seriously, but your smile betrays you. He knows you don’t mind when he insists on taking you home, and you know it helps him sleep at night knowing you got there safely. Metaphorically, of course, you think.

              The two of you fall into silence, a quiet, easy air settling between you. That’s the thing you love about Jasper – or, one of them, at least – he knows how to be still. While the world insists on moving so quickly, he remains steady. No words needed.

              You shudder, pulling the sleeves of your thin sweater over your hands, tucking up your legs onto the seat, folding your body in on itself. It was a cold night, and the heater on your old car refused to work. Releasing a warm breath into your shivering hands, you catch Jasper watching you, brows set in a concerned frown. He says nothing, only pressing his lips together, watching you as you shake, but you’ve had this conversation too many times to miss what he’s thinking.

              “I don’t mind,” you say, taking his free hand from his knee and folding it in yours. He tenses, knowing the cold of his skin seeps into yours, feeling the shiver of your fingers as you hold him tightly. You press your lips to his knuckles. The warmth of your breath escapes, but you ignore it, feeling a different, very familiar warmth as it twists inside you in its place. You speak its name. “I love you.”

              He laughs again, softer this time. “I love you too,” he slips his hand from your fingers, wrapping it firmly around the wheel, shooting you a playful glare before returning his eyes to the road. “Now stay on your side, before you get hypothermia.”

              “Yes Sir, Major, Sir,” you grin, leaning back once again and wrapping your arms around yourself. You know he tries, but even he can’t hide the tug of a smile at the corner of his lips. Still, he rolls his eyes as you set to another attempt at starting the car’s stubborn heater.

              Everything after this is too fast. A sharp turn, the flash of oncoming headlights, a reactionary swerve, the shrill squeal of rubber on asphalt. Screams, both yours and someone else’s, the ugly crunch of metal and bone, the slick warmth of blood. Eyes fluttering, you cannot focus on your surroundings, let alone right yourself, understand where you are. You’re sitting – no, laying? – in what you think is your car, seatbelt wrapped around you like a noose. Hands shaking, fumbling with the release in an effort to free yourself, you close your eyes, banishing the sight. “Jasper?” You call.

              Your words earn no answer, but there are voices ringing around you. A woman’s cry, a tearful wail you don’t recognize, reaches you first. “Oh my god, oh my god, are you guys okay? I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry…” Muffled, hardly breaking through the barrier of pulsing blood in your eardrums, her chorus of apologies continues. “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.”

              Then there’s a man’s voice, rough, angry… no, afraid, and he’s calling something. He shouts out again, again, searching for something, listening for an answer. You can’t hear his words until…


              A shallow breath escapes you. Relief. “Jasper!”

              Summoning your remaining strength, you shift your body, making sense of the space around you. The car is settled on its side, your door pinned to the ground. As your trembling fingers find the seatbelt release, the strap recoils, and you discover quickly it was not your own strength holding you upright. You’re propelled into the dash before you, raising an arm just in time to avoid a broken nose – although, as a free hand tugs at the wet sweater clinging to your abdomen, you guess that may have been a small problem in comparison.

              The sharp ring of splitting metal announces Jasper’s arrival. Between long blinks, you can hardly make out his face, stern as stone, illuminated by headlights as he pulls the driver’s seat door from its hinges and reaches in to lift you out. You can feel the pain in full now, your body groaning with every movement. It runs deep, shifting and twisting inside of you, aching wounds making a home in your middle. You press your hands to the tear, trying to focus on Jasper’s face, steady, unhurt. All you see is red.

              The rest of the night comes in flashes rather than sequence, like your memory is escaping with the blood. Suddenly, Alice is there, apologizing, saying she came as soon as she saw it happen, that Carlisle is readying an operating room. There is little pause before you feel like you’re flying, two strong, familiar arms underneath you. A million times before, you’ve done this. It’s never hurt so much. Uncontrollable, guttural shrieks escape you as your body twists, up and down, following Jasper’s uneven gallop. He tenses, setting his jaw, clenching his teeth. Alice offers to carry you. He refuses.

              Then you see the lights of the house, shining yellow and red in a forest of blue and green. Blink. You’re in Emmett’s arms now, he’s rushing you through the empty house, behind you, Alice and Edward hold Jasper back. He’s reaching for you. Blink. Cold plastic under your aching body, bright light shining in your eyes. Carlisle offers a solemn smile, Esme wipes blood and sweat from your face with a warm cloth. Blink. You don’t know if you can feel anything anymore. Eyes closed, you can’t conjure the strength to call for him, but your words are spoken from someone else’s lips.

              Edward, from somewhere over you. “She wants Jasper.”

              Carlisle shakes his head. “There’s too much blood.”

              That’s it. There’s shuffling and pressing and bandaging and sewing but all of it is… dull. The world becomes distant, you feel yourself falling from your body, but when you try to flinch, to catch yourself, to stand straight, you don’t move. Twitch your fingers. Curl. Uncurl. Take a breath, shallow, deep – none of it works.

              Muffled voices speak in quick, hushed tones over your body. You cannot understand their words, but they are concerned, resonating low and serious. There’s a hand like ice on your arm, then finally, the burning.

              The fucking burning. There are daggers in your arm, a last-ditch attempt at anesthesia, maybe, to make it painless. But no, this is different – bringing pain rather than relieving it. This spreads, grows inside your veins, takes over, making you its own. The bitter sting tears through your blood, no, replaces it, earning your cries of pain.

              You want to tell them to stop. Whatever this treatment is, it’s worse, so much worse, than your wounds could possibly be. But the screams have consumed your voice, taken your words hostage. All you can do is cry. By the time the daggers give way, your eyes have closed, your chest heaving a final breath.

              The moments that pass before you flicker back into consciousness are long for everyone. A coven – a family – stands guard over a sleeping girl, eyes vigilant, each telling themselves they’re looking for danger, each knowing they’re only trying to keep themselves busy. Your body contorts, writhes in pain with no one at the helm. Jasper leans against the wall, gaze locked on your twisting form, grimacing with every agonizing bend. Your blood still colours his lips. Unlike you, he stifles his cries, biting his cheeks to keep from calling out.

              There is no hesitation when you come to. Your eyes shoot open, darting around the room, a raw new energy behind them. Even your body, where a moment ago was failing you so greatly, feels whole and powerful. Propelling yourself upwards to face the people around you, you don’t take a breath. And then your eyes fall on Jasper, sweaty, tired, face sunken in worry, and your heart doesn’t skip a beat.

              “What is going on?” You say, words filling up the silence in the room. A different silence than the kind you loved to share with Jasper. This one is empty, dripping in hesitant words and bated breath.

              Jasper is the one who answers, golden eyes peering sorrowfully at you from under dark brows. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, Y/N. Carlisle couldn’t save you, we didn’t have another choice.”

              Carlisle almost seems to awaken at the mention of his name. He turns to his family, nodding at Esme and shifting to address the younger vampires. “Give them time,” he advises, before making his way out the door. He is followed by several other hesitant onlookers, most offering supportive smiles as they cross the threshold. Alice is the last to leave, her smile the widest, before closing the door behind the family, granting you and the man beside you a moment of privacy.

              Your voice is soft as you cradle Jasper’s face in your hands, pulling him close. “What do you mean? I’m right here,” you assure him. He buries himself in his open palms, and you tuck him into the crook of your arm. He doesn’t feel cold.

              “You’re like us,” he whispers, so quiet you have to lean down to hear him. And you do, resting your chin on the top of his head, pressing a kiss in his blond hair. “I’m sorry. I never wanted to do this to you.”

              You pause, his words rolling in your mind. Lifting a hand, you let your fingers curl and uncurl, examining the fist you make, the paleness in your skin, the chill of the air around you. A touch to your heart, there is no drumbeat, and your chest doesn’t heave with air. “Thank you,” you say, the realization of what they’ve done settling in.

              “You’re thanking me?” He scoffs, pulling back from your embrace to meet your gaze. “I killed you. I took your life.”

              You’re shaking your head before he even finishes. “I’m still here. I’m still with you. That’s what matters to me. Not flesh and blood and breath,” you assure him. “You.”

              “You’re here.” This one escapes as a laugh, full of relief and joy as he takes your hand, pressing kisses to your fingers, your arm, your shoulder, your lips. “Why are you always right?”

              You’re pulling him closer now, fingers tugging at the collar of his shirt, willing him towards you. “It’s a gift,” you say. “And I think I’d better drive myself home from now on.”

              A low growl, he answers sternly, his curling lips betraying his serious voice. “Not funny.”

Let Me Help You

Fandom: Twilight

Word count: 2332

Characters: Paul x reader, Jared, Sam, Emily, the rest of Sam’s pack

Warnings: mentions of asshole parents, reader cutting herself off, reference to Paul’s anger management issues

Summary: After Paul imprints on you, he changes your attitude to the world.

The summer job in Forks was only supposed to be a temporary stop-off. After you graduated and your parents kicked you out, you’d taken off on a trip across America. Where you could, you picked up jobs to covers the costs of fuel and food and somewhere to stay, and coasting along by yourself suited you just fine. It was more peaceful that way.

You had no doubt that, if Paul hadn’t walked into your life, you may well have spent the rest of it living that way.

As it was, though, you’d been working at a supermarket checkout when you looked up to see one of the most muscular men you’d ever seen staring down at you. He was hot, but that wasn’t why you’d kept looking back.

In that moment, it felt like everything else had ceased to exist. There was an expression of wonder in the stranger’s face as he looked at you, and you’d felt drawn to him in a way you’d never felt about anyone else. It was intense, and it was scary.

Then he grinned, still looking wonderstruck, and held out his hand. “Paul Lahote.”

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#50”you won’t be laughing soon” + #65”SORRY I COULDN’T HEAR YOU OVER HOW HARD I KICKED YOUR ASS” (Jasper Hale x Reader)

Prompt: “Hi hello you said you take requests? Can I request a fluff playful kinda thing with Jasper x Reader (preferably human reader but feel free to just run with it how you want) with numbers #65 and #50? I’m. I’m just iN NEED OF JASPER WITHLOCK HALE THINGS AND YOU’RE SO GOOD AT THEM HDYBCBJ”

#50”you won’t be laughing soon” + #65”SORRY I COULDN’T HEAR YOU OVER HOW HARD I KICKED YOUR ASS”

Word Count: 778

A/N: Sorry if it kinda sucks (?) maybe. I just really liked the prompt and I hope you too, anon! Feel free to request something else whenever you want. Also, I decided to go with a vampire reader because I couldn’t come up with an idea for a human one.

(Gif is not mine)

Feedback is always appreciated. Don’t be shy if you want to leave an ask or just want to talk to me, I’m always here!

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Watching Jasper and Emmett fight could be on top of the list of my favorite things to watch, they could go around looking like tough people, really intimidating to everyone, but in reality, they are two big children.

“You are so predictable, Emmett, that’s why you always lose” Jasper said while he laughed at the sight of Emmet laying on the ground with his arms wide open but quickly got up and growled.

“(Y/N) please watch closely as I kick your boyfriend’s ass” he said looking at me for a quick second but turned around to look at Jasper again.

I laughed loudly, I knew Emmett could take Jasper down, not easily but eventually he could bring him down.

“Please, demonstrate me, Em, I will love to see that” I crossed my legs so I could be more comfortable on the ground where I was sitting.

“You know you are supposed to encourage me, not him, right?” Jasper scowled at me, a tiny bit of jealousy on his voice.

“Oh, shut up and fight already” Emmett protested before I could even say anything and he launched at Jasper but he quickly dodged him and took the opportunity to try and grab his arm to hit him but Emmett knew that he would do that and moved out of his reach; they stayed like that for a couple of minutes, throwing punches, some landing perfectly and other not so much, they both tried to push the other to the ground but they fought so many times together that they knew their moves, honestly they were really predictable.

At some point Emmett was actually able to pin Jasper down, bringing him to the ground with a loud noise and Jasper’s expression on his face made me laugh so loud that I was sure all Forks could hear me.

“Oh my god, Jasper, that was horrible” I got up as quick as I could and moved to where Emmett was standing and highed five him. “Emmett, that was amazing, ten out of ten” he laughed as well and I turned to look at Jasper still lying on the ground with the same expression as before.

“I let him win, it’s called compassion, (Y/N)” he said as he got up walking slowly towards me.

“Oh yes, I’m sure that was it” I replied still laughing.

“Come on, dude, accept it, you suck” Em said from behind me. “At this point, I think you kinda lost your skills, and your dignity, of course”

I couldn’t help but to laugh yet again, there was something about Jasper’s face that it was just funny and how childish he was when he loses.

You won’t be laughing soon, (Y/N)” he said looking at me with a playful look in his eyes, I grinned and crossed my arms tilting my head a little.

“You really think so, love? Are you really challenging me after that shameful performance of yours?” I replied, furrowing my eyebrows.

“Please, don’t hold back, sugar” he walked away, moving just a couple of meters from me, turning to face me and winked.

“I wasn’t planning to, dear”

He launched at me first but I dodged him, he turned around rapidly and threw two punches at me, once again I could dodge the blows and I took the opportunity to grab his arm and twisted so his back was pressed on my chest, he was strong but I was quick and pressed my foot down on the back of his knee making him kneel but he managed to stand up a little but before he could even stand up properly I swiped my foot hitting his making him lose balance and pushed him with one arm to the floor, his face facing the ground. I let go of him and laughed once more, I already lost count of how many times I laughed today.

“Oh my god, Jasper, this is embarrassing” Emmett shouted from where he was standing grabbing his stomach and laughing along with me.

Jasper got up from the ground looking at me with his eyes narrowed and he pressed his lips together, I ran to where Emmett was and he hugged me tightly, both of us still laughing.

“That was incredible, amazing, I loved it, (Y/N)”  he said when he pulled away, with a smile so big that I could see his dimples.

“I let her win just like you, don’t flatter yourse-“

Sorry, Jasper, I can’t hear you over how hard I kicked your ass!” I shouted at him and turned to leave with Emmett, while be heard Jasper complaining behind us, but we ignored him and continued walking.

No Control

Fandom: Twilight

Word count: 2020

Characters: Jacob x reader, Sam, Paul, Jared, Billy

Warnings: angst, breakup of relationship

Summary: After Jacob imprints on Renesmee, his long-term girlfriend makes a discovery about herself.

For once, it was a sunny day in Forks. Really sunny, not weak sunlight straggling past clouds. You were supposed to be at home studying, but you couldn’t pass up a day like this. Especially not after your boyfriend turned up at your house at half past ten and told you that he was taking you to the beach.

Jacob ran his fingers through your hair gently as you lay in his lap. With everything that had been going on with the Cullens recently, it felt like the two of you hadn’t been spending enough time together. You didn’t resent him for it. You knew that he wanted you safe more than anything else.

But you had missed him like crazy.

Today, though, Seth and Leah were taking care of watching the Cullens so that he could be with you. Having a day like this one, when you could do nothing but lie on the beach and tease each other and kiss, reminded you exactly why you’d fallen in love with him in the first place. Werewolf or not (and you’d been pretty freaked when you heard about that one), days like this assured you of just how much he loved you.

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Love at first sight (Jasper Hale x Reader)

—————————————- Fandom: Twilight —————————————- Warnings: none —————————————- Summary: You are the new member of the cullen family, soon to find out that you are also Jasper’s mate. —————————————-Authors note: This didn’t go exactly as planned and it is my first Twilight imagine but I hope you all enjoy it. I am excited to write more of this series in the future and I hope that you will send in requests for it.


You didn’t know how long you had been laying in the woods. Hours, days, weeks, none of it mattered once you so those incredulous golden eyes peering down at you with the waves of perfect blonde hair flowing as stared down. Something had connected between the two of you that no one yet understood. The strong arms of this beautiful creature carried you through the mountains and hills. You weren’t aware of where all you had been or how long it took to reach your destination, all you knew is that you were happy to get there.

Awakening on a soft bed with silk sheets, you opened your eyes and took a look around. You hadn’t a clue where you were. It was beautiful though. You sat staring out an open window. The entire wall across from you was a glass barrier between you and an enchanting forest.

  “Was this even real” you thought to yourself.

Only moments later the door of where you now rested opened to reveal a tall handsome man. Who, although was blonde, didn’t resemble the man from your dream.

“Your awake.” He said is a shocked tone as his eyes rested on you. He has walked over and began to examine you. Normally, you would push him away, but you were so confused at the moment you couldn’t think straight. He shined a light in your eyes and listened to your heartbeat with a stethoscope as you began to question him.

  “Yes, umm… who are you? And umm… where am I?” You asked in a pleasant yet confused tone.

“Right, excuse my thoughtlessness.” He smiled. You looked into his eyes, the same ones the boy from your dream had. “My name is Carlisle. I am a doctor here in the town Forks. My son was hiking out in the woods and found you almost dead. He carried you back to our place and we have been taking care of you ever since.”

  “Ok. So, how long have a been here? Am I ok now. I feel different than before. Almost, more powerful. Like I was reborn. Is that normal.”

“Well… when Jasper, my son, got you back here you were in a very bad condition. It may sound completely insane, but you just have to believe me. Alright?”

“Go ahead. I think I can handle it.” You grew more worried by the second.

Just as Carlisle was about to speak another figure appeared in the doorway. The man from your dream.

“She’s awake!” He rushed to your side. He had gotten there in a split second, much faster than anyone you had seen before.

“Could I ask another question? Am I on some type of drug or did he just get from there to here in a matter of .05 seconds!” You nearly shouted out of shock.

“You haven’t told her yet?” The boy, you now assumed was called Jasper, spoke.

“I haven’t gotten the chance. I will give you two some privacy.” Carlisle exited the room.

Jasper spoke first. “I’m sure, as you have heard from Carlisle, that when I found and brought you back here to him you weren’t in the best of health. Well, there is something strange that you need to know. It may sounds bizarre at first, but…” you stopped him in the middle of his sentence.

“I will have to understand. Carlisle told me that part. Could you tell me now, please.” You said, because you couldn’t wait any longer.

“We are vampires. When you got here, Carlisle knew that you would die soon if we didn’t do something. So we turned you. Please don’t get upset! I know it is a lot to take in…”

You stopped him yet again by laughing hysterically. “He couldn’t possibly be telling the truth.” You thought to yourself.

You then spoke,“ Could you tell me what actually happened now?”

He sat and stared at you without moving a muscle, but then broke the silence saying,“ Let me try to prove it to you.” Jasper walked over to a cabinet a rummaged through a drawer until he slid out a mirror and brought it over to you. “When I found you, I looked into your eyes. They were blue. You looked into mine at the same time, do you remember the color.”

  “They are the same as they are now. Not normally colored, but golden.” He held up the mirror after you had responded. You jaw dropped as you looked at yourself in the mirror. Your eyes were the same as his.

Jasper spoke again, he has a southern twang in his voice,“ Try to stand up and walk around.” You stood up and took a step but instead of getting closer to him you had gotten to the opposite side of the room as quick as he had only moments before.

He chucked a little as how shocked you were. “Don’t worry, darling, you will grow to get used to it.”

  “Jasper, I do have one more question. If we had only just formally met, moments ago. Then why do I feel so attached to you. Like I have known you my whole life.”

  He smiled and walked towards you. Once he finally got to you he rested a single hand in your shoulder. “I’m not exactly sure about you, but even though we just met. I had been looked for you my entire life. There is a reason that when I found you, I couldn’t just leave you there even though I thought you might die. There is a reason that I had Carlisle turn you instead of letting go like most of his other patients. We have a connection. You are my mate, as we call it around here.”

You smiled. “Jasper, everything I have been told since I awoke either seems like it isn’t true or it is a complete fantasy. I surely hadn’t been sure of anything up until this point, but this, this I don’t even have to think about. I know that this is where I am supposed to be. Right here, with you.”

Before you knew it you were pinned against the nearest wall with Jasper’s soft lips attached to yours.

  “I am so relieved that you feel the same way.” Jasper said breaking the kiss.

You breathed heavily, taken aback by the kiss you had just received. “So what now?” You asked Jasper.

“You are staying with us from this point on. We will be spending quite a bit of time getting to know each other better.” He said as his hands roamed down your body and held onto yours. “First things first though, you must meet the full family.”

“So it’s not just you and Carlisle?” You asked curiously. He let out a breathe of laughter.

“Not exactly. Don’t worry though, they are going to love you.”

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Request: @myhopeisinfinite -  can you write a twilight one shot where paul gets jealous and him and the reader have a fight but make up? with fluff and angst please:)


“I’ll go get us some drinks.” Paul announced before leaving his spot next to you on the couch.

“Don’t take too long.” You smiled as he walked off through the crowds of people in search of some beverages.

One of your close friends decided to throw a party, so naturally, you invited Paul to come with you. He was more than willing, of course. That was one of the many things you had come to like about Paul. He was always open-minded and down to do anything. His carefree attitude always put you at ease.

It wasn’t until a few minutes later that you felt the weight of the couch shift. Assuming it was Paul, you looked up from your phone only to find somebody else in his place.

“Jeremy?” You exclaimed.

“Y/N!” He beamed. “It’s been so long.”

Paul returned just in time to see your childhood friend pull you into an unexpected hug. Nonetheless, you hugged him back to be polite. Paul continued to watch from where he stood as the boy whispered something in your ear, and you laughed.

“Wow. How have you been? You’ve definitely changed since I’ve last seen you..” Jeremy pulled back, eyeing you up and down, which you failed to notice.

That did not, however, go unnoticed by Paul, who immediately stormed over to the both of you.

“Hey, babe.” He greeted you, placing the drinks on the table and taking a seat on your left. “Who’s this?”

“Paul, this is Jeremy. An old friend of mine.” You smiled. “Jeremy, this is Paul, my-”

“Her boyfriend.” Paul interjected a little too aggressively.

As you continued making conversation with Jeremy, trying to catch up, Paul began whispering dirty things into your ear. He started peppering intimate kisses up and down your neck, all the while looking at Jeremy, ensuring that he got the message that you were taken. It wasn’t long until Jeremy hastily muttered an excuse to leave.

“What the hell was that?!” You turned to Paul.

“What the hell was what?” He smirked in response.

You rolled your eyes in irritation. “Get up. We’re leaving.”

“What? We just got here.”

“I’m mad at you.”

Despite his protests, he followed you through the crowds of people and out of the house. It was silent until you reached his car.

“I can’t believe you!” You yelled, getting into the passenger seat. “I haven’t seen him in forever, and you- You just chase him away!”

“He was looking at you like you were a snack, Y/N.” He countered.

“No, he wasn’t. And what you did was so uncalled for. Did you see the look on the poor guy’s face?”

“Yeah, it was great.” He snickered rather proudly.

“Gosh, Paul. Is this all just some big joke to you?” You barked. “Can you for once just trust me to be within 5 feet of another guy?”

“Y/N, you know it’s not you I don’t trust. It’s him. He was obviously trying to make a move on you-”

“No, Paul. He wasn’t. You just read into things too easily. And even if he was, I could’ve taken care of it myself.” You grumbled angrily. “Whatever, just take me home.”

He sighed before starting the ignition. The whole drive was silent until you reached your home. As you were about to open the car door, Paul reached out and grabbed your wrist gently, making you turn and face him.

“Y/N, listen.” He began. “I’m sorry. I just- I’m so afraid that you’d leave me for someone else. Someone who can make you happier. Half the time, I feel like I don’t even deserve you. I really just don’t want to lose you.”

Your gaze softened at his words. You sighed, placing your hands on either sides of his cheeks, your fingers tangling in his hair.

“Paul. Never once in our time together have I considered leaving you.” You reassured him, rubbing your fingers gently against his skin. “Even when you do stupid shit like this.”

He chuckled lightly.

“I love you so much, and I never feel as happy as I do with you. But there are some things you need to let me handle on my own, all right?”

He nodded understandingly, bringing your hands to his lips, kissing your knuckles.

“Although, I have to say.” You giggled. “I’m quite impressed. Last time you got jealous, you phased and chased Embry down for hours.”

“We don’t talk about that.” His face reddened at the memory before he closed the gap between the both of you, placing his lips on top of yours.

It’s You (Jasper Hale x Reader)

Prompt: “can I have a jasper hale x reader anything to do with soulmates please” (requested)  

A/N: As I said before, i’m getting used to write again, so sorry if it’s not one of the best ones yet, but I’m quite happy with it!

(Gif is not mine)

Feedback is always appreciated. Don’t be shy if you want to leave an ask or just want to talk to me, I’m always here!

Soulmates AU: Everyone has heterochromia, one eye is your natural colour the other is your soulmate’s natural colour. Once you meet all eyes return to natural colour. (For this particular fic, the reader will have one brown eye and a golden one, so if you have another eye colour, sorry! But it’s easier this way)

Since you’ve been born, you had different colours in your eyes, just like everyone, you had a soulmate, and apparently, your soulmate had a particular colour in their eyes. You had brown and golden eyes. It always amazed and scared you a little bit, it wasn’t common for people to have such beautiful eyes, and just thinking of the possibility of knowing/meeting someone with such eyes seemed impossible, but you kept your hopes high until you moved to Forks.

So used to the busy city of Los Angeles and the huge amount of people that you saw every day it was difficult to like the idea of moving to a town where the population was 3,175, also adding the fact that it was always cold and raining; but since your Mom was transferred to work on Fork’s Hospital, you couldn’t argue, so you simply made your mind on possibly never knowing your soulmate.

But little did you know that your soulmate was going to be even closer than you thought.

Jasper always thought that his soulmate was no longer alive; after all he is 174 years old, so he no longer cared about having different coloured eyes even if his family told him to never lose hope, especially Alice, who lately has been bothering him with his soulmate being “closer than he thought” but she never told him when or who his soulmate was, even Edward ignored his pleas to know more about it, so he just waited, as he always did.

 The first day of school was always hard, no matter who you are and your “status” in school is, but being a new student in a town where everyone knew each other proved to be a tad bit harder.

Since you arrived at school on your car (which wasn’t the newest or the oldest car in the world, but it was decent) all eyes were on you, or it felt like that. Eventually, you reached your first class.

History, what a wonderful class” you internally scream at the thought of having History first thing in the morning, but you entered anyway. After the whole “presentation” thing and all the whispers from the whole class when you mentioned where you were coming from, you finally sat down next to a small girl who had a big smile.

“Hello, I’m Alice and I think we are going to be excellent friends” she said once you sat down, you smiled at her and laughed a little.

“Hey, I’m (Y/N), and sure, I’m in to have some new friends”

The rest of the class went slowly; Alice and you spent the entire class whispering to each other, getting to know better and at one point when the class ended you both parted ways but not before she told you that she would see you later.

Lunchtime was something that Jasper never enjoyed really, there were too many people and pretending to be something that he wasn’t, was boring to him, that and Emmett’s jokes were getting old. But that day he felt different; before when he entered the cafeteria he would be overwhelmed by the number of feelings he would get from all the people in there, but that day when he entered he felt nothing but joy and anxiousness. Once he sat down he scanned the room with his eyes, at first he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary but suddenly his eyes fell on a girl that he never saw. She was sitting alone reading a book, clearly entranced by it as she seemed to not pay attention to the crowded and loud cafeteria, but his intense staring was cut off once Alice spoke up.

“Her name is (Y/N) and if you go talk to her, you will be surprised!” his brows knitted at this, he knew that Alice knew something that he didn’t.

“What do you mean, Al?” she simply shrugged and turned to talk to Rosalie, making Jasper roll his eyes and simply forget her comment, if something had to happen it eventually would.

You sighed happily, the first day of school was over and you were more than happy that it went better than expected; of course, you were the centre of attention on some classes but nothing you couldn’t handle.

You started to walk towards your car when you heard a familiar voice calling your name.

“(Y/N)! Come here one second!” It was Alice, she was standing a couple of metres from you and you could see more people behind her getting into some cars, you supposed those were her brothers and sister that she told you about before.

You walked slowly trying to not step on any puddle of water that was on the floor signalling that it rained earlier and you didn’t even notice.

“Tomorrow we are going shopping, you want to come?” she asked with an easy smile.

You smiled as well before answering “Yeah, sure, my mom wouldn’t mind me making some ‘friend time’ as she calls it” she laughed with you and you saw how her face changed and she seemed excited about something, you thought that it was because you said yes at her question. You looked behind her for a moment and your eyes locked with one of her brothers and you felt something changing in you but not only that, you also saw how his eyes changed from brown/golden to only golden.

He slowly got closer to you, his face revealing his evident shock and before you could even say something he spoke, a smile getting into his face.

“So it’s you

Be Careful

Fandom: Twilight

Word count: 1359

Characters: Jacob x reader, the whole pack

Warnings: Werewolves behaving like children, fighting and violence

Summary: You get caught in the middle of one of the pack’s arguments.

You could hear them arguing all the way up Sam’s driveway. Paul’s voice was especially loud above the other, and you stopped to listen to him as you reached the door.

“I’m just saying, that’s a load of crap! I could take any of you in a fight!”

You sighed, irritated. The pack had been fighting over this for at least a week now, and it was starting to get on your last nerve. No one apart from them really cared about who would beat who if it came to a fight.

Then it was Jacob’s voice, and you could almost hear his grin. “Whatever you wanna believe, Lahote.” Someone, you assumed it was Paul, gave a low growl in response.

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Has anyone ever noticed the parallels between Taylor Lautner’s characters from child to teen. In The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl we see little Lautner singing a song entirely about dreams even giving it the title “Dream, Dream, Dream”. Then a few years down the road he lands the role as the hottie werewolf Jacob Black in Twilight. Where in the production of that the first gift he gives to Bella is a dream catcher. Coincidence?? I think not!


“People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.

A true soul mate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake. But to live with a soul mate forever? Nah. Too painful. Soul mates, they come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you, and then leave.

A soul mates purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life, then introduce you to your spiritual master…”

#19 ”this is a bad idea. This is absolutely a bad idea, do it/let’s do it” +#22 ”do I even want to know what happened?” (Jasper x Reader x Brother!Emmett)

A/N:  I love ReaderxBrother!Emmett, I swear. there’s not much JasperxReader but I still love how this turned up.

(Gif is mine, if u use it, give credits.)

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The Cullen household was known for being “classy” and very “quiet”; for the outsiders, of course. But on the inside, it was never quiet, especially when Emmett and you were around. It wasn’t that you didn’t like each other’s company, it was that you enjoyed it too much, of course, it was all more of a “brotherly” love between you both, and that’s the problem, you were two messy siblings. 

While the rest of the family were out each of one doing their thing, you decided to stay home, being a vampire could get a little boring sometimes, so you thought of maybe cooking something, it wasn’t that you needed to eat, but seeing as Jacob would arrive later in the afternoon to spend time with Renesmee it could be a great time to waste some time.

Once you had everything prepared to bake some brownies you started to make them, but what you didn’t know was that Emmett also decided to stay home today, until you heard his voice.

“Hey, (Y/N)” he walked until he was standing next to you. “Baking, I see.”

“You are a very observant person, Em” 

He fake laughed while he watched you while you were cooking “You know, I have an idea”

You turned to look at him with an eyebrow raised as if to say “what?”

He smirked and continued “I’m a 100% sure that I can make those things better than you and in less time”

“Is this a challenge, my dear friend?” you stopped everything you were doing to turn and look at him.

“Maybe, but, it’s not a challenge if I already know I’m gonna win, (Y/N)” he said with the same smirk as before.

“You know this is a bad idea?” he nodded at you, still smiling “Ok, let’s do it”

Everything was going well, of course, that wouldn’t be for long. While trying to mix the ingredients faster than you, an idea crossed Emmett’s mind and he grabbed a handful of flour and threw it at you. You stood there for a second with your hands on your bowl trying to understand what had happened.

And right before you threw flour at Emmett you whispered to him “You are so going to die again, Emmett” 

And that’s how a huge flour (which later included a mix of all of the ingredients) war started, and if a normal human fight was funny, one that included two vampires was even better. You two were running all around the house throwing whatever you had on your hands, rapidly turning the neat elegant house into something that probably Alice would have nightmares if she could sleep.

Not so long after all of that happened you turned again to the kitchen, still pushing each other on the way there and as soon as you got there, the rest of the Cullen clan was already there and while Edward and Rosalie had a small smile on their faces, clearly amused by about what happened, the rest weren’t like that, especially Alice.

Jasper walked until he was closer to the two of you who right now looked like two little kids who got caught doing something you should; which was partially true, except you weren’t children.

“Do I even want to know what happened?” he asked while his eyes went to Emmett and to you.

“It was all her fault!” Emmett said before he started running again, probably to hide.


And with that, another war started, making the family wonder how two grown adults could be such kids.

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I loved your Jasper fic about having a baby! It had me in tears! Could you write a one shot that is a prequel to that in which Jasper realizes that the reader has fallen in love with him too because he could feel their emotions despite the reader trying really hard to hide it from him? Thank you!!!

Jasper x Reader

A/N: I’m so happy you enjoyed that fanfic and I absolutely loved this request! I’m sorry this isn’t exactly what you asked for. It’s more on the verge of a drabble, and it isn’t a direct prequel to The Fight. I tried it as a one-shot at first but it felt forced trying to squeeze it out, so I kept it as a drabble because it came out more organically. I’d rather give you a natural drabble than an awkward one-shot. I hope this was worth the wait!

It wasn’t easy hiding your emotions from somebody who specialised in reading them. It was even harder when their ability to do so verged more upon the lines of a superpower. Yet, somehow you’d made it this far.

You were one of two non-supernatural beings who knew the secret the Cullens kept from the rest of the town. From the rest of the world. It was something you’d figured out almost entirely on your own. You had known they weren’t human - but vampire wasn’t your first guess either. It was Alice who confirmed it for you.

Still, sometimes you wondered how the Cullens would react, one in particular, to your secret. You were falling in love with Jasper.

Edward knew all about it, but Bella promised you she’d keep his mouth shut. You weren’t ready. What if he didn’t feel the same way? What if he felt your emotions and distanced himself out of discomfort? To avoid this, it was you who did the distancing.

Back when it was just a meagre crush it wasn’t so bad. Edward confirmed that Jasper was only picking up feelings of happiness and mirth, thus was the reason he gravitated around you. But as that crush morphed into something more real and long-term, you were terrified that Jasper would realise it before you were ready.

“It’s not love, (Y/N),” said Edward as you stood in the school parking lot. “He senses panic whenever you’re around him now.”

“Then I’m succeeding.” You replied. Both of you were leaning against Bella’s old truck. He was waiting for her and you seized the opportunity to squeeze out more information.

“But don’t you want to start a relationship with him? I don’t understand why you’re hiding from him.” He looked up at the dark grey clouds forming overhead. “I know you’re afraid of being thrown into a situation you aren’t ready for. Why don’t you try to spend time with Jasper? So what if he realises how you feel about him?”

Edward wasn’t wrong. It felt like you were waiting to cross a busy highway and once you made it to the other side, you’d never be able to go back. You’d be stuck. Regardless of if you liked it on that side.

It was a complicated way to be.

“Then what do you suggest?”

“I suggest you spend time with him. He thinks you’re afraid of him, you know. I won’t betray his privacy. Though I can say he’s thinking you don’t like him at all.”

Your stomach sunk. You could at least try.

He was standing over by Emmett’s jeep, also waiting. It couldn’t hurt to say hello. Edward gave you a look before you nodded and walked towards Jasper. He smiled when he saw you.

“(Y/N),” he started, “it has been a while.”

“Yeah…” You trailed off; you were a mixture of awkwardness and anxiety. “How have you been?”

If Jasper was picking up on the discomfort he didn’t show it. You were grateful. But was it worth him thinking you didn’t like him at all?

“I’ve had better days.” He replied curtly though not unkindly. Before you could ask him what was wrong, Emmett and Rosalie appeared. Emmett rustled your hair.

“Need a lift, (Y/N)?” His deep voice cut through the tension.

You spared a glance at Edward, who gave you an intense knowing look. “Sure.”

You slid into the back seat and buckled your seatbelt; feeling too awkward to just stand there while the three of them spoke. You couldn’t hear much with the doors closed, not that you wanted to eavesdrop. Jasper walked away. Rosalie slid in the front passenger seat.

“He has to go to the office. We’re sitting here until he gets back.” Her lips were tight. She didn’t look impressed.

“Oh, okay.” You didn’t know what else to say to her. The two you sat in silence until Emmett jumped into the driver’s seat, turned on the battery, and pumped music through his speakers.

The car shook with each thump of the bass. Your teeth were vibrating. He turned his head to you and grinned. “New sound system.”

“I regret installing it,” Rosalie added. “He never turns it off. Sometimes he sits there in the garage blasting songs at full volume.”

“What Rose means to say is that she’s grateful for the never-ending entertainment and joy I bring her.”

Rosalie rolled her eyes. “What’s taking him so long?”

“He needs to sort his electives.”

“The office is right around that corner.”

“The office ladies are slow.”

It was interesting to observe the banter between Rosalie and Emmett. It was a mixture of lighthearted jokes at the expense of others and old-couple bickering.

“(Y/N),” Rosalie called on you, “bring him back within seven minutes or we’re leaving.”

You slid out of the black Jeep and walked over the wet asphalt towards the front office. You could see Jasper through the glass doors talking to a middle-aged woman with dyed red hair and plenty of greys. Emmett was right. The lady moved slower than you thought was possible. You were about to walk in to let him know you had to leave soon but stopped in your tracks when you saw a girl approaching him.

The older woman had stopped talking to Jasper to use the photocopier in the back corner behind the service desk; and in those short moments a girl in his year level had taken no hesitation in rushing to his side. Her hair was ebony black and thick, and she wore a tight top with a short skirt. Very inappropriate for such a rainy day. You could feel yourself getting jealous. The girl was toying with the hem of her skirt, exposing her upper thighs. Jasper smiled politely. His honey-filled eyes seemed to gleam. They exchanged a few sentences; each movement of their lips making you see green.

You didn’t hate the girl. You didn’t even know the girl. The only reason you thought poorly of her was because she was talking to your crush so effortlessly. She could remain calm and composed when you couldn’t. She flipped her hair and laughed at all the right moments. You didn’t want to look. It was difficult to watch yet another girl flirt with the person you were falling in love with. Jasper snapped his eyes towards yours in a flash of surprise. You stared back like a deer in headlights. He knew. The love and jealousy had seeped out of you above all else. He knew you liked him.

You turned away to flee. As fast as you could, you walked towards the corner, only to be yanked back by a powerful force by the elbow. You spun around. Jasper’s face was only inches from your own. His eyes were darker; more intense. It was as if your heart stopped beating.

“How did you hide this from me?” He asked. You said nothing. Your voice was held hostage by the panic that rushed through your veins. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Jasper was holding you by the shoulders. You looked up at him, wide-eyed, and stammered out, “I thought you wouldn’t like me.”

“I thought you couldn’t stand me.” His voice broke.

“I know.”

He pulled you into a strong hug. The two of you held each other in silence. Tears were pricking your eyeballs. Then, he said it. “I feel the same way about you.” You almost collapsed. “I’ve been falling in love with you more every day, (Y/N). It was so hard. You always projected fear and discomfort. I thought you hated having me around.” His eyes brimmed with a mix of relief and melancholy.

“I’m sorry, Jasper.”

He placed his forefinger beneath your chin and brought your mouth closer to his. “May I kiss you, ma'am?” He set his Southern drawl free - the one he usually kept hidden under a false accent. You melted.

“Of course.”

Against yours his lips were like magic. They were cold at first, but absorbed your warmth the longer you kissed each other. He traced your jawline with the utmost care and gently tangled his fingers in your hair.

Suddenly, your phones buzzed. You pulled them out and saw you had both received the same blunt text from Rosalie.

Good luck walking home before it rains again.

A charming smirk pulled at Jasper’s lips. “I take it she enlisted you to bring me back on time.”

“I didn’t do very well.”

“No matter.” He rested his forehead against yours. “It gives us plenty of time to do this.”

He brought his lips back to yours and kissed you again as if nobody was watching.

Not enough time (Carlisle Cullen x Reader)

Fandom: Twilight — —Warnings: smut, fingering, oral (male on female) — —Summary: You have been terribly missing your husband Carlisle so you decide to surprise him at work when they get a little heated. — —Author’s note: Obviously I do not own these characters, the credit for that would go to queen Stephenie Meyer. Also, this is my first time writing Carlisle and also my first time (in a while) writing full on smut so I hope I did ok and that you enjoy it! Also, you can imagine this as a Carlisle x reader, or as a carlisle x Esme from her point of view.

The light shined through the glass wall of your bedroom and perfectly hit the empty side of the bed you normally shared with your husband, Carlisle. He had left earlier that morning for work. You loved how much he cared about his work, and you knew he loved you even more but sometimes it felt like you were rarely together. He would leave so early and stay at the hospital so late that even though you never slept, it felt like you had no time at all with him.

You got up from the spot on your unnecessary bed and walked out into your also unnecessary kitchen. Your “children” were at school and wouldn’t be home for a few more hours, so you made a quick decision to go and visit your husband. You were going to get what you wanted, no matter the odds.

You got dressed up in one of Carlisle’s favorite dresses on you. He had bought it for you for your birthday a few years back. It was a red lacy cocktail dress that was strapless and ended mid-thigh on your body. It was one of your sexier attires and you knew you could draw in Carlisle’s attention with it. You applied some makeup, curled your hair, grabbed an elegant black satin coverup, your favorite pair of heels and got into your car to leave.

You drove down the road thinking about what you were going to do. You couldn’t keep the thought of your husband out of your mind and before you know it you were at the entrance of the hospital. You smiled knowing that you were almost there and walked in.

The kind ladies at the counter had known well of you since you all arrived in forks. Everyone had been all over your hot husband, and you had to show up and set them straight. It was a big deal then and you hoped that they would have been over it by now, but alas they still held onto the grudge tightly.

“Oh, hello Mrs. Cullen. I’m afraid your husband is in surgery right now, but he should be out shortly. Should I page him to at least let him know you are here? I hope it isn’t urgent.” One of the receptionists, who you recognized as Jackie, noticed as soon as you walked in.

  “Oh there is no need for that. Just let him know I will be waiting in his office until he is able to meet me. That will be all.” You smiled kindly.

  “Well you look very… umm… fancy Mrs. Cullen. He hadn’t mentioned anything to us about needing to leave early…”

  You cut her annoying voice off by adding in,“ oh no. We don’t have plans until this evening, I just thought I would stop by and see him since I had some free time. Nothing for you to be concerned about.” You smiled and walked away to your husbands office. As you walked you could hear the whispers and practically feel the grimaces of the receptionists behind you.

You walked down the hall, turning heads of the male workers as you went by. You went over to the door you knew to be Carlisle’s office and you walked in. You sat down at his desk and propped up your heels on the counter. You only had to wait about 15 minutes until you heard the twist of the doorknob.

In quickly walked your husband, he shut the door behind himself and used his vampire speed to get over to you once he knew no one could see. Goodness he looked so sexy in his work attire.

You sat up and he put his hands on each check pulling you up from the chair you were in. He kissed you quickly then asked,“ Is everything alright? Are you ok? Is everyone else ok? Did something happen? I rushed through my surgery the best that I could and had an attending close up for me.”

“Shh… babe I’m fine. Everyone else is great. Must I have a reason to come and see my husband?” You asked and you placed a hand on his cheek then rubbing his shoulder.

  “Well I assume not. I rather enjoy your company I just thought…” Carlisle gave you a confused look. “Why exactly are you here?”

  “Well…,” you said as you took a step back. You slowly slid your coverup off of your shoulders and it hit the floor the same time Carlisle’s eyes grew two sizes larger than before. “I’ve been missing you so much Carlisle and I just thought that while you were at work you might need a little break.”

“Wow, umm… (y/n) you look absolutely stunning. Perhaps work can wait just a little bit.” He said as he hands found your hips and he pulled you into a tight passionate kiss. His hands roamed your body and slowly slid your dress up.

His mouth moved from your lips and attached to your neck kissing and sucking as he pleased. You let out a breath and began to undo his tie. He moved back and set you to his side. He began to clear everything off of his desk. He was done in seconds, then he turned to grab you.

His hands moved down your body and lifted you up to set you down in his desk. He slid up your dress and was happy to find that while he cleared off the desk you had taken of your panties. He spread your legs then looked up at you. You smirked at him while dangling the missing article of clothing between your fingers. He smirked back at and took them from your hand. “Mmmm… that’s my baby.” He said.

You began to unbutton his shirt and right as you completed your task he began his new one. His hand was on you, rubbing circles on your clit. You moaned at his touch that you had been longing for. His finger worked at you then found your entrance, and he pushed two fingers in. Pumping them in and out of you. Carlisle was working you to your max. You were almost there, and he backed away. You groaned his name and he smirked, but then knelt down to the ground.

He pulled you closer to him and before you could say a word his mouth was on you. He traced patterns over your clit with his tongue. He continued and licked a quick stripe up you. His tongue began to flick against you making you shake beneath him. You were getting close again and he adding his fingers back into the mix, pushing them in and out of your entrance. You had one hand in his hair and you used the other for balance. You moaned his name out as quiet as you could without being heard as he pushed you over the edge. You came on his hand and he licked your clean, bringing you down slowly from your high.

You both stood up and he pulled you in for one for kiss. “Nicely done, Dr. Cullen.” You smiled at him.

  “It was my pleasure. You deserve it with all you do for our family. I love you darling. As much as I would love to continue this, I must get back to work. I will see you this evening though, and there will be more where that came from. I love you so much. Thank you for the break.”

Carlisle kissed you and you smiled at his comment. You slid your panties back on along with your heels. Carlisle handed you your coverup and he slid it graciously up each arm and he hugged your body from behind. You tuned around to fix his tie and then you combed his hair back with a brush from your purse.

He gave you one last kiss and said,“ thank you dear. I shall see you this evening.” He smiled and winked then walked you to the door.

“Go save some lives now.” You smiled getting into your car.

“I will try my best. I love you.” He responded.

“I love you too.”

Carlisle walked away back into the hospital and you drove back to your home to get back into your mom attire before your kids got home.

You were both left with the thoughts of what just took place and the thoughts of what would come later. Neither of you could stay still the rest of the day.

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Unexpected (Pt.1) - Paul Lahote x Reader

        This is real long form self indulgent in the year of our lord 2018 but I’m doin a Paul Lahote fanfic?? Can you believe? I have no idea how long this is gonna be but this part is 2,056 words so bear with me pls this is real new territory for me lmao

Warnings: Strong language?

     I can do this. I can do this, you think, running a hand through your hair, fingers poised in formation over the keys of the keyboard. An empty word document stares back at you. Your fingers don’t move.

              “I can’t do this,” you groan, your head falling, defeated, into your open palms, elbows resting on the table. You’ve been working non-stop on your thesis defence for weeks but had hit a seemingly unpassable bout of writer’s block. Four years into a history degree, you would think it would get easier.

              Looking desperately for a distraction from your inability to write, you grab your phone from beside your laptop and scroll through your contacts, leaning back in your chair. It had been so long since you had seen any of your friends, having blocked off so much time to finish the thesis. God, you were going stir crazy. The names on the contacts list taunted you, voices of neglected friendships begging you to be the first to reach out.

              Finally, you give in. Your thumb grazes over Leah’s name, one of your closest, oldest friends. Your moms were best friends when you were small, and back then you were inseparable. Now, the two of you still see one another often, though you mainly meet at your house. You were lucky enough to have snagged a fairly cheap apartment near the university and didn’t need to get a roommate to help with rent. Leah says she likes the quiet, and that the reservation is always too loud. You’ve never pushed it.

              I’m gonna lose my mind, you type, hitting send. You watch the phone intently, waiting for a reply.

              She doesn’t take long. That bad, huh?

              Meet me at Carver Café in 20mins?

              I’ll be there.


              You cross over to the far side of the table, carrying a mug of hot chocolate and coming to face the dark-haired girl across from you. You take a long drink from your cup and set it down before smiling up at her, grateful finally for some company.

              Leah curls her nose up, watching you. “I don’t know how you drink that stuff, Y/N.”

              “Hot chocolate? It’s good!” you protest.

              “It’s sweet,” she says.

              “I’m not taking drink advice from you, you like black coffee,” you say in retort, sticking your tongue out at her. She smirks and takes a long drink from her own cup, filled with the aforementioned terrible sludge. “Thank you for coming out with me. Seriously, I needed to get out of the house.”

              You and Leah spend nearly two hours catching up over your drinks and more diner food than either of you care do admit you could easily put away. The both of you were reminiscing over the pretend games you used to play together when the bell above the door rings.

              Both of you look up instinctively, surveying the two young boys who enter. You’ve never seen them before, but judging by their dark hair, russet skin, and the recognition in Leah’s eyes, you’d have to guess they were Quileute.

              “Leah!” says the older one, a bit taller and far broader than his friend. He has a sharp jaw and a muscular build. He comes over and claps Leah on the shoulder before holding a hand out to you. You return the gesture, shaking his hand. “I’m Jacob,” he says.

              “Y/N,” you reply.

              The younger boy perks up at your name. “Y/N! It’s been forever. I’m Seth, remember me?”

              You blink, taken aback by the young man’s introduction. You guess it has been longer than you thought since you visited the reservation, because Seth had done some serious growing up in your absence. You hardly recognized him at first, Leah’s younger brother you both used to tease when your were little, but now that he’s said it, you remember his playful eyes and crooked smile. “Oh my god, Seth? You look so grown up!” You rise from your chair to greet him, enveloping him in a hug. When you let go, Leah is rolling her eyes, as if immediately annoyed by the boy’s presence.

              “What are you ladies doing here this evening?” Jacob says, leaning on the bar beside you. He smirks at Leah, and she only glares back.

              “Just catching up,” Leah shrugs. “Y/N’s been under a lot of stress lately, we were just trying to get her mind off things.”

              Seth smiles. “Well, Y/N, if you really want to unwind, we’re having a bonfire on res tonight! They’re always super fun, you should com-”

              Leah furrows her brow, grabbing her brother’s arm before he could continue. “I think Y/N probably has to get back to work, we shouldn’t bother her with our silly campfire-”

              “Actually, that sounds pretty fun. I’d love to come,” You say, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear. You look back between Jacob, Seth and Leah, who are all exchanging the strangest looks, knit brows and lips moving ever so slightly, like they’re having a conversation all of their own that you can’t hear. “If that’s okay with you, Leah.”

              Leah’s face softens when you mention her name, breaking her out of her stupor. Quickly, she downs the rest of her black coffee, then meets your eye. “Of course, Y/N,” she says, eyes flickering over to the two boys, who return her gaze sheepishly. “Totally okay with me.”


              Leah offered to give you a ride to the bonfire that night. You agreed, in part because you didn’t know the way to La Push as well as she did, but also to ensure you’d have a friend beside you when you arrived. Honestly, you were not a typically very outgoing person, and a pit of anxiety was sitting, heavy, in your stomach as you waited by the door for her.

              You watch as her car pulls into the apartment parking lot and you feel the pit grow two sizes as you swing the front door of the building open. She smiles at you from the driver’s seat, a gesture you try your best to return, unsure if your smile read as polite or pained, and you cross over to the passenger’s side, pulling open the door and ducking inside.

              “Hey, Y/N,” she smiles, backing the vehicle out of the parking lot and turning into traffic. “Everything okay?”

              Pained. Definitely pained, you think quickly before answering. “M-hm,” you nod, “I’m just a little nervous about meeting so many new people.”

              Leah raises her chin in understanding. “I see,” she clicks her tongue. “Well, you have nothing to worry about. Everyone is really nice – even if they’re annoying – and I’m sure they’re going to love you.”

              You let out a breath and feel your shoulders relax, grateful for the second time today that you have Leah. “Thank you,” you say, and this time the smile that accompanies it is wholly sincere.


              The beach at La Push was much colder than you anticipated. You thought you had come prepared for the chilly night, but as you and Leah step out of the car you feel the wind biting through your thin sweater.

              Leah shuts her door and smiles at you, pointing down the beach in the distance to a group of people building a tower of firewood on the sand. “There they are,” she announces before beginning to make her way towards them. You watch her as she walks in jean cut-offs and a t-shirt and wonder how it’s possible that she can stand the cold like that.

              You follow behind, breathing hot air into your hands and rubbing them together. “Aren’t you cold?” You ask.

              She shrugs. “Warm-blooded.”

              Leah leads the way to the party and you hug your sweater closer, willing them to start the fire quickly so you have somewhere to warm up. She introduces you to the rest of the party-goers, and you feel the pit in your stomach start to unknot as strangers become acquaintances, smiling and shaking hands and greeting one another.

              You’re repeating names to yourself as they’re introduced. Embry, Kim, Rachel, Emily, Quil, Jared – so many dressed akin to Leah, showing no signs of the weather as you stand, shivering, in the cold. You remember Jacob from the café, he smiles in your direction as he helps another tall, muscular man – who Leah introduces as Sam – to build the firepit.

              “Y/N! You came!” You see Seth running down the beach, a cooler of drinks in his arms, smiling brightly at you. He sets the chest down in the sand before wrapping his arms around you, his body heat a welcome warmth against your cold skin.

              “Hey, Seth,” you say, leaning into his hug. “You’re so warm.”

              He pulls away quickly, eyes darting worriedly to Leah beside you before meeting your gaze again. Immediately, his face breaks into a smile and he shrugs, “Warm-blooded.”

              You laugh, “That’s exactly what Lea-” you begin, but Leah cuts off your sentence.

              “Runs in the family, I guess,” She says, shooting Seth a look. Seems like an odd subject for such intense sibling rivalry – but then again, you don’t have a little brother, so who are you to know?

              Sam and Jacob finish building the tower of firewood quickly with everyone’s help. Soon you’ve claimed a seat on a log near it’s warmth, laughing with Seth and Leah over the times you used to spend here when you were young. As your stress begins to melt away, you wonder why it’s been so long since you’ve been back.

              The night goes on, and Leah seems to relax from the tenseness of your arrival. Sprawling out in the sand with a can of soda in her hand. A man’s voice – you think it’s Jacob, but you can’t tell from across the fire – pipes up. “Where is the food? I’m starving.”

              Near your log, leaning against Sam’s tall frame, Emily replies to the voice. “Paul is supposed to be bringing it. He says he’s running late.”

              Seth looks over his shoulder up the beach. “Well, speak of the devil,” he says, laughing. “Paul!”

              Everyone in the circle raises their heads at once to greet the man jogging towards the firepit with another large cooler in his hands. A few people jump to their feet to greet him, clapping him on the shoulders and back and grabbing the cooler from him, bringing it to rest beside your log.

              Your eyes find themselves stuck on the new arrival, taller and broader than most of the boys here, with tousled black hair and a sharp jaw. You have to pull your gaze away before anyone notices you staring, though you can’t help thinking to yourself about how good-looking the man is.

              “Sorry I’m late, everyone. I got held up on patro-” Paul begins, before an elbow connects with his ribcage and Embry says something to him in a low tone. He looks around at the crowd and nods, “I got held up at work,” he finishes.

              Seth makes his way over to the cooler of food, swinging the top open and pulling out packages of hotdogs, buns, marshmallows, and graham crackers, distributing them to open hands around the fire. As folks start to skewer sausages on the sticks they’d found and sharpened to points, Seth turns to Paul. “Paul, this is Leah’s friend, Y/N. This is the first time she’s been to La Push in… how long, Y/N?”

              You swing around on your log to face both boys, thinking for a moment of your answer. “Six or seven years, right, Leah? At least since high school.” You hold out your hand for Paul to shake, a motion you’d repeated at least thirty times already that night.

              His hand, however, doesn’t rise to meet yours, like everyone else. Instead, he stares at you, eyes wide, as you lock eyes with him, looking at you like… like what? You can’t even find the words to describe his gaze right now. It’s like you’re the first person he’s ever seen.

              A shudder goes through the crowd, and many of the boys look up, wide eyed, at you and Paul.

              From the log, Leah lets her face fall into her hands. Her voice is muffled through her fingertips, but you can just barely make out what she says.

              “You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.”